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COVID-19 and Expats PowerPoint Presentation
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COVID-19 and Expats

COVID-19 and Expats

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COVID-19 and Expats

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  1. Highly mobile global population is one of the main reasons why COVID-19 has spread in a devastating manner. It has brought unprecedented disruption to life, making more than 6.4 million people sick worldwide. Covid-19 crisis has also taken the sheen away from many elements of expat life. Expats are either feeling isolated or finding themselves subject to stringent rules and regulations that are different from their home countries. The fear of being confined in a country with a foreign language and strict rules has made expats extremely vulnerable. Reluctance in Shifting to a New Country People are now increasingly reluctant in shifting to countries where medical infrastructure is not adequate. They are prioritizing access to quality healthcare like never before. Read More… COVID-19 and Expats Mexico : 01-800-681-9396 US : 1-888-449-7799

  2. Planning to settle in Mexico? If you are planning to relocate to Mexico, then preparation is the key. Since governments in different countries deal with local factors in their own manner, you must know how to handle future lockdowns. As far as healthcare is concerned, you can get registered with a private insurance carrier like Lakeside Medical Group and obtain full medical attention, when needed. Starting from routine checkups to consultation from specialists and hospitalisation, everything will be handled under Lakeside Medical’s managed care policy. As a registered member, you will also get access to urgent and emergency care. Lakeside Medical owns and operates its own medical facilities in Mexico. Mexico : 01-800-681-9396 US : 1-888-449-7799

  3. Top-notch Healthcare Assistance during COVID As a registered member, you don’t have to worry about getting quick medical attention during COVID-19 crisis in Mexico. For members with full coverage and emergency coverage, the group is providing access to medical attention in various COVID-19 treatment hospitals within their network. Members have been given Membership IDs with coverage codes UCFTB, UC001 and FC001. If any expat member is experiencing warning health signs like: fever higher than 104-degree, persistent coughing, breathing issues, inability to arouse or pain in the chest, then they can get assistance at the nearest facility by using the coverage code provided to them by the group. Mexico : 01-800-681-9396 US : 1-888-449-7799

  4. Why choose Lakeside Medical? Lakeside Medical will take care of all your healthcare needs during your stay in Mexico. Whether you are travelling or living in the country post retirement, the group will provide full coverage for your medical requirements. Lakeside has an extensive network of specialists to offer comprehensive care covered by the expat’s insurer. When you register with the group, you don’t have to pay any membership fees or additional charges. The group also has an in-house pharmacy that takes care of medicine needs of members. There is no charge for this service because medicines get billed directly to the expat’s insurance plan. You can find a list of treatment hospitals on this link: If you are already a member of Lakeside Medical but you haven’t received your code or you don’t know your code then you can email the group at for assistance. Mexico : 01-800-681-9396 US : 1-888-449-7799

  5. Lakeside Medical Group is similar to a Managed Care HMO and we accept over 350+ different American medical plans. There is no cost to join Membership and Registration are free There are NO hidden fees We provide coverage for your medical needs while travelling or living in Mexico With our medical group of primary care physicians and extensive network of Hospitals, Urgent Care Centers and Board Certified Specialists, Primary Care Physicians (PCP), lab and diagnostic centers and pharmacies we provide comprehensive managed medical care using your current and existing policy benefits from your United States medical insurance policy. About us Mexico : 01-800-681-9396 US : 1-888-449-7799

  6. Our main office in Chapala-Ajijic is now co- located in Hospital San Antonio at Hidalgo #23 San Antonio de Tlayacapan (376) 766-0395. Toll Free from the USA and Canada 1-888-449-7799 and Toll Free from any phone in Mexico 01-800-681-9396 We can be reached 24-7 at 376-766-0395 and toll free in Mexico 01-800-681-9396. Our toll free from US and Canada is 1-888-449-7799 +52 (376) 766-0395 Contact us Mexico : 01-800-681-9396 US : 1-888-449-7799