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Country Presentation: Bangladesh

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Country Presentation: Bangladesh. Developing a Regional Workshop for the CDM in the Asia Pacific Region 30-31 March 2006. In 2002, for the first time in Bangladesh UNDP under a project (funded by Thematic Trust Fund) assisted the government of Bangladesh to promote CDM. Major activities were:

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country presentation bangladesh
Country Presentation: Bangladesh

Developing a Regional Workshop for the CDM in the Asia Pacific Region

30-31 March 2006

development phase of cdm in bangladesh

In 2002, for the first time in Bangladesh UNDP under a project (funded by Thematic Trust Fund) assisted the government of Bangladesh to promote CDM. Major activities were:

  • Establishment of DNA
  • Preparation of Baselines, PIN, PDD, Validation of 2 projects

Intervention of UNDP

Development Phase of CDM in Bangladesh
  • Problems
  • Initially there was no CDM activity in Bangladesh and it was a new idea
  • Lack of capacity, knowledge and experience on CDM
  • No DNA existed in the country to promote CDM


development phase of cdm in bangladesh3



UNDP also facilitated the process of linking investor and building trust in first 2 projects.

  • Attracted US $ 10 million for the two projects Due to the presence of UNDP in our project has removed the barrier.
  • Attracted buyers to purchase the CERs.
  • UNDP’s support in our project was crucial element for investor’s confidence in our project.


Development Phase of CDM in Bangladesh


Less Attractive to Investors: Country Risk & Lack of Trust

Delayed project implementation process: Different from Conventional Project Approval Method

cdm projects developed undp support
CDM Projects Developed UNDP Support

Landfill Gas Extraction and Utilization at the Matuail Landfill site, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Composting of Organic Waste in Dhaka, Bangladesh


why this project


Spreading more than 40 Disease

Methane Emission (Green House Gas)

Bad Odor

Waste Generated

3200 tons/ day

Municipality Collects & transports1200--1400 tons/ day

40% of total generated waste

Crude unsanitary dumping method


Polluting Ground & Surface Water

Why this Project?


Land Fill Gas Recovery

700 ton/day capacity Composting Plant

CDM Projects to Solve the Waste Disposal Problem



1200 Tons/day

Disposed by Crude


  • Water Pollution
  • Spread of Disease Vectors
  • Green House Gas Emission
  • Odor Pollution

Costing US $

2.1 million /Year


  • No financial investment, required from GoB
  • Reduction of 1 million tons CO2e (2006-2012)
  • 3-6 MW Electricity from Landfill Gas
  • Saving US $ 31.5 million of waste disposal cost of DCC in 15 years at the dumpsite.
  • Saving US $ 1 million per year by collecting 700 tons/day waste free of charge for the municipality through the CDM Project.
  • Extension of Life of Matuail Up to 2020
  • Job Creation for 1000 People
  • Environmental improvement of Matuail
  • (Less odor, leachate, disease vectors)
  • Landfill Gas Collection and Utilization
  • 700 Tons/day Capacity Compost Plant
  • Increasing the height of Matuail Dump Site

1200 Tons/ day



700 Tons/day organic waste

Collected for Composting project

CDM Scenario of two projects (LFG and Composting Project in Dhaka

Baseline Scenario before CDM Projects


Global Impact

Complying with the MDG

Attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Reducing poverty by creating 1000 new jobs for urban poor

Reducing ground and surface water pollution thus reducing health hazards

Reducing Solid Waste Management cost of municipalities

Providing safe and better working condition for the informal sector


Raises public awareness on Solid Waste Management and recycling

Enhancing the life of the Dumpsite upto 2020

Reducing Green House Gas

Local Impact

Complying with four out of eight of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), such as poverty reduction, promoting gender equality and women empowerment, ensuring environmental sustainability and developing global partnerships for development.

Providing 3-6 MW power to the city and producing 51000 tons of organic fertilizer per year.

Helping poor farmers and Improves the organic matter content of the soil


Present Status Till March, 2006

  • Landfill Gas Extraction and Utilization at the Matuail Landfill site, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • This project has been registered on September 17, 2005. This is the first CDM project in Bangladesh.
  • The work will start after signing of agreement with the Dhaka City Corporation. The agreement in under negotiation.
present status till march 2006
Present Status Till March, 2006

Composting of Organic Waste in Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Validation completed and presently submitted for registration. This will be the first composting project globally using CDM mechanism
  • Signed 15 years agreement with Dhaka City Corporation (DCC) on January 24, 2006, for collection and composting of 700 tons of organic waste per day from DCC area with no financial involvement from the government. This project will be operational within one year from the date of registration with the UNFCCC.
response of government of bangladesh regarding cdm
Response of Government of Bangladesh Regarding CDM

The government has set up a two tier Designated National Authority (DNA)

The first tier, located at the Ministry of Environment and Forest, is the secretariat or operational body of the DNA- performs all CDM related activities including giving preliminary approval of CDM projects through the CDM Committee.

 The second tier, known as the CDM Board- gives the final endorsement of the approved projects. The Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister is head the CDM Board. Since the Principal Secretary has jurisdiction over all secretaries of different ministries of the government, it is expected inter-ministerial coordination will be easily achieved. 


response of government of bangladesh regarding cdm12
Response of Government of Bangladesh Regarding CDM

Apart from establishment of DNA, the government has also established national procedures for evaluation and approval of CDM projects and developed interim sustainable development criteria for the evaluation of CDM projects.

 The Government plans for a study on National Strategy for the Development of CDM. The study will assess the issues and opportunities presented by potential international markets for GHG (greenhouse gases) offset through the CDM, and to evaluate processes and methodologies to facilitate implementation of CDM in Bangladesh.

potential sectors for cdm in bangladesh
Potential Sectors for CDM in Bangladesh

Methane recovery from landfill with or without electricity generation

Composting of urban solid waste

Biogas from a wide variety of wastes, such as (a) poultry droppings (b) tannery waste (c) effluent from food processing industries (d) human excreta, and (e) sewage, to replace fossil fuel directly or after electricity generation

Solar home systems in off grid areas

Efficient brick manufacturing

Sugar cogeneration

other pipeline cdm projects


CERs (CO2 eq. Emission Reduction (tons)

Total Investment

SHSs in rural off-grid areas

Total 60,750 tons CO2 Equivalent in eight years

US $ 15.33 million

Efficient lighting in rural areas (using CFL)

total 39,353 tons CO2 Equivalent in eight years

US $ 3 million

Other Pipeline CDM Projects

Presently 2 large-scale and 9 small scale projects under pipelines and 1 under validation.

2 Energy Sector Projects Developed by Bangladesh Center for Advanced Studies


international assistance for bangladesh in cdm
International Assistance for Bangladesh in CDM

Develop national capacities (both public and private) on CDM modalities, opportunities and procedures


Other Government Institutions

Potential private sector and NGO leaders

Improve the capacities of national professionals on CDM technical issues, baseline studies, research and monitoring.

Technical assistance to project participants in project preparation, developing business plan and making CERs purchase agreement with potential investors and buyers.