Video Conferencing Demo April 4, 2008 State of Oregon – DAS Polycom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

video conferencing demo april 4 2008 state of oregon das polycom l.
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Video Conferencing Demo April 4, 2008 State of Oregon – DAS Polycom PowerPoint Presentation
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Video Conferencing Demo April 4, 2008 State of Oregon – DAS Polycom

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Video Conferencing Demo April 4, 2008 State of Oregon – DAS Polycom
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Video Conferencing Demo April 4, 2008 State of Oregon – DAS Polycom

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  1. Video Conferencing Demo April 4, 2008 State of Oregon – DAS Polycom

  2. Agenda Introductions Video Conferencing Possibilities and Ideas Camera and Display Options Putting it all Together with DAS Services ……..and the Future

  3. DAS – Technology Support Center – Staff and Help Desk Polycom Department of Education Oregon State Police Department of Corrections Department of Human Services Department of Forestry Oregon Judicial Department Douglas ESD Clackamas County Multnomah ESD Umatil la-Morrow ESD Southwestern Oregon Community College Department of Revenue Oregon Department of Transportation Who is Here?

  4. What is Video Conferencing? • Video conferencing uses telecommunications of audio and video to bring people at different sites together for a meeting. This can be as simple as a conversation between two people in private offices (point-to-point) or involve several sites (multi-point) with more than one person in large rooms at different sites. Besides the audio and visual transmission of people, video conferencing can be used to share documents, computer-displayed information, and whiteboards. • H.323 (protocol of how the packets of content travel between points and how cameras and networking components communicate with one another) describes how video conferencing operates over the Internet (TCP/IP or just IP, just like how your desktop computer communicates). Multipoint Conferencing Units (MCUs- Bridging) handle the traffic flow in multi-point video conferences

  5. Why video conferencing? • a live conversation is needed; • visual information is an important component of the conversation; • the parties of the conversation can't physically come to the same location; or the expense or time of travel is a consideration. Examples of how video conferencing is Used by Customers • Meeting were vendors or contractor are in another cities and travel is expensive • Advisory Committee and Stakeholder Meetings • Training – Where interaction is required yet the trainees are located all over the state, country… • Classes and Distance Learning – Students, Teacher, Special Content • Interviewing candidates for open positions in your organization • To be part of a process – testimony is court, Judge, DA’s and Inmates • Services from a central point to people in different locations – counseling and medical advice • Agency or Division meeting where not all staff can attend

  6. What do You Need to Conduct a Video Conference Basics • Network Bandwidth (standard vs high definition) and security clearance with firewalls to connect with the other parties (video firewall) • Bridging Services (3 or more parties in the conference) • Camera with Speaker • Display (TV)

  7. Agenda Q & A…….. Continuing with the Agenda…… Video Conferencing Possibilities and Ideas Camera and Display Options Putting it all Together with DAS Services ……..and the Future

  8. Polycom – Welcomes The State of Oregon - DAS The VSG Solution

  9. Trends Driving Mainstream Video Adoption User Experience Video Content Sharing Video Content Management Video Conferencing and Collaboration • Technologies Enabling Video • IP • Broadband • HD • Industry Standards • Market Trends • Distributed Workforces • Globalization • Mobility • Rich Media • Environmentalism 9

  10. Requirements for Mainstream Adoption Ubiquitous Connectivity Common Interfaces Quality of Service High Definition Siren 22 Lost Packet Recovery User Experience Modular Design Widely Deployable Customizable Integrated Security Common Directory Central Management Video and Audio Quality Communication Infrastructure Usability/Scalability/ Reliability 10

  11. Polycom Video Solutions

  12. Polycom Video Solution 1 Video Endpoints

  13. Polycom Video Conferencing Solutions Group Systems Desktop Professional/Integrated HDX 9000 TPX™/RPX™ HDX 4000 HDX 7000 HDX 8000 Telepresence VSX 6000VSX 7000s VSX 3000 VSX 5000 VSX 7000e VSX 8000 PVX V700 V500 Essential 13

