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World Leading Swine Genetics & Solution Provider PowerPoint Presentation
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World Leading Swine Genetics & Solution Provider

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World Leading Swine Genetics & Solution Provider - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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World Leading Swine Genetics & Solution Provider. About Hypor. Head Office – Saskatchewan, Canada 250+ employees worldwide Operating Companies – Spain, Canada, Benelux, Italy Dealers in Japan, The Philippines, Germany, Poland, Mexico, Thailand Market leaders in Canada, Spain

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World Leading Swine Genetics & Solution Provider

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about hypor
About Hypor
  • Head Office – Saskatchewan, Canada
  • 250+ employees worldwide
  • Operating Companies – Spain, Canada, Benelux, Italy
  • Dealers in Japan, The Philippines, Germany, Poland, Mexico, Thailand
  • Market leaders in Canada, Spain
  • High health nucleus herds in Canada and Spain
hypor canadian operations

Bon Accord Genetic Nucleus

Green Hill GTC

Tullymet Genetic Nucleus

Truck Depot & Wash

Kenlis Genetic


Head Office

Hypor Canadian Operations
hypor units
Hypor Units

Tullymet Genetic Nucleus

Green Hill AI Stud

Bon Accord Genetic Nucleus

Kenlis Genetic Nucleus

setting direction

Hypor will add value to the global pork industry with customized genetic solutions supporting profitable pork production.


By 2010, Hypor will be a top 3 genetic solution provider in our selected markets creating value for all of our stakeholders.


Hypor will succeed based on these core values:


Customer focus

High standards of performance

Ethical, responsible behaviour

Market Orientation

Hypor will focus on profitable growth achieved through differentiation (unique genetic solutions) and focus (choose profitable markets only)

Setting Direction
hypor fundamentals
Hypor Fundamentals
  • Regional organization
      • Eastern/Western Europe, America’s, Asia
      • Focus on specific markets
  • Own all Nucleus breeding sites
      • Full control and maximize genetic progress
      • proactive breeding solutions
      • Widely disbursed yet interconnected gene pool
      • High health
  • Focus on quantitative breeding techniques & gene transfer technology.
      • Monitor biotechnology developments
  • Meet shareholders’ financial and operational expectations
      • Active and contributing member of the Nutreco group
  • Participate in the expected consolidation process of pig breeding companies.
history of hypor
History of Hypor
  • 1965 Hypor formed by Hendrix
  • 1973 Formation of Hypor Spain

Formation of Hypor International

Formation of Hypor KI artificial insemination business unit

  • 1979 First nucleus farms in Spain
  • 1980 NPD Canada incorporated in Saskatchewan as first international franchise
  • 1992 Acquisition of Gottem nucleus farm to Hendrix feed & AI unit by Hypor Belgium
  • 1995 Hypor Spain takes over HINA, the Nanta pig breeding company
  • 1997 NPD Canada negotiates cancellation of franchise with PIC/NPD England
  • 1998 Genex Swine Group formed
  • 1999 Merger of Bovar/Parvak, The Netherlands

Canadian Nucleus sow herd doubled

  • 2003 Genex merges with Hypor to form Hypor

Hypor Spain acquires Gratal, high health nucleus

hypor s international presence


Hypor’s International Presence






Central & Eastern Europe












our breeds

Our Breeds

A supplier of high quality swine genetics with a reputation for innovation and leadership, Hypor offers producers a robust product line.

hypor s global sow portfolio
Hypor’s Global Sow Portfolio

The Tailor-Made Approach

selection traits sow lines
Fertility BLUP:

Total born piglets

Piglets born alive

Piglet birth weight

Piglets weaned


Age at first mating

Interval weaning mating

Daily Gain

Meat percentage

Feed conversion

Carcass grading

Meat quality

Other traits:

Exterior (legs, conformation, etc.)

Congenital defects

(Maternal) Behavior

Udder & teats

Milk production

Selection Traits Sow Lines
hypor breeding program
Hypor Breeding Program
  • Distribution selection pressure – Sow line
hypor s global boar portfolio

Daily Gain / Meat Quality

% Lean / Conformation

Hypor’s Global Boar Portfolio
  • The Tailor-Made Approach

The arrows show the direction that genetics is targeting for the future of each breed

Japan AB-Boar

Available in Japan Only


Available in North America


Available in North America


Available in North America


Available in Europe

selection traits boar lines
Carcass BLUP:

Daily Gain

Meat percentage

Feed conversion

Loin depth

Loin Muscle Area

Meat quality (PSE)

Carcass grading

Piglet vitality

Other Traits:

Exterior (legs, conformation, etc.)

Congenital defects


Biotechnology parameters:

Free of Halothane (except BeauPi)

Free of RN-gene

tests for a large scope of IMF, marbling related marker genes like HFABP, etc

Selection Traits - Boar Lines
hypor breeding program28
Hypor Breeding Program
  • Distribution selection pressure Sire Line (excl. exterior traits)
hypor customer leader in alberta industry
Hypor Customer Leader in Alberta Industry
  • The third annual Olymelperformance awards.
  • Five different categories; in each category we had a Hyporcustomer either as a winner oras runner up.
  • The Baas family accepted the Highest Index Award and theprestigious Grand ChampionAward for top overallperformance. The data was on some 5,400 hogs. They were using the Genex Duroc as a terminal boar.
bio hypor


BioHypor drives superior genetic progress and maintains and improves the health status of your herd.

bio hypor40

No Entry of Animals

Constant Genetic Improvement

Tailor-Made Supervision

  • Bio-Hypor is a genetic selection tool that puts the power of a genetics company into the customers’ hands. Customers are able to plan their own breeding programs.
    • Data exchange
    • Identification of individual
    • Estimation of breeding values with EuriBLUP
    • GGP semen exchange with Hypor Nucleus
    • Selection best pure lines to be GGP or GP
    • Transmission of superior genes direct to PS level
tailor made breeding system




GGP Boar

72 GP

GP Boar

920 PS

PS Boar

Tailor-Made Breeding System
our breeding program

Our Breeding Program

Hypor breeding is a part of the Euribrid family of breeding companies dedicated exclusively to breeding & development of new genetic solutions for the worldwide market.

breeding and r d
Breeding and R&D
  • Quantitative Genetics & Data processsing (IT)
      • Improved analysis techniques
      • Additional measurements
      • Intensified data collection / processing
  • Biotechnology (DNA)
      • Gene markers/QTL
      • Functional genes
      • Micro Array gene expression
  • Geneflow technology
      • Embryo transfer
      • Frozen semen
some research development alliances
Gilt Pool Management for Improved Production

reduce animal replacement rates to <45%, improving sow 'fitness', decreasing sow death losses, increasing labor efficiency & space utilization

Embryo Transfer

new non-surgical procedures for transfer of embryos developed and have proven to be successful

Some Research & Development Alliances
customer service model


Product Development Market Support

Product Support

Technical Service



Manpower / Advice



Customer Service Model
  • Tools that add value.