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LCSH for Art & Architecture 2009 Revision Art H 1250 Art and Fine Art (Overview) For art, arrays are used rather than single headings Use subject arrays to bring out art historical periods, styles, themes, ownership, etc. H 1148 Pattern heading subdivisions Definitions

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  • H 1250 Art and Fine Art (Overview)
  • For art, arrays are used rather than single headings
  • Use subject arrays to bring out art historical periods, styles, themes, ownership, etc.
  • H 1148 Pattern heading subdivisions
  • Art (“fine art”): painting, sculpture, drawing, prints.
  • Art (“visual arts”): fine art, decorative art, & architecture considered collectively
  • Arts: visual arts, literature, and the performing arts (e.g. theater, dance, music) considered collectively
obsolete practices 1
Obsolete Practices (1)
  • OBSOLETE: Singular term=technique, aesthetics, history. Example: Painting
  • OBSOLETE: Plural term=catalogs, reproductions, restoration. Example: Paintings
  • CURRENT (since 1977): Use singular for both categories: Painting
obsolete practices 2
Obsolete Practices (2)
  • OBSOLETE: Geographic subdivision followed chronological subdivision for modern period.
    • 1. Painting, Modern $y 20th century $z France $z Rouen. <paired with:>2. Painting, French $z France $z Rouen.
  • CURRENT (since 2001):
    • Painting, French $z France $z Rouen $y 20th century.
more than one artist h 1250
Art form with national, regional, ethnic or religious qualifier $z place of origin $y period

Art form with period qualifier $z place of origin [pre-1500 only!]

Style, movement $z Place of origin


Art form $z Present location


Other headings as appropriate

More than one artist (H 1250)
history h 1250
--History (H 1250)
  • Use –History only for headings assigned to general, all-inclusive terms: 650 _0 $a Prints $x History.
  • Do not use–History to works limited to headings for one country or after form subdivisions like –Art, --Portraits:650 _0 $a Art, Japanese. $x History.
  • Do not use the subdivision –History and criticism with art headings
pattern headings h 1148 1
Pattern headings (H 1148) (1)
  • Use H 1148 for fine arts
  • H 1148 chronological subdivisions are not free floating if the art form is qualified by time period [but may be editorially established]
  • Use H 1148 for other art forms only if qualified by nationality, region, ethnic group, or time period; otherwise, DO NOT USE FOR: decorative arts, architecture, performing arts, and art headings qualified by religion
pattern headings h 1148 2
Pattern headings (H 1148) (2)
  • Use chronological subdivisions under Art, Italian for art of any nationality except Chinese, Japanese & Korean
  • There are separate chronological subdivisions for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean art
  • Use form/topical subdivisions in H 1148 if applicable; otherwise use subdivisions in H 1095, H 1110, etc.
chronological subdivisions under art italian h 1148
Chronological Subdivisions under Art, Italian (H 1148)
  • Range is 10th century through 21st century
  • --History is not inserted before century
  • Not free-floating under unqualified art forms (Sculpture)
  • Not free-floating under art forms qualified by time-period (Sculpture, Modern)
more than one artist examples national regional qualifiers
More than one artist. Examples: national, regional qualifiers

650 _0 $a Landscape painting, French $z France $z Paris $y 17th century.

650 _0 $a Prints, English $y 18th century.

650_0 $a Sculpture, Chinese $z China $z Longmen Caves $y Three kingdoms-Sui dynasty, 220-618 $v Exhibitions.

650 _0 $a Art, Middle Eastern $y 20th century.

more than one artist example ethnic chronological qualifiers
More than one artist. Example: ethnic & chronological qualifiers

England’s earliest sculptors.

1. 650 _0 $a Sculpture, Anglo-Saxon $z England.

2. 660 _0 $a Sculpture, Medieval $z England.

BUT:Maori : art and culture.

1. 650 _0 $a Art, Maori. $z New Zealand.

more than one artist example religious nationality qualifier pairing
More than one artist. Example: religious & nationality qualifier pairing

Stilkritische Untersuchungen zur buddhistischen Holzskulptur der Nara- und der frühen Heian-Zeit.

