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Green Building Design/Sustainability Initiative PowerPoint Presentation
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Green Building Design/Sustainability Initiative

Green Building Design/Sustainability Initiative

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Green Building Design/Sustainability Initiative

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  1. Green Building Design/Sustainability Initiative

  2. Green Building Design/Sustainability Initiative 2007 - 2008 Why should the Brick Industry be concerned about Green Building Design/Sustainability? The construction industry is becoming more focused on green building, life-cycle cost and sustainability • Federal and local governments embracing energy savings for public facilities. • Regulations, guidelines and tax incentives will drive increase in sustainable design practices • Architects and design build firms using energy performance, life-cycle cost and environmental issues as part of the evaluation process • Builders beginning to use energy performance as to differentiate themselves and their communities • Completive cladding industries aggressively promoting energy and sustainable benefits • Sustainability is not well defined or understood. .. • Programs such as LEED are measurement tools, not plans or strategies. • These programs are changing and industry plans must not be tied to old metrics

  3. Green Building Design/Sustainability and the Brick Industry • The Brick Industry needs to develop a consistent position and plan to address the opportunities and threats faced with the green building design/sustainability movement. • However, the sustainability movement itself is changing and the future of sustainability in construction is not clear • Further, the BIA as a trade association is limited in its ability to drive change for sustainability issues connected to member operations and practices • We have observed both early success and failure of building product client sustainability and green strategy programs due to the following: • Readiness of the customer to accept and adopt changes for sustainability purposes • Unforeseen financial and operational expenses/constraints in pursuit of excess goals of sustainability • Significance of marketing and proper positioning relative to competitive products • Therefore, any effort by BIA must be carefully examined, analyzed and scaled appropriately to the ever changing issue of green building design/sustainability

  4. Green Building Design/Sustainability and the Brick Industry – 2007 Programs • “Sustainability and the Brick Industry,” and the “Architects and Home Builders” seminar presentations • Hired Tina Subasic, P.E., LEED A.P. to assist BIA on the green building design/sustainability initiative • BIA has representation on the U.S. Green Building Council and Green Globes standard development committee • Formed a Sustainability Task Force (Residential, Non-Residential & EH&S) • Launched Five Knowledge Capital Programs in support of our efforts in 2007 • Energy Analysis Study • EH&S Strategic Plan • Manufacturer Benchmark Surveys • “Sustainability and the Green Construction Market” – a White Paper • Residential & Non-Residential Reports • BIA has membership in NAHB’s new Green Building Standard Committee (cont’d)

  5. Green Building Design/Sustainability and the Brick Industry – 2007 Programs (cont’d) • Education/Training • “Red is the New Green” lead article in the February 2007 issue of The Construction Specifier • New Technical Note 48, Sustainability and Brick • Brick in Architecture issue on Sustainable Brick Buildings (October) • AIA/CES presentations in Midwest/Northeast Region • Article in the Masonry Edge on sustainability • EH&S Contest winners • New tag line added to our industry-wide advertising: Clay Brick – The Most Sustainable Green Building Material Made

  6. Green Building Design/Sustainability and the Brick Industry – 2008 Key Initiatives • Knowledge Capital • Life Cycle Cost Assessment Study (’08/’09) • NAHB Thermal Mass Efficiency Study • Local Market Share and Intelligence Reports (Residential, Non-Residential) • Emission Profile of NOx / CO2 under the EH&S Strategic Plan • Manufacturer and Distributor Benchmarking Surveys on manufacturing properties related to sustainability • Greenwashing Study on claims of other materials • Outreach/Education • NAHB’s National Green Building Conference • U.S. Greenbuilding Council’s “GreenBuild Conference” • Brick University On-line • All BIA/MNR engineers and architectural outreach staff will be LEED certified by the first quarter of 2008