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  1. A JOURNEY THROUGH BANGLADESH Dr. Kauser Jahan, P.E. Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Rowan University

  2. DESTINATION BANGLADESH • • Reading the world's press you could be forgiven for thinking that Bangladesh is a disaster zone rather than a travel destination. But hiding behind these image of cyclones and floods is a strikingly lush and beautiful land with a rich history and a variety of attractions unusual for a country this size. For a start, you can visit archaeological sites dating back over 2000 years; check out the longest beach and the largest littoral mangrove forest in the world; and see decaying `Gone with The Wind' mansions of 19th-century maharajas.

  3. History Land Nature People Seasons Faith Festivals Science and Technology Language Overview

  4. BANGLADESH • Location: Southern Asia, bordering the Bay of • Bengal, between Burma and India • Area: Land area:133,910 sq km • Comparative area: slightly smaller than • Wisconsin • Population: 128,094,948 (July 1995 est.) • Religions: Muslim 83%, Hindu 16%, Buddhist, Christian, Other • Literacy: age 15 and over can read and write (1990) • 35% of total population females: 22%

  5. The Land • Bounded by India on the north and west, by India and Burma on the east, and by the bay of Bengal on the south. • Clearly divided into two distinct regions - the North Eastern and the South Eastern mountain ranges and the vast alluvial plainlands

  6. Sylhet- hills and hillocks 100-200 feet high • Chittagong Hill Tracts - highest peak 4034 feet

  7. History • Under British rule Eastern Bengal • 1947-1971 East Pakistan • 1971 Independent Country • Can be traced as far as the upper Paleolithic period

  8. History • Mahasthangarh- 3rd/4th century BC earliest known epigraphical record (coins, northern black polished pottery capital of the Mauryas, Sungas, Guptas, Palas • Mainamati- 7th-12th century A.D. • Paharpur - largest Buddhist monastery of the subcontinent (177 cells, 70 feet above ground) • Muslims arrived in 1205 A.D.

  9. Mainamati

  10. The Delta Plains • Divided into 3 main regions • WEST (Kushtia, Jessore, Faridpur, North Bengal and Northern parts of Khulna • EAST (Central and Southern Faridpur, Bakergong) • Estuary of the delta (Sunderbans, South West Barisal)

  11. RIVERS “The history of Bengal is in a sense the history of her rivers” “Rivers are the source of life for Bengal” “The trade, nation, realm, territory and culture of Bengal are related to the ebb and flow of rivers, their course changing and the rise and fall of the delta land”

  12. RIVERS • River currents are significant. Padma, Meghna and Jamuna • Largest delta in the world. Ganges-Brahmaputra

  13. Faith and Religious Festivals “Worship is as natural as eating” • Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Tribes • Atmosphere of tolerance and harmony • Festivals • Muslim festivals - Eid (Ramadan and Hajj) • Hindu - (Durga Puja) • Buddhists (Maghi Purnima) Christians (Christmas)

  14. People • Farming, Fishing, Pottery, Handicrafts (Embroidery, Rattan, Jute), Textiles (Sarees, Western Garments) Jewelry, Transportation (Rickshaws, Autorickshaws, Ferries, Boats), Dairy • Industries: Textile, Jute, Silk, Carpet, Textile, Leather, Chemical (food, pharmaceuticals, fertilizer), Bone-china, Tea gardens, Tourism? • Music, Painting

  15. FESTIVALS • Religious: Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-uz-Zoha • State Holidays: Independence day, Victory Day, Shaheed Day • Bengali New Year (Pohela Boishakh)

  16. SEASONS Six seasons • Summer (Grishma) Scorching heat and humidity, Mangoes, Lichis, Jackfruit • Borsha (Monsoon) Heavy torrential rains, flooding, tidal waves, Homemade goodies • Sharat (Autumn), Beautiful weather, Blue skies cirrus clouds, Poetry, Kite-flying • Hemonto (Early Winter) Harvest, Date Juice, Molasses, Peetha, Cricket • Sheet (Winter) Harvest • Boshonto (Spring) Trees, Flowers, Outdoor gatherings


  18. Saderghat (Riverfront on the Buriganga)

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