  • 650 _0 $a Gods, Buddhist, in art.
  • 650 _0 $a Sculpture, Buddhist $z Japan.
  • 650 _0 $a Sculpture, Japanese $y To 794.
  • 650 _0 $a Sculpture, Japanese $y Heian period, 794-1185.
more than one artist examples chronological qualifiers pre 1500
More than one artist. Examples: chronological qualifiers (pre-1500)
  • Chronological qualifier

1. Relief (Sculpture), German $z Germany $z Halberstadt $y 13th century.

2. Relief (Sculpture), Medieval $z Germany $z Halberstadt. <PERIOD>

  • Implied chronological period:

1. Sculpture, French $z France $z Autun.

2. Sculpture, Romanesque $z France $z Autun. <STYLE; implied period>

pre medieval chronology pairing
Pre-Medieval chronology pairing
  • Art of ancient Bengal terracottas.650 _0 $a Terra-cotta sculpture, Indic $z India $z Bengal.650 _0 Sculpture, Ancient $z India $z Bengal.
  • Greek sculpture : function, materials, and techniques in the archaic and classical periods.650 _0 $a Sculpture, Greek.
other pre medieval qualifiers
Other Pre-Medieval qualifiers
  • Examples:
    • Art, Minoan
    • Bronze sculpture, Hellenistic
    • Marble sculpture, Classical
    • Mural painting and decoration, Roman
    • Relief (Sculpture), Assyro-Babylonian
    • Sculpture, Greco-Roman
more than one artist examples chronological qualifiers post 1500
More than one artist. Examples: chronological qualifiers (post-1500)
  • No chronological qualifier:1. Art, American $z Kansas $y 20th century.
  • 2nd subject with implied period:1. Sculpture, German $z Germany $z Bavaria $y 17th century.2. Sculpture, Baroque $z Germany $z Bavaria.
  • Chronological qualifier for general survey1. Sculpture, Modern $y 19th century.
  • Implied period for general survey:1. Sculpture, Victorian.
more than one artist examples chronological subdivisions
More than one artist. Examples: Chronological subdivisions

650 _0 $a Drawing, English $y 18th century $v Catalogs. BUT:

650 _0 $a Drawing, Medieval $z Italy $v Catalogs. [catalog of 14th century drawings]

650 _0 $a Furniture $z United States $x History $y 20th century $v Exhibitions.

650 _0 $a Art, Buddhist $z China. [cannot assign Qin-Han dynasties, 221 B.C.-220 A.D.]

more than one artist examples styles movements themes
More than one artist. Examples: styles, movements, themes

Prints, Victorian.

Naturalism in art.

Tears in art.

New Haven (Conn.) $x In art.

Washington, George, $d 1732-1799 $x Portraits. <theme NOT collection>

more than one artist example location ownership 1
More than one artist. Example: location, ownership (1)

Treasures of Asian art : the Asia Society's Mr. and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller 3rd Collection.

1. 650 _0 $a Art, Asian $v Catalogs.

2. 600 10 $a Rockefeller, John D., $d 1906- $x Art collections $v Catalogs [H 1427]

3. 600 10 $a Rockefeller, Blanchette Hooker, $d 1909- $x Art collections $v Catalogs. [H 1427]

4. 610 20 $a Asia Society. $b Galleries $v Catalogs. [H 1427]

more than one artist example location ownership 2
More than one artist. Example: location, ownership (2)

Treasures of Asian art : the Asia Society's Mr. and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller 3rd Collection.

5. 650 _0 $a Art $x Private collections $z New York (State) $z New York $v Catalogs.

6. 650 _0 $a Art $z New York (State) $z New York $v Catalogs.

art by a single artist
Art by a Single Artist
  • Heading for the artist with free-floating subdivisions from H 1110
  • Headings for style, theme, location, ownership (see More than one artist)
  • Biographical headings if appropriate from H 1330
  • Do not assign [art form with national, regional, ethnic, religious, or period qualifier]
art by a single artist23
Art by a Single Artist

EXAMPLE (Lucian Freud : etchings from the Paine Webber art collection)

1. 600 10 $a Freud, Lucian $v Exhibitions.

