digital archiving in peds er sony mavica mvc cd500 digital camera l.
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DIGITAL ARCHIVING IN PEDS ER Sony Mavica MVC-CD500 Digital Camera PowerPoint Presentation
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DIGITAL ARCHIVING IN PEDS ER Sony Mavica MVC-CD500 Digital Camera - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DIGITAL ARCHIVING IN PEDS ER Sony Mavica MVC-CD500 Digital Camera Building a Digital Archive: The Camera Basics Our goal is to obtain a large DIGITAL ARCHIVE of files containing the amazing cases we see in our PER

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building a digital archive the camera basics
Building a Digital Archive:The Camera Basics
  • Our goal is to obtain a large DIGITAL ARCHIVE of files containing the amazing cases we see in our PER
  • You first need to obtain written consent for taking the Photos/Videos (using the specific pre-formatted consent form)
  • Ask for a blank CD, initialize, and take as many pics/vids as you like
  • BE SURE to take a picture of the face sheet of the chart (contains name, VS, CC) and also the consent form
  • When complete, you now have a complete digital archive of the case: name, MRN, demographic/clinical info, consent form and clinical pics/videos
  • Finalize your disc and PLEASE remember to give it to one of the attendings to copy onto their desktop (so the PER keeps a copy), however you may take the disc with you!
  • The following slides are a primer on the use of the camera
top of camera the mode dial
Located on top of the camera is the microphone, shutter release, power (on/off) switch and the combination Mode Dial.

The Mode Dial has many operating positions.

To simplify, all you need are:

Camera icon – basic pictures

Arrow icon – playback, review

Filmstrip icon – videos

SET UP – used to finalize when finished taking pics/vids – MUST be done in order for a computer to be able to read/open the files.

Top of Camera: The Mode Dial
getting started new disc
Getting Started: New disc
  • Open CD-R Compartment Button: Tucked in the side of the CD-R compartment, just above the external flash connection jack, this sliding button opens the CD-R compartment door.
new disc
New disc
  • Insert new disc, Turn the dial to the camera icon, Turn on the power
  • Initialization will start –set the camera down and using the jogdial, select “OK” and press the center button
  • If you see an error message simply open the camera and turn the disc over (it is difficult to tell on our generic discs which side is up)
  • When finished you can start taking pictures (camera icon) or videos (filmstrip icon)
  • For video: press silver shutter button once to start filming, and again to stop
focus zooming
Focus & zooming
  • Use for zooming
  • For pictures, lightly press the shutter ½ way and it will auto-focus and beep when ready for you to fully depress and take the picture
  • Shooting close-ups : press the flower on the jogdial
  • When done with shooting do not forget to finalize the disc so that the new pictures/video are reviewed on CD-ROM
shooting movies
Shooting movies
  • Turn the mode dial to the film icon
  • Press the shutter button fully down once.
  • “REC” appears on the screen & the camera starts recording the image & sound
  • Press the shutter button down again to stop recording
  • NOTE:
    • Zoom magnification & flash do not work in film mode
    • Time & date will not appear
to view pictures or movies on lcd screen
To VIEW pictures or movies on LCD screen
  • Set dial mode to ►
  • Select the desired picture/movie with the jogdial
  • Movies:
    • Press center ● button on the jogdial to watch play back
    • Press ● again to stop playback
finishing finalizing set up disc tool 1
  Use this to Finalize

Use jogdial to select and finalize

This MUST be done in order to view your files on a computer

Finishing & Finalizing:SET UP  Disc Tool 1


Scene Mode - camera picks the best settings for these situations:


Twilight Portrait





(M) Full Manual - you choose both the shutter speed and aperture. The values available are the same as below.

(A) Aperture Priority - you pick the aperture, the camera picks the appropriate shutter speed. The choices range from F2 - F8 and will vary a bit depending on the focal range used.

(S) Shutter Priority - you choose the shutter speed and the camera picks the correct aperture. You can choose from a number of speeds ranging from 8 sec - 1/1000 sec.

The CD500 is powered by a Sony NP-FM50 Info LITHIUM rechargeable 7.2v "battery with a brain" -- it tells you on the LCD exactly how many minutes of runtime you have left.

Our camera has an extra battery and charger in the bag.

camera final words
CAMERA Final Words
  • Keep the camera, charger & the owner’s manual in the case
  • Keep it in the upper cabinet behind the work station. Do not forget to lock the cabinet.
  • Do not take the camera outside the PER without notification
  • Try your best to take as many pictures & movies as you can – they are great for Case Conference
  • In general you get one chance while in the ER – remember to think about and do it!