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SharePoint For Project Management:Top 12 Features PowerPoint Presentation
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SharePoint For Project Management:Top 12 Features

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SharePoint For Project Management:Top 12 Features - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The top 12 features you get out of the box!

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SharePoint For Project Management:Top 12 Features

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Presentation Transcript

“SharePoint for Project Management:

The Top 12 Features you get right Out-of-the-Box!”

A Webcast Presentation

Éamonn McGuinness


logistics for today s webcast
Logistics for Today’s Webcast
  • Slide Deck and Webcast Recording download links
    • expect an email tomorrow, Thursday March 19th
  • Questions and Answers
    • The webcast has a large audience
      • Impractical to take questions on the phone throughout—sorry!
      • Your phone has already been put on mute for now to avoid accidental background noise
    • We will answer questions at the end as follows:
      • From the Microsoft® Office Live Meeting question manager – Click the “Q&A” panel or click “Alt Q”
      • Opening up the phone line – you press 01 on your phone
    • After the webcast - extra questions to
  • Remember to go to the “full screen” in Live Meeting (F5)
today s agenda
Today’s Agenda
  • Webcast Opening & Introduction (2 mins.)
  • The Webcast – (25 mins.)
    • Intro to SharePoint (in 12) and Managing Projects on SharePoint
    • Live Demo
  • Summary, References, Suggested Next Steps (3 mins.)
  • Q & A
who are brightwork
Who are BrightWork?
  • BrightWork develop and market a project management plug-in for SharePoint called BrightWork pmPoint.
  • BrightWork is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner.
    • More Info:
brightwork the executive summary
BrightWork - The Executive Summary
  • BrightWork Background
    • Microsoft Gold Certified ISV partner
    • Customer problem we focus on
      • How many organizations need to collaboratively manage projects? (90%+)
      • How many organizations use Email, Excel and Word but not a high end project management solution? (80%+)
    • 1995 – Started as Lotus Notes ISV
    • Have architected commercial project management product on Microsoft …
      • Exchange 2000 (webstore)
      • SharePoint 2001 (webstore)
      • SharePoint 2003
      • SharePoint 2007
    • Started on West Coast of Ireland - Customers in US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Russia and Australia
  • BrightWork Products
    • SharePoint is for Collaboration
      • Consider this! – Why not SharePoint for collaborative project management!
    • BrightWork pmPoint
      • Process driven project management
        • You decide the level of process
      • Manage projects using SharePoint
        • Templates to manage projects and programs and a PMO
        • Optional import / export with Microsoft Project
      • Launched an MBS partner version supporting the Microsoft Sure Step methodology at WPC 2008 in Texas
    • BrightWork Reporter
      • Report on SharePoint fields, lists, sites and site collections and distribute these reports
    • More Info:
using microsoft sharepoint
Using Microsoft SharePoint …
  • 12 SharePoint Components: Their Functions:
    • List ItemsCollection for field values
    • Lists Containers for list items
    • Views Different views into the lists
    • Libraries and Doc Mgmt. Document check in and out
    • MS Office Integration Open Office docs from web
    • Workflow Ability to move information
    • Web parts Windows into information
    • Web part pages Collections of windows
    • Navigation Quick Launch, Top Link
    • Sites Housing for lists, libraries, etc
    • Site collections Housing for lots of sites
    • Web applications Housing for site collections
the sharepoint 12 parts diagram
The SharePoint “12-parts” Diagram
  • What is SharePoint made up of?
    • List Items
    • Lists
    • Views
    • Libraries and Doc Mgmt.
    • MS Office Integration
    • Workflow
    • Web parts
    • Web part pages
    • Navigation
    • Sites
    • Site collections
    • Web applications
to manage projects and programs
… to Manage Projects and Programs
  • How can the SharePoint elements be used “out of the box”?
    • List Items Add fields, e.g. project type
    • Lists Project Tasks and Issues
    • Views Datasheet and other views
    • Libraries and Doc Mgmt. Project document control
    • MS Office Integration Lower deployment barriers
    • Workflow 3-State Workflow
    • Web parts Views into task, issue lists
    • Web part pages Project summary home page
    • Navigation Add basic structure to projects
    • Sites Project workspace
    • Site collections House all common projects
    • Web applications Contain all customer projects
to manage projects and programs9
… to Manage Projects and Programs
  • How can we “extend” SharePoint for Project Management?
    • List Items Visual Indicators; Unique Id’s
    • Lists Task dependency; Charts
    • Views Gantt and other tailored views
    • Libraries and Doc. Mgmt. Deliverables by Phase
    • MS Office Integration Send reports to email, Excel
    • Workflow Project request and approvals
    • Web parts Project work reports
    • Web part pages Executive project dashboard
    • Navigation Process mapping, extendible nav.
    • Sites Site templates for many project types
    • Site collections Project/Program Management Office
    • Web applications Separate customer areas
demo sharepoint for project management
Demo:“SharePoint for Project Management“

Demo Sequence

  • List Items
  • Lists
  • Views
  • Libraries and Doc. Mgmt.
  • Web parts
  • MS Office Integration
  • Web part pages
  • Navigation
  • Sites
  • Site collections
  • Workflow
  • Web applications