2. 650 _0 $a Figurative art, British $v Exhibitions. <STYLE>

3. 650 _0 $a Etching $z Great Britain $v Exhibitions. <ART FORM NOT QUALIFIED>

4. 610 20 $a Paine Webber Inc. $v Exhibitions. <OWNER>

art by individual artists
Art by Individual Artists
  • EXAMPLE (Van Gogh and Gauguin : the studio of the south …)1. 600 10 $a Gogh, Vincent van, $d 1853-1890.2. 650 _0 $a Artists $z Netherlands $v Biography.3. 600 10 $a Gauguin, Paul, $d 1848-1903.4. 650 _0 $a Artists $z France $v Biography.5. 650 _0 $a Artistic collaboration $z France $z Arles.
criticism and interpretation
--Criticism and interpretation
  • EXAMPLE (Van Gogh and Gauguin : the search for sacred art)600 10 $a Gogh, Vincent van, $d 1853-1890 $x Criticism and interpretation.600 10 $a Gauguin, Paul, $d 1848-1903 $z Criticism and interpretation.650 _0 $a Artistic collaboration $z France.650 _0 $a Religion in art.
catalog subdivisions
--Catalog Subdivisions
  • Most common free-floating subdivisions under names of artists:
    • $v Catalogs [lists of objects often systematically arranged with descriptive details, e.g. auction, gallery, or museum catalogs]
    • $v Catalogues raisonnés [comprehensive listings, chronologically or systematically arranged]
    • $v Exhibitions [exhibition catalogs]
example catalogs
Example: --Catalogs
  • Albrecht Dürer in the collection of the National Gallery of Victoria.600 10 $a Dürer, Albrecht, $d 1471-1528 $v Catalogs.600 10 $a Dürer, Albrecht, $d 1471-1528 $x Criticism and interpretation.650 _0 $a Prints $z Australia $z Melbourne (Vic.) $v Catalogs.610 20 $a National Gallery of Victoria $v Catalogs.
example catalogs28
Example: --Catalogs
  • Weltliches Silber : Katalog der Sammlung des Schweizerischen Landesmuseums Zürich …650 _0 $a Silverwork $z Switzerland $z Zürich $v Catalogs.610 20 $a Schweizerisches Landesmuseum $v Catalogs.
example catalogues raisonn s
Example:--Catalogues raisonnés
  • Allan Ramsay : a complete catalogue of his paintings …600 10 $a Ramsay, Allan, $d 1713-1784 $v Catalogues raisonnés.
example exhibition and catalogue raisonn
Example: Exhibition and Catalogue raisonné
  • Charles Cottet, 1863-1925 : catalogue raisonné de l'oeuvre gravé …600 10 $a Cottet, Charles, $d 1863-1925 $v Exhibitions.651 _0 $a Brittany (France) $v In art $v Exhibitions.600 10 $a Cottet, Charles, $d 1863-1925 $v Catalogues raisonnés.
individual works of art h 1250
Individual works of art (H 1250)
  • Assign the name of the art work [see LCRI 25.4A Named Individual Works of Art]
  • Assign other headings appropriate for a single artist
  • Assign headings for ownership & location only if readily available in the item cataloged
examples individual works of art
Examples: Individual Works of Art
  • Disarmed : the story of the Venus de Milo.630 00 $a Venus de Milo.650 _0 $a Aphrodite (Greek deity) $v Art.650 _0 $a Marble sculpture, Greek.650 _0 $a Marble sculpture, Ancient $z Greece.650 _0 $a Sculpture $z France $z Paris.610 20 $a Musée du Louvre.
example individual works of art
Example: Individual Works of Art
  • Guernica : the biography of a twentieth-century icon.600 10 $a Picasso, Pablo, $d 1881-1973. $t Guernica.651 _0 $a Spain $x History $y Civil War, 1936-1939 $x Art and the war.650 _0 $a Art $x Political aspects $z Spain $x History $y 20th century.
decorative arts
Decorative arts
  • H 1148 Free-floating subdivisions do not apply unless the heading is qualfied by nationality, region, ethnic group, or time period
  • For chronological subdivisions, --History subdivisions under H 1095 can be used
  • Some chronological subdivisions for specific countries (e.g. East Asia), have been established for Decorative arts [the subject]
example more than one decorative artist
Example: More than One (Decorative) Artist
  • Papierspiel & Bilderbogen : aus Tokio und Wien 1780-1880. <Cannot use H 1148>650 _0 $a Paper work $z Japan $x Exhibitions.650 _0 $a Decorative arts $z Japan $x History $y Edo period, 1500-1868 $x Exhibitions.650 _0 $a Paper work $z Austria $z Vienna $x Exhibitions.650 _0 $a Decorative arts $z Austria $z Vienna $x History $y 18th century $x Exhibitions.
example decorative arts heading qualified by nationality
Example: Decorative arts heading qualified by nationality
  • Ceramiche del '600 e '700 : dei Musei civici di Padova. <OK TO USE H 1148>
    • 650 _0 $a Pottery, Italian $y 17th century $v Exhibitions.650 _0 $a Pottery, Italian $y 18th century $v Exhibitions.650 _0 $a Pottery $z Italy $z Padua $v Catalogs.610 20 $a Museo civico di Padova $v Exhibitions.
example individual decorative artist
Example: Individual (Decorative) Artist
  • Emilio Prazio : 1897-1977 : artista e scultore del ferro battuto.600 10 $a Prazio, Emilio, $d 1897-1977 $v Exhibitions.650 _0 $a Ironwork $z Italy $x History $y 20th century $v Exhibitions.
  • Focus is on design & style, not construction
  • To bring out place/time for modern architecture: Architecture $z [Place] $x History $y [To 1500-21st century]
  • Chronological subdivision applied only if there is a $z [Place]
  • Qualify by nationality only for works about the national style in other countries
obsolete current practice
Obsolete/Current Practice
  • OBSOLETE: Geographic subdivision followed chronological subdivision.
    • 1. Architecture, Modern $y 20th century $z France $z Rouen. <paired with:>2. Architecture $z France $z Rouen.
  • 2001-2008:
    • Architecture $z France $z Rouen $y 20th century.
  • 2008-
    • Architecture $z France $z Rouen $x History $y 20th century.
examples 1
Examples (1)
  • L'architecture moderne en France …
    • 1. 650 _0 $a Architecture $z France $x History $y 19th century.2. 650 _0 $a Architecture $z France $x History $y 20th century.
  • The Phaidon atlas of contemporary world architecture.
    • 1. 650 _0 $a Architecture, Modern $y 20th century.2. 650 _0 $a Architecture, Modern $y 21st century.
examples 2 national qualifier
Examples (2) National Qualifier
  • Boston's French secrets : guided walks that reveal Boston's French heritage …
    • 650 _0 $a Architecture, French $z Massachusetts $z Boston $v Guidebooks.BUT:
  • Byzantine monuments of Istanbul.
    • 650 _0 $a Architecture, Byzantine $z Turkey $z Istanbul.<not national qualifier>
arrays for chronology modern
Arrays for Chronology (Modern)
  • New wave Japanese architecture.
    • 1. 650 _0 $a Architecture, Postmodern $z Japan.2. 650 _0 $a Deconstructivism (Architecture) $z Japan.3. 650 _0 $a Architecture $z Japan $x History $y 20th century.
  • Prayers in stone : Christian Science architecture in the United States, 1894-1930
    • 1. Christian Science church buildings $z United States.2. Architecture $z United States $x History $y 19th century.3. Architecture $z United States $x History $y 20th century.
pre modern architecture
Pre-Modern Architecture
  • Architecture, Ancient
  • Architecture, Classical
  • Architecture, Hellenistic
  • Architecture, Medieval
  • Architecture, Renaissance
  • Not NTs under Architecture
pre modern examples 1
Pre-Modern Examples (1)
  • Building communities in Gujarāt : architecture and society during the twelfth through fourteenth centuries …
    • 1. 650 _0 $a Architecture, Islamic $z India $z Gujarat.2. 650 _0 Architecture, Medieval $z India $z Gujarat.
pre modern examples 2
Pre-Modern Examples (2)
  • Greek architecture …1. 650 _0 $a Architecture $z Greece.2. 650 _0 $a Architecture, Classical $z Greece.
  • Théorie et pratique de l'architecture romaine …1. 650 _0 $a Architecture, Roman.
pre modern examples 3
Pre-Modern Examples (3)
  • Design and construction in Romanesque architecture.
    • 650 _0 $a Architecture, Romanesque.
  • The origins of medieval architecture : building in Europe, A.D 600-900.
    • 1. 650 _0 $a Architecture, Medieval $z Europe.2. 650 _0 $a Architecture, Early Christian.3. 650 _0 $a Architecture, Carolingian.4. 650 _0 $a Church architecture $z Europe.
religious buildings architecture
Religious Buildings/Architecture
  • The religious monuments of Singapore. <Classes in DS609.3>650 _0 $a Monuments $z Singapore.650 _0 $a Church buildings $z Singapore.650 _0 $a Mosques $z Singapore.650 _0 $a Temples, Hindu $z Singapore.650 _0 $a Temples, Chinese $z Singapore.650 _0 $a Synagogues $z Singapore.
church buildings
Church buildings
