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  1. Bangladesh

  2. Bangladesh? Where is it?

  3. Bangladesh Map

  4. With a population of 120 million people packed into a land mass no bigger then a small US State, Bangladesh has the distinction of being one of the most densely populated countries of the world.

  5. Bangladesh was under Muslim rule for five and a half centuries followed by another two hundred years of British rule. In 1947 it gained independence from Britain along with the rest of India, and formed the eastern wing of Pakistan. But soon the people found that the so-called independence, earned on the basis of the ' two-nation theory ', was an illusion. Discontent and the spirit of rebellion grew. Finally, in December 1971, after a Liberation War of nine months, Bangladesh became a sovereign state.

  6. Starving refugee in Bangladesh

  7. Just few days before the final victory many Bangladeshi intellectuals and educators were picked up by the Pakistani army and collaborators. Nobody knew what happened to them until their bodies were discovered just outside the city a few days later.

  8. Dr. Fazle Rabbi, killed for patriotism. In the fighting in 1971 some of the best brains of Bangladesh were brutally tortured and killed.

  9. Bangladesh's Elevation ExtremesThe lowest point is at the Indian Ocean (0 ft.) The highest point is at Keokradong 4035 ft high.

  10. 90% of the land area of Bangladesh is situated on a vast alluvial delta where the flat countryside rarely rises 30 feet above sea level.

  11. Because of the low elevation, severe monsoons, and frequent typhoons, flooding is very common.

  12. More flooding…

  13. And yet more flooding…

  14. This is both a blessing and a curse. While the floods destroy crops and endanger the lives of people and animals, the annual deluge also brings fertility to the soil, allowing for rich crops through the rest of the year without the use of expensive fertilizer.

  15. Girls at government school…

  16. One of the biggest causes for sickness and death in developing nations is unsafe water used for drinking and cooking. These inexpensive wells save lives and improve the quality of life for whole villages

  17. To help provide income for her family this girl spends her days making "dung sticks" used for cooking fuel.

  18. With assistance from the developed world in the form of education, technology, small loan programs and medical assistance, Bangladesh looks toward a brighter future. FINITO