Refer to

Appendix 1

for a



on slides


Project Management on SharePoint

1. Manage individual projects to success

2. Manage across a program of projects

3. Evolve the way projects are managed

IT Department

Marketing Group


(2.2) Notifications and reports

(2.1) Create Project Office sites

(1.3) Projectdata flows to dashboards

(3.1) Customize to suit

(3.2) Capture & reuse best practices

Project Management Templates

Team Members

Project Managers

Program Managers

Senior Management

Business Projects

IT Projects

Projects of all Shapes and Sizes

(1.2) Notifications and reports

(1.1) Create new project workspace

some advice from experience
Some Advice from Experience!
  • Build in the extra project management features needed
    • Be very faithful to the SharePoint interface and structure
      • For ease of deployment and maintenance
  • Next 4 slides talk to:
    • Develop a simple process for project management
    • Build templates that mimic different project types
    • This can work for small or large organizations
    • Be careful to balance structure with flexibility
process driven project management
Process Driven Project Management

pmPoint recognizes that level of process required depends on the organization’s maturity and on the particular needs of the individual projects.

brightwork pmpoint executive summary project management for organizations of all shapes and sizes
BrightWork pmPoint – Executive Summary “Project Management for organizations of all shapes and sizes”

"pmPoint facilitated the implementation of a new agile process for our projects, because of the extra project management features pmPoint added to SharePoint. “

"pmPoint on SharePoint was easy to implement and provided us with a tool that could be mastered extremely quickly by our project managers.“

“pmPoint reminds me of Albert Einstein when he said, 'Make things as simple as possible, but no simpler'. Enough said!”

"Skanska USA Building uses pmPoint to successfully manage our IT projects across the entire enterprise.”

"pmPoint provides us with a project management tool based on how we work today and evolving to where we want to be.“

"pmPoint for project management is now an integral part of RPA's suite of user SharePoint applications.”

“pmPoint provided us with an economical yet scalable solution for managing our project portfolio.  We now have better standards for collecting project data and a intuitive tool that makes the work visible.”

“pmPoint is an innovative way to use SharePoint to manage different projects across 29 countries."

CJ,, Korea – 10 users

George, Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General. – 20 users

Sven, Up-Great., Switzerland – 50 users

Andy, Skanska Construction, NJ, USA – 70 users

Gary, Enterprise and Partner Group, Microsoft. – 150 users

Maurice, Railway Procurement Authority, Ireland – 250 users

Chris, Group Health Cooperative, Seattle, USA– 500 users

Morten, Columbus IT., Norway – 1,500 users

“Just Plug-In pmPoint to Detangle the Wires”BrightWork's Project Management Solution Allows Sheppard Mullin to Skip Routine Fire Drills
  • As law firm Sheppard Mullin grew worldwide, the IT department spent great effort trying to manage many, many projects at once. The pain has ended with BrightWork pmPoint, the first collaborative project management application offering structure and flexibility. BrightWork pmPoint is a project management plug-in for your SharePoint environment that works great!
  • “We have a weekly meeting, and in 30 minutes we know the status of every project. We can look at a single report across many projects, or for just one project. BrightWork pmPoint provides a penetrating visibility into our projects, allowing us to see and address issues, ultimately leading to a much better success rate,”
    • Dora Martinez, Director of Project Management for Sheppard Mullin.
  • Read More on Microsoft Live Space
webcast the executive summary
Webcast - The Executive Summary
  • SharePoint is now the world’s leading platform for collaboration.
  • SharePoint can and is being used out of the box to manage projects.
  • You can customize and extend SharePoint with the necessary flexible structure and the required reporting for project and cross-project management – either build or buy.
more references for this webcast
More References for this webcast
  • Find out more about the SharePointplatform
  • Appendix 1 – a slide demo of the SharePoint platform in use for Project Management
  • A blog: Manage Projects on SharePoint
  • More information on the pmPoint software from BrightWork
candidate next steps after this webcast
Candidate next steps after this webcast
  • Visit …

If you haven’t already done so, please sign up for a free trial.

  • Need more information?
  • USA +1-617-357-9000 ext 701
  • Europe +353-91-514-492
  • First - Online
    • From the Microsoft® Office Live Meeting question manager
    • Click “Q&A” panel or “Alt Q” to open the Question Manager
  • Second – on the phone
    • Opening up the phone line
    • To ask a question on the phone, please press the 01 key on your phone

We’d love to hear more detailed feedback on this webcast

email ...

To get more related materials please visit:


Appendix 1

“SharePoint for Project Management”

A Screenshot Demo on Slides

extend sharepoint 2 lists
Extend SharePoint - (2) Lists

Other project managers like to work in Microsoft Project. pmPoint allows a Project Manager to plan a project in Microsoft Project and to then import it into SharePoint and either manage the plan in SharePoint or periodically export it back out to Microsoft Project.

extend sharepoint 3 views
Extend SharePoint - (3) Views

Some project managers like a work breakdown structure (with tasks, sub-tasks and task dependencies). This can be facilitated within SharePoint with pmPoint‘s Project Schedule list.

extend sharepoint 5 ms office integration
Extend SharePoint - (5) MS Office Integration

Give stakeholders the option to get their project reports in Microsoft Excel.

extend sharepoint 6 workflow
Extend SharePoint - (6) Workflow

The Project Requests lists shown here has a workflow that checks the Status of the request and will create new work items if a project is approved for creation.

extend sharepoint 9 navigation
Extend SharePoint - (9) Navigation

Divide Project Office into functional areas

Easily access multiple web part pages

Plan the project by moving down through the lists on the quick launch (menu) and fill in the blanks, e.g. project statement, goals, tasks, deliverables, issues, etc..

extend sharepoint 10 sites
Extend SharePoint - (10) Sites

pmPoint project sites are created from templates or by copying existing project sites

pmPoint project sites are ideal project containers

extend sharepoint 11 site collections
Extend SharePoint - (11) Site Collections

pmPoint Site Collections are advanced Program Management Offices that you can structure into a hierarchy that matches your project management and organizational needs

extend sharepoint 12 web apps
Extend SharePoint - (12) Web Apps

Give clients ownership of their projects