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National Plant Board, Board of Directors Report

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National Plant Board, Board of Directors Report - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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National Plant Board, Board of Directors Report. Shashank Nilakhe, PhD Texas Department of Agriculture. Meetings. June 13-14, 2006, Lansing, Michigan. November 16-17, Washington, D.C. BRS meeting, November 15. Conference calls. . Lansing Meeting - Rauscher.

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national plant board board of directors report

National Plant Board, Board of Directors Report

Shashank Nilakhe, PhD

Texas Department of Agriculture

  • June 13-14, 2006, Lansing, Michigan.
  • November 16-17, Washington, D.C.
  • BRS meeting, November 15.
  • Conference calls.
lansing meeting rauscher
Lansing Meeting - Rauscher
  • Movement of nursery stock: Theme for this meeting. State certification vs. national certification (clean stock program). SOD may lead to the latter.
  • Citrus canker and the potato cyst nematodes continue to be major concerns.
opening remarks paul eggert
Opening Remarks, Paul Eggert
  • The plant world is getting more attention. Citrus canker, EAB have emerged as national issues, also use of plants for fuel.
  • No reduction in program budgets.
  • Congress shifted CC funding to CHRP.
action items from november march meetings
Action Items from November/March Meetings
  • Formal program review, build a template.
  • Develop a comprehensive weed strategy.
  • Revision of departmental permits; implementation to begin in August.
  • Increased detection of non-regulated pests. Dutch bulb imports. Their tolerance is 10-15%, U.S. allows 1%. Set tolerance in the contract.
caps dave kaplan
CAPS, Dave Kaplan
  • Billy Newton on 90-day TDY.
  • Will appoint a CAPS director.
  • External review showed NAPIS inconsistent with CAPS.
  • National CAPS Advisory Committee.
citrus canker kaplan
Citrus Canker, Kaplan
  • Lawsuits stopped the program and hurricanes spread the disease.
  • Abandoned $1.2 eradication effort, CHRP emerged. Businesses to sign a compliance agreement.
  • CFR needs to reflect disease mgmt as opposed to eradication. CC distribution in FL unknown.
  • Released $100 million for tree compensation.
sod jonathan jones
SOD, Jonathan Jones
  • Sixteen CA and 1 OR counties infested.
  • Added 16 species. Now it 100 spp. Total.
  • Traceforward protocol established; Traceback protocol pending; confirmed nursery protocol under revision. Forest and wild-lands protocols.
  • Inspections conducted under the Federal Order not enough to protect against the disease.
sod jonathan
SOD, Jonathan
  • Staring 2008, no federal inspection of nurseries outside the quarantined area.
  • In 2005, Camellia accounted for 50% of the positive plants, rhododendron 38%, viburnum 6%, pieris 3% and kalmia 2%.
  • Positive nurseries: In 2003, 21; 2004, 178; 2005, 99; and 2006, 38 (CA 22, OR 12, 1 WA, 1 MS, 2 FL).
sod jonathan11
SOD, Jonathan
  • Fed. Order sunsets in 2007. Brad White: Western states and forest industry say, keep the Fed. Order. Criteria needed to place a state under and to remove from the Fed. Order.
  • Carol Holko: GA has its own BMP plan. ANLA/Industry plan deals with prevention, training, monitoring, record keeping, enforcement (3rd party audit); August deadline.
national nursery certification program alan green
National Nursery Certification Program, Alan Green
  • NAPPO’s RSPM 24 about Plants for planting standard adopted in October.
  • Systems approach (clean stock, accepted levels of regulated non-quarantined pests, no quarantined pests, production practices, quality control, quality manual, recordkeeping, traceability) for import and export. Q37 rule would mirror NAPPO std.
pilot certification program bob bailey
Pilot certification program, Bob Bailey
  • Canada developed this program based on systems approach and tested it in 4 nurseries each in CA and OR.
  • Consistently produced high quality products.
  • PPQ approves USNCP Manual.
  • Phytos issued via PCIT.
pilot program gary mcanininch oda
Pilot Program, Gary McAnininch, ODA
  • Three medium sized nurseries ship 300 loads/year to Canada.
  • Financial burden to the nurseries.
  • Lots of manpower needed (6 months for the manual). No shipping point inspection.
  • Nursery and auditor must take it seriously.
  • Need to compare USCNP with the current method for pests and diseases.
  • Osama: One sample tested positive for PCN
  • Kaplan/Mungari: For 2006, Sirex survey 1,000 taps set in NY, PA, VT, MI. FS and Canada also surveying. Draft PRA and EA ready.
  • Mike Ward: lab accreditation process, quality manual, review, audit, proficiency testing, fees, (seed testing for export).
  • Gordon Gordh: NPPLAP (Ntnl. Plant Pathogen Lab Accreditation (P. ramorum).
  • Alan Green: Ntnl cargo release plan. Mike Firko: Aquatic snail permits. EAB Tour.
november 16 17 washington d c meeting
November 16-17, Washington D.C. Meeting
  • Dunkle: Delayed Canada user fee implementation until January 2007. Canada to implement plum pox eradication as U.S.
  • Rauscher: SOD, most significant issue. Good session of Forest Health.
  • Kaplan: Emergency Management Leadership Council (APHIS coordination).
washington meeting
Washington Meeting
  • Sirex, Alan Dowdy: Federal order draft ready. PRA done. Proposed Rule underway. OGC says lack of funding may hinder FO implementation.
  • SOD, Valerie de Feo, Carol Holko: Working Group. BMPs. Risk-based inspection regime. PRA needed. Clean stock program. Inexpensive rapid diagnostic test (takes 10 days now).
washington meeting continued
Washington Meeting, Continued
  • EAB, Vic Mastro: Promising semiochemicals. Spinosad a good option. Phil Bell says Illinois response slow. USDA may quarantine the whole state. Eradication in MD underway.
  • Spiderwort, Al Tasker: FL distribution unknown. Cotton growing states should be concerned. Infested counties: 29 GA, 2 MS, 1 AL, 1 NC. Funds given for treatment, survey and outreach.
washington meeting20
Washington Meeting
  • Seed potato MOU, Will Wise. 14 of 15 seed potato producing states will sign.
  • CAPS, Joel Bard gave update.
  • Dutch pre-clearance trip report, Rauscher.
  • Enforcement, Bill Wade, Paula: Training, documentation for IES investigation.
  • ERP Training, Osama. Joe covey, taxonomic support. Pat Gomes, CHRP. NASDA Conf. Call, EAB, quarantine IN, IL, OH.
washington meeting last slide
Washington Meeting, Last Slide
  • ALB, Mike Stefan: 2006 budget reduced by $10 million. Eradication by 2014.
  • PCN, Osama El-Lissy: 33K samples from 800 fields, 7 fields positive. Field and piler dirt surveys. $69/sample. Complete surveys by spring 2008 using CCC funds.