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Medical Support Plan for Stabilization & Reconstruction in Afghanistan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Medical Support Plan for Stabilization & Reconstruction in Afghanistan Analysis on the results achieved by ROKA Medical Unit overseas dispatch Introdution Presenting the way of healthcare system development in Afghanistan Developing medical support model in conflict area

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Medical Support Plan

for Stabilization

& Reconstruction

in Afghanistan

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Analysis on the results achieved by ROKA Medical Unit overseas dispatch


  • Presenting the way of healthcare system development in Afghanistan

  • Developing medical support model in conflict area

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overseas dispatchDongee Hospital → Re-open korean Hosp at Baghram. (2008)

Overseas Dispatched Korea Medical Units

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Zaytun Division Medical Battalion overseas dispatch

Period / Scale

- ’04. 04 ~ ’08. 12 / 100 per.

 Location

- Iraq (Erbil)

 Mission

- Medical Support to Allies

- Local Humanitarian Medical Support

- Division’s Medical Treatment


- Preventive Medicine

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Treated patients from Zaytun Hosp overseas dispatch

■ Service result : ’04. 11. 27~ ’08.10.29

■ Out/ In-Patients: about 150/ 15pers a day

※ Jema Unit(’03. 3 ~ ’04.9) Service result: 2,500pers

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Medical Support from Zaytun Hosp overseas dispatch

■ Local Dr / Nurse internship training

- Total : 13batch117pers(62Dr, 55 nurse), 6 weeks

■Mobile medical support: 80times( 35 village, 16Org)

■Establish Health care center: 16locations


- Development of Dr and nurse capability by adopting advanced

medical technology

- Built trust-ship from Local people

※ Transfer Hospital facilities & equipments to Krud

government, Not operating the hospital

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Dongee Hospital overseas dispatch

Period / Scale

- ’02. 02 ~ ’07. 12 / 58 per.

 Location

- Afghanistan (Baghram)

 Mission

- Medical Support for Allies

- Local Civilian Medical Support

 Result

※ Reropen a korean Hospital

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Afghan overseas dispatchPRT

(Chief : Ministry of Foreign Affairs)





Korean medical staff

(Civilian12, military 4)

Afghan staff 17

Job training

(Civilian 2)

Safety agent

(police 5)


  • Mission

  • - Medical support and Med Job training for Local nationals

  • - While executing PRT mission in Afghanistan, Task coordinated and

  • supported with of US 455th Hospitals

  • Organization

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Afghanistan overseas dispatchPRT(2)

  • Medical agents Organization

  • Equipments

  • -X-ray, Gastroscope, Electrocardiography, Ultrasonic

  • etc. 35 class 52 items

※ Undertaken and build-up from Dongee Unit

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Afghanistan overseas dispatchPRT (3)

  • Treatment Status

  • Gender/ Age Status

  • Medical Internship: 6Month Course

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Disputed area medical support result analysis overseas dispatch

■ Advance

- Establish Healthcare center and support medical equipments

- Support for medically isolated nationals

- Ensure trust-ship from local nationals

■ Future development

- Culture primary medical support capabilities such as Healthcare center

- Local Health care system development

- Advances in medical development relationship after redeployment

- Transfer to civil agency

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MIL OPS overseas dispatchand CMO


Execute measures




in Civilian trust



Acquire Civilian trust


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Medical Support Purpose overseas dispatch

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The procedure of propulsion overseas dispatch

Collapse of health care system



Private organization




Aid and restoration

Improvement of primary health care system

Catalytic function

Development of medical industry

Continuous collaboration

Development of community

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Operating Medical Facilities in disputed area overseas dispatch

 Distribution of Medical Facilities

※Prevent collapse of operating system after withdrawal

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Course of Health care system Development overseas dispatch

  • Improvement of health-care provision system

  • - Normalize primary medical facility

  • - Establish medical network among primary, secondary and tertiary

  • medical facilities

  • Investment of the relevant Aid countries’medical agencies

  • Create the Medical Cluster

  • - Found the assembly company for drug manufacturing

  • and medical instrument manufacturing

  • - Found the research and educational hospital to

  • develop the heath care system

  • - Found the center to develop the high quality human

  • resource to research the medical industry

  • Pursue synergy effect by linking with other industries

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Development Plan overseas dispatch

  • Normalize prime medical facility

  • Construct medical equipments maintenance shop

    - Training medical equipments maintenance technicians

  • Found the company for drug & medical equipments

1st step

  • Construct Medical information network system and Medical network

    - Construct Medical network system between primary medical facility,

    secondary medical facility and tertiary medical facility

2nd step

  • Found the center to develop the high quality human resource

    - Partnership with Aid countries’Universities related health science

3rd step

  • Establish the medical center and research institutes

    - Cooperate with advanced the medical institutes

4th step

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Cluster Formation Plan overseas dispatch

  • Establish Facility near current Baghram base

  • - Location : Offered by Afghanistan government

  • - Boundary : Maintain public security

  • Establish medical equipment anddrug production enterprise

  • - Assemble parts supplied by medical equipment enterprise

  • - Technology transfer → Self manufacture

  • - Construct the drug & fluid pharmaceutic production plant and

  • support technology

  • ConstructMedical Center

  • - Operate Medical System centered Hospital :Medical treatment,

  • education and research

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Rehabilitation center overseas dispatch

→ Supply Rehabilitation


→ Supply Prosthetics & Brace

→ Training therapists

Medical equipment


→ Hospital Equipments

→ Technician Training

Medical Centered


→ Treatment, Research,



Establish of health

science University

→Radiologist, Pathologist,


Medical Equipment Factory

→ Simple equipment production

→ Train Technicians

→ Obtain high tech know-how

Medical Network

→ Medical Information

→ Remote examination

Pharmaceutics Factory

Other Related Industry

Medical Cluster (Example)

Boundary : Maintain public security

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Clinic branch overseas dispatch

Medical equipment

(Blood Pressure, Pulse)

General Hospital

Health status


Image Record Info

Amb Location






Evac status


(Locating +Treating)

Telemedicine Center

Public Health

X-ray reading Center

Portable X-Ray

Emergency Evac team

Blood Tester



Development Medical Delivery System

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Acquire Local people trust overseas dispatch

Consider health-care issues in the eyes of local people

Making healthy body, mental, social well-being

Step by Step

Cooperation with people

Find active and cooperative local nationals in developing


Plan together with local health-care personnel and civilians\

Develop for the local health-care

Cooperate as building networks b/n donating countries and donated country related agencies

(minimize unilateral support)

Development health care system

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Duty overseas dispatch

- Improve regional health care system

Formation / Operation

- Formation : Involvement of Industries and

Government in the aid countries - Afghanistan

- Full-time : Reside in Bagram, Operate business

- Part-time : Consult and Support related authorization

Medical Cluster Task Force

  • Related Authorization

ㅇ Afghanistan Ministry of Health

ㅇ Afghanistan Ministry of Industry

ㅇ Hospitals

ㅇ Universities

★ Afghanistan Government

related department

ㅇ Korean Hospital

ㅇ Aid organizations


ㅇ Medical Equipment Factories

ㅇ Pharmaceutical Factories

ㅇ Hospital

ㅇ Medical Universities

(The College of Health Science)

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Contribute to the rebuilding of overseas dispatchAfghanistan health-care system

Activate regional economy through development of medical industry

- Create Job

Contribute to establishment and expansion of peace

- Maintain good position of Medical industry to Afghanistan

Expected Results

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PASSION overseas dispatch





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Vision for overseas dispatchAfghanistan & Peace Settlement

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Thank You overseas dispatch

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Q & A overseas dispatch