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World Religion: Buddhism

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World Religion: Buddhism Worship Objects of Worship 1 Bells are used at the beginning of worship to signal when to start. It is also used as a signal of change during worship.

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objects of worship 1
Objects of Worship 1
  • Bells are used at the beginning of worship to signal when to start. It is also used as a signal of change during worship.
  • Some Buddhists also believe the sound is symbolic as it spreads around the room, reminding them of the effects of kamma.
objects of worship 2
Objects of Worship 2
  • Prayer Wheels are used to focus the mind during Tibetan Buddhist meditation.
  • The turning of the wheel moves prayers and mantras held inside, and this is believed to bring good kamma
objects of worship 3
Objects of Worship 3
  • There will always be a Buddha Image in any shrine, at home or in a temple
  • It is worshipped as a sign of devotion to Buddhism and to inspire people to follow his teachings
objects of worship 4
Objects of Worship 4
  • Incense is used during worship, not only for it’s nice smell, but it reminds them of the law of kamma.
  • The smell spreads around the room, like the consequences of our actions will have effects all over the world.
objects of worship 5
Objects of Worship 5
  • Flowers are used in worship to remind Buddhists of the most important Buddhist teaching – that nothing lasts forever.
  • The flower is fresh and beautiful, but it will soon wilt and die – everything constantly changes.
objects of worship 6
Objects of Worship 6
  • Candles represent the light of wisdom, shining to light the right path through life.
places of worship 1
Places of Worship 1
  • Temples (sometimes referred to as a Wat) can be found all over the world.
  • They do not have to be a specific design – they can be as simple or as elaborate as you like
places of worship 2
Places of Worship 2
  • Samye-Ling is a Tibetan Buddhist community in the Scottish Borders.
  • This is the main shrine in their temple.
  • Look for the objects of worship – how many can you see?
worship in temples
Worship in Temples
  • Buddhists will take their shoes off when entering a temple (for cleanliness and as a sign of respect)
  • Worship in temples is usually led by the monks, although you can also worship at home or in groups
  • Buddhist worship includes giving offerings (candles, flowers, etc)
  • Much of the worship will be meditation, usually on mats on the floor
  • They will usually chantmantras to help concentration / bring good kamma
why do buddhists worship
Why do Buddhists Worship?

Some people wonder what the point in worship is if Buddhists are not worshipping / trying to please a God like other religions do.

Buddhist worship is for:

  • Helping develop concentration and become better at meditation
  • Developing a deeper understanding of their religion through communal and individual activity
  • Giving time to reflecting on the concepts of the religion, and considering the symbolic aspects of the activity.
  • Inspiring and helping people achieve more in their religion
what do you remember about buddhist worship
What do you remember about Buddhist Worship?
  • What are bells used for? (2)
  • What 2 things does worshiping a Buddha image do / show? (2)
  • What do flowers symbolise? (1)
  • What do candles symbolise? (1)
  • Where can you find Buddhist temples? (1)
  • What are Buddhist temples like? (1)
  • What do Buddhists do before going into a temple? (1)
  • What 3 things might they do during worship? (3)

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