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Library/Museum Collaboration in Detroit

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Library/Museum Collaboration in Detroit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Library/Museum Collaboration in Detroit Agenda About your speakers About WSU About Detroit About our projects Introductions Jeff Trzeciak Associate Dean Currently working on a PhD in Instructional Design PI on many of the grants awarded to WSU. Introductions Shawn McCann

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Presentation Transcript
library museum collaboration in detroit

Collaboration in Detroit

  • About your speakers
  • About WSU
  • About Detroit
  • About our projects
  • Jeff Trzeciak
  • Associate Dean
  • Currently working on a PhD in Instructional Design
  • PI on many of the grants awarded to WSU.
  • Shawn McCann
  • Web Librarian
  • Adjunct Instructor, Library and Information Science Program
  • Matthew Martin
  • Digital Projects Librarian
introduction about wsu
Wayne State

Research Extensive

2,700 faculty

33,000 students

More than 350 programs with strengths in Law, Med, Business, Engineering, Nursing, Pharmacy, Education, Fine and Performing Arts

Two campuses in the heart of the Cultural Center, Detroit

Five extension centers

Introduction – About WSU
introduction about wsu8
Introduction – About WSU
  • University Libraries
    • 5 libraries (Law/Medicine)
    • Office for Teaching and Learning
    • Media Services (300 classrooms)
    • Open access labs (800 computers)
    • Advanced Computing Facility
    • Mathematics Lab

UGL: 10,000 visitors/day

introduction about wsu9
Introduction – About WSU
  • Staff: 194 (106 prof/88 support)
    • Blended librarians
    • IT Staff
    • Instructional Designers
    • Audio-Video Specialists
    • Multi-media Specialists
introduction about wsu10
Introduction – About WSU
  • Budget:
    • Materials: $7m (1st in % on e)
    • Salaries: $9.5m
  • #1 among ARL’s in % of materials budget expended on e-resources
library and information science
Library and Information Science
  • Nearly 600 students
  • Instructional design emphasis
  • Digital project track (new)
  • Adjunct faculty (practitioners)

The Urban Lab

  • Detroit Public Library
  • Detroit Historical Museums
  • Detroit Institute of Arts
  • Science Museum
  • African American Museum
  • Children’s Museum
  • Detroit Symphony
  • Center for Creative Studies
  • Detroit Opera

The Urban Lab

  • Proximity lends itself to close collaboration
  • WSU’s commitment to the community
  • WSU has close ties to a variety of institutions:
    • K-12 Community
    • Cultural Heritage Organizations
    • City of Detroit
the urban lab15
The Urban Lab
  • Our location provides unique opportunities for collaboration among libraries, archives, museums, and other cultural heritage organizations.
the urban lab16
The Urban Lab
  • Three successful IMLS proposals in three years (2002, 2003, and 2004)
  • More than $1m in funding
the urban lab17
The Urban Lab
  • 2002: Virtual Motor City
    • WSU Libraries
    • Reuther Archives
    • 16,000 images (selected from 800,000)
    • Detroit News photo morgue
the urban lab18
The Urban Lab
  • 2003 Digital Dress
  • Collaboration with:
    • WSU Libraries
    • Detroit Historical Museums
    • The Henry Ford
    • Meadow Brook Hall
  • 5,000 images
the urban lab19
The Urban Lab
  • FUNDED: 21st Century Digital Projects Librarians
  • Prepare LIS students for 21st century digital librarianship
the urban lab20
The Urban Lab
  • Collaboration with:
    • WSU Libraries
    • WSU Library and Information Science Program
    • WSU Reuther Archives
    • Detroit Public Library
    • Detroit Historical Museums
    • Michigan State University Libraries
    • The Henry Ford (Museum)
the urban lab21
The Urban Lab
  • Students will rotate
  • Experience digital projects at
    • public library,
    • academic library,
    • archives,
    • museum
the urban lab22
The Urban Lab
  • PROPOSAL: 21st Century Fine and Performing Arts Librarians
  • Prepare LIS students for 21st century librarianship in cultural heritage institutions
the urban lab23
The Urban Lab
  • Collaboration with
    • WSU Libraries,
    • Library and Information Science Program
    • Detroit Institute of Arts
    • Detroit Symphony
    • Michigan Opera
the urban lab24
The Urban Lab
  • Students will be partnered with senior staff to gain valuable experiences in:
    • Well-established art library (DIA)
    • Well-established music library (DSO)
    • Newly created library (MOT)
the urban lab25
The Urban Lab
  • Proposal: Design Detroit
  • Collaboration with:
    • Detroit Historical Museums
    • Cranbrook
    • The Henry Ford
  • Images related to Detroit’s influence on 20th century design movements
the urban lab26
The Urban Lab
  • And on…and on…and on…
    • Kantrowitz – images from the first US whole heart transplant
    • Herman Miller – images from the Zeeland furniture manufacturer
    • Tony Spina – Images from the Detroit Free Press
  • 2-D and 3-D objects (mostly in the fine, performing, creative arts; photojournalism)
  • Matthew Martin
  • Shawn McCann
  • Process
    • Martinizing the McCannical
digital dress 200 years of urban style

