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TAOISM. - Taoism is one of the great religions of the world. It is an Eastern religion/philosophy with perhaps 225 million followers. Taoism is much like the history and culture of China. I t remains strong and pertinent to the world today. Taoism. The History of Taoism.

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- Taoism is one of the great religions of the world.

  • It is an Eastern religion/philosophy with perhaps 225 million followers.
  • Taoism is much like the history and culture of China.
  • It remains strong and pertinent to the world today.


the history of taoism
The History of Taoism
  • The history of Taoism can be divided into four periods
  • The first period, Proto-Daoism

- The time from antiquity up to the 2nd century C.E.

  • The second period

-The classical Taoist religion

-starts in 142 C.E.

-By Zhang Taoling established the Way of the Celestial Masters

The period of modern Taoism

- The Song Dynasty (960-1279)

- During which time the boundaries between elite Taoist religion, Buddhism, and local cults

  • The fourth period

- Since 1949

- During the period of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (1966-1976)

- Since 1980 had a new generation of Taoism in China.


The meaning of Taoism

1) The Way of Ultimate Reality

2) The Way of the Universe

3) The Way of Human Life is actualized when human beings mesh with the Tao in the first and second sense.

Three Taoism have existed in China. Like "Way", there are three meanings of

"Power beings”.

the founder of taoism
The Founder of Taoism
  • Legendary founder: Lao Tzu
  • (6th century BCE)
  • -A philosopher of ancient China
  • -A central figure in Taoism
  • -As a deity in most religious and forms of Taoism
  • -”One of the Three Pure Ones”
  • Primary text: Tao Te Ching
  • (the “Book of the Way and the Power”)
philosophical taoism
Philosophical Taoism
  • The Tao (“path” or “way”)
    • The “nameless”
    • The “Mother of ten thousand things”
    • The “uncured block”
    • All pervading within and beyond nature
  • Te (“power” or “virtue”)
    • One’s natural ability brought to peak potential through following the way
  • The Taoist Sage: learns from observing the way of nature (flowing water, wind) and letting nature guide his way through life
taoist concepts
Taoist Concepts
  • Wei-wu-wei (“active non-action”)
    • Passive non-resistance to the natural forces of life
    • Natural way to get things done with least effort and greatest success
    • “Go with the flow,” yield to the natural way of things
    • Applied in all walks of life
  • Relativity: “good” and “bad” as a matter of perspective
    • The Taoist sage is non-judgmental
the meaning of yin yang
The meaning of Yin-Yang
  • "yin" (black)
  • - Dark
  • - Passive
  • - Downward
  • - Cold
  • Weak
  • Contracting
  • "yang" (white)
  • - Bright
  • Active
  • Upward
  • Hot
  • Expanding
  • Strong
life after death
Life after death

1.Taoists often focus on harmony with the Tao in this life not what happens in the next life.

2. Some Taoists deny an afterlife or are agnostic about it.

3. Those who follow more religious aspects of Taoism sometimes believe that the soul of a person can go to a heaven or a hell.

4. Taoists do not believe in the "Wheel of Life" as Buddhists do, nor do they believe in the Christian idea of Heaven and Hell.

the taoist temple in phuket
The Taoist Temple In Phuket

Phuket Shrine (Khiew Tian kheng ) at Saphanhin

  • Miss Paradee Nitidamrong No.25 E.511
  • Miss Chalalai Chumark No.8 E.512
  • Mr. Nattapol Amloy No.9 E.512
  • Mr. Thanakhan Pokkabut No.11 E.512
  • Miss Bismee Saad No.15 E.512
  • Miss Wilasinee Songsiri No.26 E.512
  • Miss Sudarat BuahomNo.3 E.512