  14. Polycom Video Solutions 1 Video Endpoints 2 Conference Bridge

  15. 2 Polycom Conference Bridges– MGC and RMX • Polycom RMX 2000 is the “next gen” conference bridge purpose-built for high speed IP networks • Optimized for IP (H.323, SIP) networks • Supports high bandwidth applications (HD and beyond) • Supports on-board PSTN (ISDN Q2 08) • Provides optimum ease-of-use with “on-demand” conferencing • Web-based management • Polycom MGC/MGC+ is the proven workhorse of the industry, suitable for specialty or legacy environments • Offers options for redundancy, internal gateway, internal firewall, V.35/serial interface • Or where customers are looking for a familiar platform

  16. Polycom Video Solutions 1 Video Endpoints 2 Conference Bridge 3 Management &Scheduling

  17. Polycom Video Solutions 1 Video Endpoints 2 Conference Bridge 3 Management &Scheduling 4 Video Recording, Streaming & Content Management

  18. Network accessible IP video conference recorder – records video, audio, and shared content Captured events are available by video on demand or live streaming (unicast or multicast) Operates in secure environment Conference Room Server Room Polycom Endpoints Polycom RSS 2000 4 Polycom RSSTM 2000Recording and Streaming Server Recording across the network

  19. Manage, Protect, Leverage all video in the organization Live or on-demand streaming to thousands of viewers Archive content in dedicated and secure repository Leverage existing video infrastructure Polycom VMC 1000 Publish, Access, Report Live Streaming and Video on Demand Polycom Video Media CenterTM - VMC 1000 Polycom endpoints Polycom RSS 2000 Create Capture

  20. Secure route through any corporate firewall Allows anyone, anywhere to join a multipoint conference Optimizes video quality by prioritizing video packets Connects IPv4 to IPv6 via new gateway capability Polycom V2IU – NAT/Firewall Traversal 5 Corporate HQ IP Partner Hotel (H.460 endpoint)

  21. Polycom Video Solutions 1 Video Endpoints 6 Partner Integration 2 Conference Bridge 3 Management &Scheduling 4 Video Recording, Streaming & Content Management 5 Video FirewallSecurity & NAT/FW Traversal

  22. Polycom Partner Integrations 6 • Integration into industry-leading desktop, workflow and IP telephony applications • Video-enables enterprise communications environments • Proven interoperability across devices, infrastructures, and applications Desktop andMobile Devices IBM Avaya Microsoft

  23. Polycom Video Solutions 1 Video Endpoints 6 Partner Integration Global Support & Professional Services 2 Conference Bridge 3 Management &Scheduling 4 Video Recording, Streaming & Content Management 5 Video Firewall Security & NAT/FW Traversal

  24. Polycom Services Portfolio Support Services Enterprise Services Professional Services Learning Center Premier Premier Plus Elite Maintenance VoIP Support Implementation Telepresence VNOC Resident Engineer Customized Services Other Portfolio Offerings Network Consulting Project Management Strategy, Management & Operations Services Green Assessment CVE Program Technical Training System Administration Training End User Training Customized Training Certification Courses

  25. Polycom Video Solutions Portfolio • Complete and integrated portfolio of video conferencing, collaboration, and content management solutions • Offerings for the desktop, executive office, conference & training rooms, and immersive environments • Advanced and flexible architectures for faster deployments and simplified IT integration • Global support and professional services

  26. Polycom HDX Series - Positioning

  27. Industry Standard Terms and Resolutions

  28. Sustainability - Initiative

  29. Polycom Green January 2008

  30. Environmental Agenda Building Momentum • Significant Worldwide Awareness • Global warming • Greenhouse gases • More Companies Going “Clean/Green” • Stakeholder pressures • Corporate citizen responsibility • Political Pressure • Changing corporate and individual habits to reduce CO2

