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Animation for New Media

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Animation for New Media - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Animation for New Media. Game Design. Game Terminology. Video Game - console based On-Line Game – multiplayer game Web-based Game – often stand-alone. Web-based Games – A Case FOR. Gaming as Content: Capacity for bringing your product to life.

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Animation for New Media

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game terminology
Game Terminology
  • Video Game - console based
  • On-Line Game – multiplayer game
  • Web-based Game – often stand-alone
web based games a case for
Web-based Games – A Case FOR
  • Gaming as Content: Capacity for bringing your product to life.
  • Viral Marketing Capacity – “tell your friends”
  • Repeat Visits – “I want to do better”, “someones beaten my high score”, “I want to win a prize”.
  • Get user details
  • Fantastic educational potential.
  • No longer ‘pay per minute’,
web based games a case against
Web-based Games – A Case AGAINST
  • Only appropriate for specific market and product.
  • Associated with trivial time wasting.
  • Requires time to learn.
  • Development Costs!
cultural aspects
Cultural Aspects
  • Representation of gender, races – stereotyping
  • Level of Violence
  • Language/Offensiveness
  • What makes a good web-based game?
  • Easy controls (quick to learn)
  • Challenging GamePlay (addictiveness)
  • Character and Charm (visuals)
  • Quick Feedback (reactive)
  • Some original touches (surprises)
game themes
Game Themes
  • Game will work best if theme is relevantly played upon.
  • Need to brainstorm how your chosen programme might be used in a game.
  • Aim for ‘funny’ and ‘quirky’
potential game types
Potential Game Types
  • shoot ‘em up
  • platform games
  • adventure/strategy games
  • maze/collecting Games
  • some games are much harder to code than others –platform games and maze games. Multiple bullets on the stage at any one time is also harder
follow the conventions
Follow the Conventions…
  • The game should have instructions (preferably on a different frame) and a play button.
  • The game should have an end outcome..i.e.Your score is…You Won/Lost
marking criteria
Marking Criteria
  • 20% Concept
  • 30% Visuals/Animation/Sound
  • 30% GamePlay
  • 20% Accuracy and Polish
change of size
Change of Size
  • The Flash game can be different dimension and size to animation.
  • Should be smaller than 500x500 though.
  • Should be ‘branded’
submission of game
Submission of Game
  • The code you use must MOSTLY be YOUR OWN, not lifted from a book.
  • All major pieces of code must be annotated, i.e.
  • //detects whether a player has been pressed and moves the playeron(press);this._x++}
  • Feasibility – you have 9 weeks (including Easter) to make a game.
  • What are your strengths – coding/design/ideas?
  • Write down in English what needs to happen.
  • In English break it down into chunks,
  • Code with square graphics.
  • Add a little new bit of code at a time.
  • Start to add graphics as a pleasurable activity half way through.