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Whiskey–A Pint by Pint Interview with the Legend

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Whiskey–A Pint by Pint Interview with the Legend - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The origins of whiskey, A topic that has veiled historians and drunks alike since ages and finally get the justification they deserve, all at Highfield.

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Whiskey – A Pint by Pint Interview with the Legend

The origins of whiskey, A topic that has veiled historians and drunks alike since

ages and finally get the justification they deserve, all at Highfield. The word

‘whiskey’ in itself is ludicrous and full of mystery, but thanks to the world wide

web, we now know where it originates from. The term whiskey made its mark

quite late into this millennium. By the early 1500’s, the Irish started producing

their own brand and the Scottish blokes started to distil a personalized version of

the liquid gold, which is where the words ‘Scotch whiskey’ got conned. Although

this isn’t for sure as history has a good track record in falsifying information, this

story is quite believable. The word whiskey is an Anglo adaptation of the Classical

Gaelic word ‘visce’ meaning water, and that roughly translates to “water of life”.

Quite evident But since then Highfield has managed to introduce a few more

additions to the world of Whiskey, mainly being Gentle Touch Whiskey which

starts and ends with a smooth flavor and the Kings Gold Blend whiskey, a drink for

the manliest of man as the name suggests. If you are looking for some the best

rum in India, High field produces that too.

So where did it all start?

Old Bushmills Distilleries. Yes, that is the oldest licensed distillery established in

1608 when a license was granted to Sir Thomas Phillipps by King James I to distil

whiskey. And it was all uphill from that historic point in time.

Are there flavors to whiskey?

Master brewers around the globe have admittedly said that most of the awe-

inspiring flavors of whiskey have been accidently discovered. But that is just a few

of them. Most flavor oriented drinks, like the Gold blend whiskey by Highfield,

have been carefully formulated through trial and error until they’ve met the

standards required by the brewers.

The brewing process

Every organization has kept their trade secret or special recipies or brewing

methods under strict lock and key. A lot of mystery surrounds the brewing

process that Highfield uses to produce its superb liquor products, which in turn

means that you will spend an entire lifetime drinking it and still not know what

the secret to its amazing taste and smoothness is, if you care that is.

So why Highfield then?

To sum it up, Highfield whiskey’s and it’s premium drinks like Gentle Touch

Whiskey come with a flavor and a high that cannot be matched or replicated for

that matter any time soon. It uses unique foreign malts and scotch to brew a

fusion of the best antidote to a hard day’s work and the best decisions ever made.

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