  • Every pilgrim's guide to Assisi and other Franciscan places. <classes in DG975.A8>651 _0 $a Assisi (Italy) $v Guidebooks.650 _0 $a Church buildings $z Italy $z Assisi $v Guidebooks.600 00 $a Francis, $c of Assisi, Saint, $d 1182-1226 $x Shrines.651 _0 $a Italy $v Guidebooks.
buildings architecture
  • Places of worship : 150 years of Latter-Day Saint architecture. <classes in NA4829.M67>650 _0 $a Mormon church buildings $x Design and construction $x History.650 _0 $a Mormon architecture.
church architecture
Church architecture
  • Monastères espagnols : architecture et vie monastique.650 _0 $a Monasteries $z Spain.650 _0 $a Church architecture $z Spain.
synagogue architecture
Synagogue architecture
  • Judaísmo, estética y arquitectura : la sinagoga sefardí.650 _0 $a Synagogue architecture $z Spain.650 _0 $a Architecture, Jewish $z Spain.650 _0 $a Synagogue art $z Spain.650 _0 $a Sephardim $z Spain.
vernacular architecture 1
Vernacular Architecture (1)
  • Indonesian houses …1. 650 _0 $a Vernacular architecture $z Indonesia.2. 650 _0 $a Architecture, Domestic $z Indonesia.3. 650 _0 $a Dwellings $z Indonesia.
  • Lavoirs : washhouses of rural France.1. 650 _0 $a Public laundries $z France.2. 650 _0 $a Vernacular architecture $z France.
vernacular architecture 2
Vernacular Architecture (2)
  • Ozark vernacular houses : a study of rural homeplaces in the Arkansas Ozarks, 1830-19301.
    • 650 _0 $a Vernacular architecture $z Arkansas $x History $y 19th century.
    • 650 _0 $a Vernacular architecture $z Arkansas $x History $y 20th century.
    • 650 _0 $a Vernacular architecture $z Ozark Mountains Region $x History $y 19th century.
    • 650 _0 $a Vernacular architecture $z Ozark Mountains Region $x History $y 20th century.
architects architectural firms
Architects/Architectural Firms
  • Heading for the architect with free-floating subdivisions from H 1110, or,
  • Heading for firm using H 1105
  • Assign an architecture subject to bring out place and period.
  • Biographical headings [only] if appropriate from H 1330
  • Headings for style, theme [if specific]
examples arrays for firm architect 1
Examples: Arrays for Firm, Architect (1)
  • 1100 Architect.
    • 1. 610 20 $a 1100 Architect (Firm)
    • 2. 650 _0 $a Architecture $z United States $x History $y 20th century.
  • Robert A.M. Stern : buildings and projects, 1999/2003.
    • 600 10 $a Stern, Robert A. M.
    • 610 20 $a Robert A.M. Stern Architects.
    • 650 _0 $a Architecture $z United States $x History $y 20th century.
examples arrays for firm architect 2
Examples: Arrays for Firm, Architect (2)
  • Nicholas Hawksmoor : rebuilding ancient wonders.
    • 1. 600 10 $a Hawksmoor, Nicholas, $d 1661-1736 $x Criticism and interpretation.
    • 2. 650 _0 $a Architecture $z England $x History $y 18th century.
buildings h 1334 1
Buildings (H 1334) (1)
  • Scope:
    • Buildings (castles, houses, city halls)
    • Building details (windows, doors, domes, rooms_
    • Fortresses
    • Gates
    • Monuments
    • Plazas
    • Tunnels
    • Walls
buildings h 1334 2
Buildings (H 1334) (2)
  • Heading arrays
    • 6xx $a [name of structure]
    • 651 $a [name of city] $x Buildings, structures, etc.
    • 6xx $a [name of architect or firm]
    • 600 $a [name of owner] $x Homes and haunts $z [place]
    • 600 $a [name of person memorialized] $x Monuments $z [place]
    • 6xx $a [any other special features or topics if appropriate]
buildings house
Buildings: House
  • Fallingwater rising : Frank Lloyd Wright, E.J. Kaufmann, and America's most extraordinary house …600 10 $a Wright, Frank Lloyd, $d 1867-1959 $x Criticism and interpretation.600 10 $a Kaufmann, Edgar J., $d 1885-1955 $x Homes and haunts $z Pennsylvania.610 20 $a Fallingwater (Pa.)
buildings church
Buildings: Church
  • 600 00 $a Michelangelo Buonarroti, $d 1475-1564 $x Criticism and interpretation.
  • 610 20 $a San Lorenzo (Church : Florence, Italy)
  • 650 _0 $a Architecture, Renaissance $z Italy $z Florence.
  • 651 _0 $a Florence (Italy) $x Buildings, structures, etc.
exercise 1 french paintings of the nineteenth century
Exercise 1: French paintings of the nineteenth century

