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Covid – 19 HUB PowerPoint Presentation
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Covid – 19 HUB

Covid – 19 HUB

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Covid – 19 HUB

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  1. Covid – 19 HUB COVID-19 is the first of tragedies where a pandemic has triggered a global economic crisis on such a large scale. As the world sits in the comfort of their homes to fight this contagion — there are serious implications for businesses. This brings us to the need for an action plan that needs to fall in place to make headway towards the next normal.

  2. SWIM — Focusing on What is Important The Coronavirus outbreak has been endangering lives and livelihoods in an unprecedented manner. As a result, businesses are facing challenges to build resilience. This section will cover — the impact of the pandemic on your business and workforce and how to prepare for the long battle ahead.

  3. 4 Resources Impact of COVID-19 on Your Business & Workforce Impact of COVID-19 on Product Development Redefining Leadership Role in your Organization Secure Remote Work Series: Part 1 – Firewall Monitoring, Powered by Metabase

  4. CYCLE — Showcasing Consistency & Passion for Staying in the Game COVID-19 might have restricted everyone from stepping out of their home, but it does not mean that your business has to take the brunt. This section will cover — how you can strategize around business continuity and respond to change. 3 Resources Devising a Business Continuity Plan How to Make Remote Teams Work Taking Advantage of Video Communication Toolkits

  5. RUN — Living the Idea of Staying Afloat When COVID-19 lifts its shadow, transitioning to the next normal would be challenging. This section will cover — how you can strategically plan to resume business operations and overcome impending challenges in a post-crisis world.

  6. 2 Resources Five Key Predictions for the Post COVID-19 World Strategy to Restart Your Business Post COVID-19

  7. Impact of COVID-19 Across Industries COVID-19 has been affecting every business niche and type, the only exception being the scale of disruption. This section will cover — the extent of the impact of COVID-19 on various industries and how it is going to change the way businesses operate in the post-crisis world. 4 Resources The Adverse Impact of COVID-19 on the On-Demand Industry Impact of COVID-19 on Retail & eCommerce Changing eCommerce Consumer Behavior Amid COVID-19 Impact of COVID-19 on Education Source -