Digital Dress: 200 Years of Urban Style

A Model Web Portal for Library/Museum Collaboration

presentation outline
Presentation Outline
  • Project Background
  • Data and Data Issues
  • Images and Image Issues
dorthea june grossbart costume collection
Dorthea June GrossbartCostume Collection
  • Costume Collection owned by the Fashion Design and Merchandizing Department at Wayne State
  • Contains 400 physical pieces
  • Pieces are from 19th and 20th centuries
dorthea june grossbart costume collection33
Dorthea June GrossbartCostume Collection
  • Demonstration Project (January 2002)
  • 1st Digitization project
  • 360 images of approximately 80 pieces
  • Creation of Web accessible digital collection
dorthea june grossbart costume collection35
Dorthea June GrossbartCostume Collection
  • Learning Experience
  • Technology Acquisition
    • Digital Library eXtension Service (DLXS)
  • Sample Collection
digital dress
Digital Dress
  • Combine costume collections from several institutions in Metro Detroit into one searchable Web accessible databases
  • Collections number more than 40,000 items from 200 years of fashion (1800-2000)
  • IMLS 2003 National Leadership Grant for Museum and Library Collaboration
  • 2 year period and award of $249,443
digital dress partners
Digital Dress: Partners
  • Detroit Historical Museums
    • 30,000 items from a wide range of Detroit denizens
  • Henry Ford Museum
    • 10,000 pieces ranging from everyday dress to couture garments
  • Meadow Brook Hall
    • 500 pieces from Matilda Dodge Wilson and family
digital dress partners38
Digital Dress: Partners
  • Wayne State University Library System
    • Charged with creating, structuring, maintaining the Web accessible collection
  • Wayne State University School of Fashion Design and Merchandizing
    • Contribute images from DJG Costume Collection
    • Faculty Members provide expertise and conduct testing
digital dress goals
Digital Dress: Goals
  • Build a unique resource that virtually unifies our collections and provides a new means of access while preserving the existing collections
  • Create a simple and powerful portal that promotes use of our multi-institutional collection
  • Serve as a model for library/museum collaborations
metadata sources
Metadata Sources
  • Data comes from a variety of sources
    • Detroit Historical Museums: FoxPro database
    • Henry Ford: Argus database
    • Meadow Brook Hall: Paper Database (3x5 cards)
data issues
Data Issues
  • Integrating data from different sources
  • Partners do not use the same field names
  • Partners have different numbers of fields
  • Partners have different needs for searching
how do we make it work
How Do We Make It Work?
  • ISSUE: Integrating data from different sources

Solution: Export data to a common format

how do we make it work44
How Do We Make It Work?
  • ISSUE: Partners do not use the same field names
  • ISSUE: Partners have different numbers of fields
  • ISSUE: Partners have different needs for searching

SOLUTION: Give each partner their own collection

how do we make it unified
How Do We Make it Unified?
  • DLXS allows for cross-collection searching
    • We establish common fields amongst the collections (read: Dublin Core)
    • We use controlled vocabulary where possible for subject terms
      • Library of Congress Subject Headings
      • Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus

Work Flow (Data)




Export data and add image filenames


Convert data to HTML tables and create Dublin Core mappings


Use DLXS to convert HTML to SGML, normalize, and index

image standards
Image Standards
  • File Formats
    • TIF (uncompressed) - Archival image
    • JPG - Access Images (Web)
      • 100 pixel max dimension Thumbnail
      • 1500 pixel max dimension access image
    • JP2 (JPEG 2000) - through DLXS is used to create access jpgs on the fly for zooming and panning
photography standards
Photography Standards
  • Professional Photographers
  • Neutral, plain backdrop
  • Dress forms
  • 6 megapixel digital camera (minimum)
  • At least 4 pictures per garment (front, side, back, 3/4 angle)



WSU rep. downloads images to laptop, and renames files

Tif Images copied

to a storage array


At WSU batch process set up to create thumbnail images and

access images for DLXS


toys and art
Toys and Art
  • Detroit Historical Museum.
    • IMLS Grant recipients do the digitization and metadata creation.
    • Digital Video and Photography.
  • WSU Art Collection
    • Students work under guidance of the curator.
    • Still photography and QTVR.
student research
Student Research
  • Metadata Standards.
  • Digital Image Formats and Standards.
  • Digital Video Standards.
  • QuickTime VR.
  • Digital Collection Software.

Digital Photography





digital image standards
Digital Image Standards
  • Uncompressed TIFFs stored on Xserv.
  • JPEG 2000 will be used for display on the world wide web.
    • One file has the ability to be displayed at different sizes.
digital video standards
Digital Video Standards
  • QuickTime MPEG 4
    • MPEG-4 is an ISO/IEC standard developed by MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group).
  • Flash Video FLV.
    • Proprietary.
  • Capturing objects that have motion and sound using a Sony HC 5 miniDV.
  • Continue testing different compression techniques including H.264, Sorenson, Real, WMV, and Flash video encoder
  • Positives.
    • Free.
    • Modest demand on client side technology.
    • Dynamic, interactive presentation.
  • Negatives.
    • Detail can be lost.
    • Heavy demand on server.
    • Images can be warped and not to scale at all times.
  • Recommendations.
    • Only use QTVR for objects that would benefit the user to see all sides.
    • Use QTVR in combination with traditional still images
  • Pre production.
    • Prep art. Flat art attached to foam core.
    • Set camera for Raw image capture @ ISO 200
  • Post Production
    • RAW images are cropped, color corrected, and sharpened in PhotoShop.
    • Saved as archival TIFFs without compression.
    • TIFFs are stored on
    • TIFFs are also used to convert JP2000s and Thumbs using Graphic Converter.