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COVID- 19 Impact, Prevention, And Cure PowerPoint Presentation
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COVID- 19 Impact, Prevention, And Cure

COVID- 19 Impact, Prevention, And Cure

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COVID- 19 Impact, Prevention, And Cure

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  1. COVID- 19 Impact, Prevention, & Cure Email Us: Email Us:

  2. Everything You Need to Know About the Novel COVID-19 What is Corona Virus: • COVID-19 or the novel CoronaVirus is a type of virus that is of the range of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) which is contagious./infectious in nature simplifying its wild property of spreading all over the globe. • The first case was found in Wuhan, China in November 2019. However, the world got the information about the existence of such a virus after 2 months of its first case. As of January 2020, the situation on the global scale is critical with- • Infected Cases/ Positive Cases- 349, 980 • Deaths by the virus- 15,306 • Recovered Cases- 1000, 345 • Active Cases- 234,349 • Mild condition- 223, 111 (95%) • Critical Condition- 11, 218 (5%) On 11th March 2020, The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the novel COVID-19 as a pandemic. Email Us: Email Us:

  3. Prevention, Precaution, & Symptoms • As the virus is contagious, the first and foremost step to take is to wash your hands with soap and water (to avoid easy transmission of the virus) after the interval of every hour and keeping a distance with people (of at least 1 meter/3 feet). • Make sure to carry a mask and a handsanitizerwith an alcohol percentage of above 60 when outside. • Avoid public places and make sure to not touch anything as the transmission is easy when the infected person touches a surface and then a healthy person touches the same surface. • The best way to avoid coming into contact with the virus is to keep a healthy, clean, and respiratory hygienic lifestyle. • It is also advised to avoid going to the hospital unless it is imperative.   Email Us: Email Us:

  4. Symptoms • Dry Cough • Fever • Fatigue • BreathlessnessHowever, the extreme cases can witness the symptoms: • Pneumonia • Severe acute respiratory syndrome • Kidney failure Email Us: Email Us:

  5. GLOBAL ECONOMIC MARKET ANALYSIS • As China has the most affected cases and it is one of the leading and largest countries in the world, the loss of the economy in China is to affect the global market on a large scale. • As the cases are only increasing, the end of 2020 is to witness a major breakdown in its global economy and the economy of every country as a whole.  • Impact Of Corona Virus with industries such as tourism, airlines, oil and gas, supply chain management, import, export, etc already facing a downfall in their economy and overall functionality, the decrease in the number of demand and supply will definitely go down in the days to come by huge numbers. • As per experts and market research firms, the Corona Virus is expected to curb Global Economic growth by 0.3% along with the US first quarter of 2020 to take a 0.2% to 0.4% hit • China adds up to 17% of the total global GDPwhich makes it evident to impact the global economy on a large scale by the end of 2020. Email Us: Email Us:

  6. GLOBAL ECONOMIC MARKET ANALYSIS • The global GDP impact results in a decline between 40-60% • With the United States: -71% • Europe: -59% • Middle East and North Africa: -74% • China: -36% • Latin America: -38% • East Asia: -77% • Sub-Saharan Africa: -20% Email Us: Email Us:

  7. Oil Market Analysis • Since the Oil industry was already facing one of its lowest phases, the oil prices due to the Corona Virus reduced up to 25% causing a panic in the industry. Since China is the biggest oil importer in the world, the reduction of oil imports from China has caused the price to go down.   • Along with this, Wall Street’s main stock after witnessing a global and wild spread of Corona Virus is now threatening a global recession. • A Chinese Oil and Gas enterprise that runs after the name of Corp planned to cut down its output in the month of February 2020 by about 600,000 barrels per day or by 12%. • The Bank of America reduced its Brent crude price forecast to $45 a barrel in 2020 from $54 a barrel. Email Us: Email Us:

  8. AIRLINES MARKET INDUSTRY • The Corona Virus has spread across the globe, making everyone trying to reach their homes in different countries. As the government is dreading more positive cases and a huge loss of healthcare resources, many countries have suspended air travel from the major infected countries such as China, Italy, the USA, and the UK. • With almost all the airline organizations to halt their work is making it difficult for people to travel and so the business of airlines is to go down consequently which will take months to overcome the loss. • With halting the flights and suspending air travel for weeks to prevent the spreading of novel COVID-19, the industry is estimated to cost airlines $113 billion in lost revenue. Email Us: Email Us:

  9. TOURISM INDUSTRY MARKET ANALYSIS • The tourism industry has already been hit by the economic disruption due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus. • With Hotels, restaurants, flights been shut down, and people keeping them closed within the walls of their homes has made zero income in this phase of the Corona Virus outbreak. • As per the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Japan could lose $1.29 billion of tourism revenue in the first quarter due to the drop in Chinese travelers, while Thailand could lose $1.15 billion. Email Us: Email Us:

  10. Data of the Most Affected Areas Email Us: Email Us:

  11. CURE • As Corona Virus is a novel virus of the large family of the viruses related Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) that causes illness ranging from common cold, cough, or severe acute respiratory syndrome . • As this is a novel virus, there is no vaccine or drug so created to date nor is there any treatment for it. • Scientists and the World Health Organization are working on the subject but there is no cure yet invented. • The only way to protect yourself from the novel COVID-19 is to take precautions by eating healthy, taking vitamins possessing food materials to boost immunity, practicing social distancing, and washing hands continuously.   Email Us: Email Us:

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