  31. Why CO2? • Why CO2? • CO2 is largest contributor to greenhouse gases • Burning fossil fuels: gasoline, diesel, jet fuel • Transportation: cars, trucks, airlines • Average .44 lbs CO2 per air mile flown: • Average .9 lbs CO2 per auto mile: • Natural gas usage with appliances • Use of electricity, most of which is generated by fossil fuels • Benchmarks energy efficiency and impact of polluting fuels in single measure • Kyoto Protocol • Reduce CO2 emissions 5% by 2010 • California: Governor Schwarzenegger • Reduce emissions 10% to 2000 levels by 2010 • Reduce emissions 20% to 1990 levels by 2020 • 80% below 1990 levels by 2050

  32. What Can Companies do to Reduce CO2? • Top Recommended Steps to Reduce CO2 • Energy efficient facilities • Product designs (energy efficient) • Manufacturing processes • HR/Employee oriented programs • Travel policies • IT leadership • Power saving data centers • Extend network to home workers • Collaboration and content sharing tools (video and voice conferencing) as alternative totravel

  33. Video and Voice Conferencing:a Green Technology • Rich Communication, Collaboration, and Content Sharing • Global enterprises connect without travel • Meet and collaborate virtually • Enable dispersed workgroups • Foster real-time collaboration for increased productivity • Substantially Reduces Carbon Footprint • Green meetings • Allow attendees to be environmentally friendly • Reduce the need, costs, and CO2 of travel “Using (video) conferencing and collaboration technologies can make a large contribution to the goal of carbon neutrality.” - Alan Greenberg, Wainhouse Research “With the growing emphasis on…green policies in corporations, video conferencing is now seen as having a direct effect on lowering a company’s carbon footprint.” - William Stofega, IDC “Much of my (political) participation now comes via (Polycom HD video) teleconference, a “low carbon emissions” way of working .” - Al Gore

  34. Trend is Clear 32.9% of companies increased collaboration tools usage due to carbon impact concerns 28.1% have a carbon emissions policy 26.3% say carbon policy is coming in next year “…the next several years will see a deepening of the necessary tools and understanding.” Are Companies Buying It? Wainhouse Research, August 2007

  35. Polycom Customers Speak for Themselves “To reduce our air miles, we have made a substantial investment in (Polycom) phone and video conferencing and now have new or upgraded facilities in all of our major offices. Last year we were able to avoid 1.1 million miles of travel through use of telesuite facilities, thereby avoiding the emission of 198,000kg of CO2.” - PWC Corporate Statement “The initial investment (in Polycom video conferencing) is easily justifiable, ultimately increasing productivity. It’s not only protecting the environment, but is common sense for businesses to adopt.” - David Rowe, CEO, Easynet

  36. Considerations for Green Meetings • Determine Existing Meeting and Travel Patterns • Identify What Groups Could Use Video and Voice Conferencing as Alternative Way of Meeting • Identify Applications Where Video and Voice Conferencing can be Applied for Virtual Meetings • Establish a Network Plan and Bandwidth Requirements to Support Communications • Determine how Virtual Meetings will be Hosted, Scheduled and Managed • Identify Needs to Record and/or Stream Meetings for Personnel to Participate at Later Date • Identify Support Services to Maintain Equipment, Manage the Network, etc. • Determine Method for Measuring CO2 Reduction

  37. Going Green with Polycom Three Step Process 1. Video ReadinessBenchmarking 1 3. Tracking and Measurement 3 2. Green Roll-Out Planning and Implementation 2

  38. Going Green with PolycomStep 1: Initial Benchmarking • Assess “Video Ready” in Three Areas • Service Quality – ensure a successful Video Conferencing experience • Operational Efficiency – plan for the right mix of capacity and resources • Business Benefits – Establish best practices in video and voice conferencing to maximize user adoption and experience • Recommendation: Polycom Performance Benchmarking Assessment • Guides customer towards realizing substantial strategic benefits through the effective use of collaboration tools • Helps customer identify applications and workflows for video/voice virtual meetings • Provides recommendations to significantly improve conferencing operations

  39. Going Green with PolycomStep 2: Green Roll-out Planning • Determine how CO2 emissions are to be reduced through collaboration tools • Selection of collaboration solution and locations to be installed • Network infrastructure necessary to achieve the planned roll-out • How to best install and implement collaboration tools to achieve the desired level of CO2 reduction • Recommendation: Polycom Green Assessment Service • Guides customer roll-out plan • Sequence and steps to achieve highest impact • Best utilization of current or future collaboration tools to maximize CO2reduction • Establish baselines for CO2 reductions • Monthly travel-related savings

