peace building in southern thailand l.
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Peace Building in Southern Thailand

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Peace Building in Southern Thailand - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Peace Building in Southern Thailand. Abdulghani Suetair Asst. Director of College of Islamic Studies Prince of Songkla University. Conflict area of Southern Thailand. The situations in Southern Thailand. Southern Border provinces

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Peace Building in Southern Thailand

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peace building in southern thailand

Peace Buildingin Southern Thailand


Asst. Director of

College of Islamic Studies

Prince of Songkla University

the situations in southern thailand
The situations in Southern Thailand

Southern Border provinces

  • There are 33 districts in Pattani, Yala and Narathiwas provinces
  • 10,927 Square Kilometers
  • Total Population is 1,748,682
  • Muslim 1,386,880 (80%)
  • Buddhist 351,367 (20%)

The Southern Border provinces defined by the government is consisted of 4 border provinces namely, Pattani, Yala, Narathiwas and Satun and including some districts of Songkhla province namely Thepa, Sabayoi, Nathawi and Chana

44 districts and 16,409 Squarekilometers

Muslims = 62%


The popular needs of the Muslims in the south is right and freedom to practice their own religion

  • The problems facing by the Muslims 80%-90% goes to :
  • Poverty
  • Injustice
  • Communication with Thai officials
  • Problems caused by the Thai officers
statistics of the violence
Statistics of the violence

From January 4, 2004 – February 16, 2007 violence happened 6,272 times in 293 villages (78% of 4 provinces)

Injured and dead 5,285 persons = Buddhist 3,134 (59.14%) Muslims 2,054 (38.76%)


General Situation in 2007

  • The violence happened in 3 provinces 1,228 times, average 3.4 times /day
  • Injured2,362 persons or average 6.5 persons /day
  • More than one forth of this number dead, average 1.7 persons/day

- The most critical area is MuangYala Districtwhere most of the incident happened on the local road during 7.00 am -9.00 am and during 8.00 pm-9.00 pm

- Two third between 15-44 years and more than 80% male

- Buddhist 57% and Muslim (63%)

conflict actors
Conflict Actors





challenges for peace building
Challenges for peace building
  • Prevent newly emerging minor armed conflicts from becoming full scale wars
  • Prevent all types of conflicts from becoming violent
  • “Socialization” and “Institutionalization” of peace and peaceful ideals
    • “consultation”?

Actors & approaches to peace building


High-level negotiations

Top leaders

Problem-solving workshops

Middle-level leaders

Grass-roots leaders

Local peace commissions


peace building strategies
Peace building strategies
  • Developing a “peace inventory”
    • Who is doing what kind of peace activities? By doing joint research; convening a conference
  • Creating better channels & coordination “vertically” & “horizontally”
  • Organising “peace donors” conference
    • Relay / share information
    • Coordinating activities
southern thailand peace network stpn
Southern Thailand Peace Network(STPN)
  • Prince of Songkhla University, Pattani Campus
  • Prince of Songkhla University, Hadyai Campus
  • Yala Islamic University, Yala Province
  • Thaksin University, Songkhla Province
  • Hadyai University, Songkhla Province
  • YalaRatjaphat University, Yala Province
stpn activities
  • Establishment of Student Peace Club in every university
  • Training student leaders in peace studies and conflict management
  • Development of peace curriculum among STPN members
  • Organizing peace national and regional seminars and conferences
Student’s activities for peace building,jointly organized with STPN members from various universities
  • Teaching and encourage for prisoners

- Youth under 15 years old who involved with drug and violence

  • Programs of interfaith dialogue

- Muslim - Buddhist student interfaith dialogue within university

-Between Muslim and Buddhist student leaders from Thailand and student leaders from Malaysia

Lecturers Activities for Peace Building

- Project Thai-Malay intellectual dialogue

- International peace seminar

In 2007 seminar on ‘Peace Building from

various experiences”

- Project joint research working between CIS (Thailand) and UUM (Northern University of Malaysia)

-Teaching and workshop for conflict resolution; conferences and seminars

CIS Executive Committee Activities

- To advice and give attention to every government policy which dealing to the conflict

- To be representative of Muslim community in Thai parliament

- Establishment of grassroots leader network

grassroots activities
Grassroots Activities
  • Understanding the pure teaching of Islam
  • Youth Training Camp
  • Children Training Camp
  • Women Short Course Training
  • Religious sermon; Friday and Eid al Fitri and EidilAdha
thank you for kind attention
Thank you for kind attention

Please feel free to contact me at