breastfeeding covid 19 in support of happy moms n.
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Breastfeeding & COVID-19 PowerPoint Presentation
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Breastfeeding & COVID-19

Breastfeeding & COVID-19

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Breastfeeding & COVID-19

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  1. Breastfeeding & COVID-19 - In support of happy moms & babies

  2. Best for Baby Breastmilk - containing antibodies that boost immunity, and healthy enzymes - is a natural source of nutrition and protection for babies and helps to promote optimal development and growth. Medical and health professionals have also noted the general correlation between breastfed babies and the reduced instances of ear infections, respiratory illness and bouts of diarrhoea. So, whenever possible, and if a mom is able, breastfeeding should be encouraged. As far as benefits for mothers who breastfeed, instances of postnatal depression are less likely, and skin-to-skin contact creates an immediate and healthy sense of bonding. UNICEF South Africa is committed to on-the-ground initiatives that support postnatal resources in clinics and the training of health workers to promote breastfeeding in under-resourced communities across the country.

  3. Best for baby - during COVID-19 The coronavirus pandemic has seen fear overshadow every aspect of daily life and left moms of infants feeling paranoid and insecure as to how to best care for their babies in these times. As a result of these concerns, breastfeeding has come under the spotlight. UNICEF South Africa has been active in sharing information, making sure that mothers in communities across the country have access to the facts regarding the continued benefits of breastfeeding, even if a mother has tested positive for COVID-19. The reality is that antibodies in breastmilk are powerful weapons in fighting off viruses and bacteria, and the benefits of breastfeeding far outweigh the potential risk of transmitting the virus.

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