French paintings of the nineteenth century.

  • 650 _0 $a Painting, French $y 19th century $v Catalogs.
  • 650 _0 $a Painting $z Washington (D.C.) $v Catalogs.
  • 610 20 $a National Gallery of Art (U.S.) $v Catalogs.
exercise 2 the modigliani caper
Exercise 2: The Modigliani caper …
  • 600 10 $a Modigliani, Amedeo, $d 1884-1920 $x Forgeries.
  • 650 _0 $a Sculpture $x Forgeries $z Italy.
  • Sculpture, Italian $x Expertising.
exercise 3 san francisco and the second wave
Exercise 3:San Francisco and the second wave …
  • 650 _0 $a Abstract expressionism $z California $z San Francisco $v Exhibitions.
  • 650 _0 $a Painting, American $z California $z San Francisco $y 20th century $v Exhibitions.
  • 600 10 $a Blair, George Y. $x Art collections $v Exhibitions.
  • 650 _0 $a Painting $x Private collections $z California $z San Francisco $v Exhibitions.
exercise 4 masterpieces of chinese painting
Exercise 4: Masterpieces of Chinese painting …
  • 650 _0 $a Painting, Chinese $y Tang-Five dynasties, 618-960 $v Catalogs.
  • 650 _0 $a Painting, Chinese $y Song-Yuan dynasties, 960-1368 $v Catalogs.
  • 650 _0 $a Painting $z Massachusetts $z Boston $v Catalogs.
  • 610 20 $a Museum of Fine Arts, Boston ‡v Catalogs.
exercise 5 salvador dali
Exercise 5: Salvador Dali
  • 600 10 $a Dalí, Salvador, $d 1904-1989 $v Catalogues raisonnés.
exercise 6 louis i kahn
Exercise 6: Louis I. Kahn …
  • 600 10 $a Kahn, Louis I., $d 1901-1974 $x Criticism and interpretation.
  • 610 20 $a Yale Center for British Art.
  • 650 _0 $a Architecture $z Connecticut $z New Haven $x History $y 20th century.
  • 651 _0 $a New Haven (Conn.) $x Buildings, structures, etc.
evaluating headings 1
Evaluating Headings (1)
  • Painting and sculpture before 1800 in the international collections of the National Gallery of Victoria. [LCCN 2005472398]650 _0 $a Paintings $z Australia $z Victoria $v Exhibitions.
evaluating headings 2
Evaluating Headings (2)
  • The renaissance in India. [LCCN 2006346208]650 _0 $a Indic literature (English) $x History and criticism. <OK>

650 _0 $a Painting, Indic. $xHistory.

evaluating headings 3
Evaluating Headings (3)
  • Ibrahim Hussein : a retrospective. [LCCN 86943332 Orbis]Personal name subjects OK650 _0 $a Painting, Malaysian $v Exhibitions.650 _0 $a Painting, Modern $y 20th century $z Malaysia $v Exhibitions.
evaluating headings 4
Evaluating Headings (4)
  • Wu Zuoren wen xuan.650 _0 $a Painting, Chinese. $x History and criticism.650 _0 $a Artists, Chinese $y 20th century.650 _0 $a Art $x History. and criticism.
evaluating headings 5
Evaluating Headings (5)
  • Arquitectura aragonesa del siglo XVI … (Orbis pcc record)650 _0 $a Architecture, Spanish $z Spain $z Aragon. 650 _0 $a ArchitectureSpanish$z Spain $z Aragon $x History$y 16th century.
evaluating headings 6
Evaluating Headings (6)
  • Ilya Kabakov : installations 1983-2000 : catalogue raisonné. [LCCN 2006482997]600 10 $a Kabakov, Ilʹi︠a︡ Iosifovich, $d 1933- $v Catalogues raisonnés.650 _0 $a Installations (Art) $v Catalogues raisonnés.
evaluating headings 7
Evaluating Headings (7)
  • Zier- und Gebrauchsglas des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts : aus der Glassammlung des Mainfränkisches Museums Würzburg. [LCCN 95204648]650 _0 $a Glassware $z Europe $x History $y 19th century $x Catalogs.650 _0 $a Glassware $z Europe $x History $y 20th century $x Catalogs.610 20 $a Mainfränkisches Museum Würzburg $x Catalogs.