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Boys and Technology PowerPoint Presentation
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Boys and Technology

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Boys and Technology
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Boys and Technology

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  1. Boys and Technology NATIONAL CONFERENCE “Living together in tomorrow’s DIGITAL AGE” Lyn watts Only The Brave Should Teach

  2. lyNwAtts EMAIL :

  3. Concerns about the education of ‘BOYS’ embrace both their academic performance and their social experiences of school • continuing traditional gendered patterns of subject selection • disruptive and aggressive behaviours reflected in the over-representation of boys in school discipline statistics • continuing high levels of bullying and harassment by boys, of both girls and boys • under-achievement of certain groups of boys • over-representation of boys in learning support programs • under-representation in leadership roles • increasing evidence of disengagement from schooling • an anti-learning youth culture • increasing rates of suicide • substance abuse • extreme risk-taking behaviours amongst boys and girls. Ludowyke and Scanlon (1997) summed up local and international studies

  4. 21st Century… Learner? Worker? Global Citizen?

  5. Comparing the many ways goods and people can be moved around the world

  6. Comparing roads around the world ?Driving in Bolivia Stremnaya Road is nicknamed “the road of death” and it’s situated in Bolivia

  7. Can we create a real reason to write?

  8. Our holiday in Bolivia...

  9. We had won a free holiday to Bolivia in a competition… no wonder it was free! What do you mean? We were lucky?! Lucky? I’ll say! We were lucky to be alive! Take a look at these photos we took and then decide if we were ‘lucky’ when we won this free holiday!

  10. Okay… so we didn’t take this picture - we got it from the internet. But this is the highway we went on!

  11. We took this one, Mum insisted that she got out of the car to take this (‘cause she said no one at home will believe us!).

  12. Er- the widest place on this whole road!

  13. Ooh! Who knows what could be lurking here? Uh! Did you see that?

  14. And here’s that mountain again… Uh- oh!

  15. Right… just keep driving- we’ll be okay…

  16. Just another truck… falling off a cliff!!!

  17. Oh here’s my sister Maddie – what a shame! She is falling off the cliff.

  18. Seen enough ?OH NO…your trip ‘aint over yet !

  19. Uh… the road is so quiet today…

  20. NOT! I’d watch out!

  21. A recipe for disaster if I ever saw one!

  22. Dad! SLOW DOWN!

  23. I said… SLOW DOWN DAD!

  24. Lucky we’re on the inside lane…

  25. Yep- very lucky.

  26. That’s one down…

  27. ONE TO GO!

  28. See ya!

  29. I wonder what’s coming around the bend…

  30. Er- not an easy pass…

  31. Ummm, yeah…

  32. Thanks for looking at our photo album… Wanna come with us next time?

  33. Technology Improves Education • Today’s Students are Digital Literate • 21st Century Teachers Need to be Tech-Savvy? Andrew Douch

  34. Online Safety • Michael Carr Gregg • Robyn Treyvaud • Tom Wood examine Learning in an Online World: Pedagogy Strategy (Resource 28)

  35. It’s Not About the Gadgets

  36. visual literacy lyn watts