Donald Trump: Making Online Gambling Great Again
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Donald Trump: Making Online Gambling Great Again - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Donald Trump: Making Online Gambling Great Again

America; the land of dreams and opportunities convincingly elected, Donald Trump as their

45th President. On November 8, 2016, the republican nominee defeated democratic

candidate Hilary Clinton to snatch the win. This election was not all about republicans vs.

democrats or Hilary vs. Trump; it was the battle of supremacy vs. the Clinton legacy. Mr.

Trump takes office on January 20, 2017 and at 70 years; he will be the oldest person to

ever assume the presidency. Now everyone is eagerly waiting to see how Trump will play

his cards. There are speculations about sweeping reforms in foreign policy, immigration law,

outsourcing and tax structure. Let’s see what he has in store for USA online casinos.

Donald Trump: Internet Gambling Mogul

To revive and restore the bandaged economy of America will be Trump’s top priority. It’s a

universal fact that the online gambling industry is still struggling for existence in the US.

Most states have not indicated their stance on it but right now it seems like they are scared

to embrace it. Either way, they are indirectly promoting gamblers to try their luck at

offshore casinos. Trump has told Forbes magazine:

“It seems inevitable, but with this country you never know if it’s inevitable”

So, what can we expect from the Trump Presidency over the next four years? The answer is

not so clear just yet, but over the next 6 months to one year we will know the direction we

are headed in.

Can he turbo charge the economy?

The biggest factor that will decide the fate of online gambling lies in an answer to this big

question. Over the next year or so, if Trump can grow the economy at a healthy pace, it is

unlikely that online gaming will become legal in other states. If the economy slows down we

should be preparing for the possibility of federal Internet gambling regulation becoming law

or atleast Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania managing something at the state


Trump and the Casino Industry

Apart from being president and a gambling tycoon, he has not shown much interest in

online gambling; thus leaving U.S. online casino market, the biggest in the world, easy

money for offshore companies. He comprehends the trade well and naturally is not opposed

to gambling as an activity. He understands that most of Europe, Australia and the UK have

embraced it and millions of players enjoy every bit of it, moreso in a transparent

environment. By regularizing the industry and making it legal, online gambling money can

stay in the USA and can fund infrastructural spending in a big way.

The Story behind Atlantic City Casinos

To run a business and make a name for yourself are apparently two different things.

Gambling is a combination of multiple variables and a rusty approach can ruin everything

you have worked for. The Trump Plaza Casino is now closed. Even the TRUMP sign is partly

in ruins. Once upon a time the place once was the city's most high profile gambling theater.

On a deserted part of the property, where carpets are frayed and the chandeliers hang

above few gamblers who could care less about the ambience, the task is to etch it back on

the world map. At one time convincing investors was beautifully executed by Mr. Trump and

later the Wall Street firms that financed his casinos were top moneymakers. We hope to see

the same magic in USA online casinos.

The Journey has just begun

Things were against Mr. Trump; literally most thought he wouldn’t be the next Boss. He was

not well rehearsed like Madam Hillary, and presented himself without much political

correctness. He embraced the brickbats that were thrown at him and maybe he was a little

too much for most voters. The one thing he does not have is anything to hide behind his

expensive suits. We are hopeful to see a regularized online casino structure in the US as



Online gambling is getting bigger and contributing a lot towards improving a country’s

economy. We hope the long battle for the same in America finds a way out. At, one time

Trump was known for phrases like “you’re fired” or recently, “Make America Great Again”.

Time will tell which way the tide turns – a boost to the economy or revival of off line

casinos; after all one of the biggest supporters of the republican candidate has been

Sheldon Adelson, the Chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands.