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Olympic Bobsled

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Olympic Bobsled. By Chris R. . How Much the Bobsled Weighs. A four person bobsled with the drivers have to weigh 1,500 pounds or 630 kilograms. A two person bobsled has to weigh860 pounds or 390 kilograms. The bobsled is 12 feet long. The Track & the Race.

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Olympic Bobsled

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olympic bobsled

Olympic Bobsled

By Chris R.

how much the bobsled weighs
How Much the Bobsled Weighs
  • A four person bobsled with the drivers have to weigh 1,500 pounds or 630 kilograms.
  • A two person bobsled has to weigh860 pounds or 390 kilograms.
  • The bobsled is 12 feet long.
the track the race
The Track & the Race
  • The bobsled goes up to eighty miles per hour.
  • The track is 1,500 meters long.
  • The pushers push it fifty meters.
  • There has to be fifteen icy twists and turns.
players on the team
Players on the team
  • In two men bobsledding there is one pusher or brakeman and one driver
  • In a four-man bobsled there are three pushers and one driver
  • The driver navigates the bobsled, while the pushers give it energy to move.
  • Pusher pushes sled from starting point to 50 meters away and jumps in.
  • The riders would bob back and fourth to make the sled go as fast as possible, this is how the sport got its name.
olympic overview
Olympic overview
  • Germans and Swiss historically produced the world’s best bobsledders.
  • Combining to win 19 out of the last 34 gold medals.
  • United States has not medaled in bobsledding since 1956.
  • Bogdan Musiol won seven medals one gold five silver and one bronze.
  • Bogdan Musiol Bobsledded for The United States in 1956
origin of event
Origin of event
  • The origin of bobsledding is uncertain.
  • Some say it came from the Algonquin Indians who found an easier way to carry loads in the snow in sleds.
  • One story said that bobsledding began in the 1880s in Albany N.Y.
  • Europeans claimed that it started in Switzerland where the first toboggan race was held in 1883.
  • Toboggan racing is like bobsledding only in the old times when they did not have bobsleds.
  • There are only 16 Bobruns in the world.
  • Bobruns are the tracks in which bobsledding is played.
  • The longest bobrun was 5,781 feet.
  • The first United States bobrun was built in Lake Placid in the 1932 winter Olympics.
  • The walls of the bobrun are made of concrete covered by ice snow and large ice blocks.
how to become a bobsled racer
How to become a bobsled racer
  • To ride a bobsled you need a license.
  • To get one you have to pass a physical examination.
  • Then expert drivers teach them.
  • If they pass the driving test the are granted their license.
who will compete in bobsled races
Who will compete in bobsled races?
  • In 2002 women started to become familiar and accepted into the game.
  • Men have been competing in these races since 1932.
  • Bobsledding is a public sport.
fastest times
Fastest times
  • Men:
  • 4 man
  • Christoph Langen from Germany- 2min.39 sec. (1998)
  • Andre Lange from Germany- 3min.7sec. (2002)
  • Wolfgang Hoppe from East Germany- 3min. 20sec. (1984)
  • 2 man
  • Christoph Langen from Germany- 3min 10sec (2002)
  • Wolfgang Hoppe from East Germany- 3min. 25sec. (1984)
  • Weder Acklin from Switzerland- 3min. 30sec. (1994)
  • Women:
  • 2 women
  • Jill Bakken from U.S.- 1min. 37sec. (2002)
  • Bodies of bobsled are often made of graphite or other lightweight materials.
  • Body of the sled helps protect the riders and the steering mechanism.
  • Streamlined designs help cut down wind resistance making faster speed possible.
  • Tight body suits
  • Hard plastic helmets
  • Goggles
  • Reinforced gloves
  • Spiked shoes
  • If you ever are interested in racing a bobsled you can try out for the Olympics or just get a license and buy a bobsled. Off you go.