  40. Going Green with PolycomStep 3: Tracking and Measurement • Quantify and calculate CO2 reduction • Recommendation: Polycom ARENA Partner: Video Miles® Software from Visual Environment Ltd. • Automatic tracking of video usage • Number of miles travel saved • Carbon emission reduction achieved • ROI – travel costs savings • Number of delegates involved in meetings • Number of man hours saved • Video conference system utilization • Data is instantly recorded and presented in bar chart and pie chart format for review 24/7

  41. Benchmark / Green Assessment Details • Customized Consultation • Polycom team of experts • On-site interviews • Online surveys • Analysis and reporting • Priced on size and scope of implementation • Ordered as a Polycom Professional Service • Sales contacts: • Polycom Service Business Development Managers • Certified Service Partners

  42. Video-Miles® Details • The Video-Miles Solution • FetchitTM • Software sits on customer server or PC • Runs in background without impact on network applications • Registers all end-points, MCUs, Gatekeeper • Retrieves data from every video conference meeting • Video-Miles® Server • Receives and analyzes data from Fetchit every 24 hours • Converts data into readable reports • Environmental, financial ROI, utilization • Graphs, pie charts, statistics • Priced per video end-point • Visual Environment, Ltd. • Balmoral House 139-141 Cambridge RoadSouthport PR9 7LN United Kingdom Tel: + 44 (0)7970 820939 • Sales contact • Patrick Hodgson

  43. Go Green With Polycom! • Take Action Today! • For Additional Resources and Guidance • Polycom “Team Green” • • Brian Gilman, Director Enterprise Solutions • Bob Preston, Vice President Solutions Marketing

  44. Summary • Take Action on Green Now! • Global Sustainability is Every Company’s Responsibility • Become Carbon Neutral • Improve Productivity and Efficiency Throughout • Enhance Your Company Brand, Positioning, and Image • Go Green with Polycom!

  45. Agenda Q & A…….. Continuing with the Agenda…… Putting it all Together with DAS Services ……..and the Future

  46. DAS Services Provided DAS Bridging Services • Voice Activated Video Switching • Continuous Presence • Pattern Layouts: Common Patterns – 2a, 4b, 5a, 5b, Hollywood Squares • Audio Add-Ins (Voice Only) • Job Interviews – Kinko’s FedEx • Presentation Mode – Shows pattern and switches to full screen • Lecture Mode – Lock on a Site • People + Content (PowerPoint Presentations) • FTE to support setup up the conference and operating the camera

  47. DAS Services ProvidedScheduling and Setup Conference Support • Online reservation system - TC Reliance • Test Rooms • Reservation Process • Special Instructions (People + Content, Continuous Presence, Pattern Layout) • Origination Room • Room Approval Process • Adding a Phone Add-in • Adding a Placeholder • Assign individuals to specific rooms. Receive email confirmations.

  48. DAS Services ProvidedExtra Services Provided Desktop Video Conferencing: Laptop/Desktop w/camera: • Receives Power from the laptop’s USB port – must have laptop plugged in • Polycom PVX software – required for bridging calls Recording & Streaming & Add in Audio • All-In-One Recording, Streaming, and Archiving Solution • Ability to record and archive conferences to DVD • Stream the conference on the internet in a Real Player format • Endpoints can hook up a DVR to record their own conference

  49. Cost Considerations to Video Conferencing • Bandwidth (use existing excess or do I have to purchase more) • Room Setup and Equipment (size of room, number of attendees) • Frequency (number of conferences held) • Quality Demanded (standard vs high definition) • Business Requirements on what will be presented (content, streaming, recording)

  50. DAS Video ConferencingPlanning • Increasing the capacity on the current bridges to support more conferencing • State-wide Price Agreement to Purchase Video Conferencing equipment and installation services • Increase staffing levels at the TSC • Developing Rates for 09_11 with a change in the how the rate model is developed.