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Video Jeet 2 REVIEW - DEMO of Video Jeet 2

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Video Jeet 2 REVIEW - DEMO of Video Jeet 2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presentation Transcript
Video Jeet 2 Review: This viral autoblogger gets you leads, traffic andmore

Video Jeet2:

So, I think here's what you already know. Video Curation is the most powerful content type online! But that's a bad newstoo!

Because finding, curating viral content, buying websites domains, paying for hosting and then syndicating the content on your FB pages, Twitter, blogsites sounds like a lot of hardwork!

Don't do it. Just get thistool

This is an autoblogging tool that also autosyndicates highly engaging and viral video content in ANY niche on FB, Twitter and your blogging sites, and sucks in all the organic and high converting traffic from search engine and socialmedia?

This is Video Jeet 2.The BEST video curation tool you canfind.

Never again will you have to spend endless days and nights digging for highly engaging videocontent.

And you can totally forget about hiring anyone to do content posting and other time consuming tasks that are never completed justright.
  • You will never have to pay a dime forSEO!
  • The all new Video Jeet 2automatically digs in and does all the hard work foryou!
  • It is like having a virtual team of super efficient bloggers, SEO people, assistants work for you round the clock forFREE!
  • Creating automated blogs on your own domain without having to pay for domain or hosting and STILL profitizing them like noone else never got thiseasy!
  • Drive highly targeted traffic on Blogger, LiveJournal, Tumbler and WP with trending and engaging videos without a pennyspen.
  • Let Video Jeet 2do all the hard work for you! Still need more reasons to check itout?
  • Why not have a look at its gazillion of features. Here are a few.
  • As easy as it gets! Drives traffic handsfree.
  • Gives you 100% control. Go auto or pick what you want to post, niche keywords, titles ordescriptions.
  • Works with any blog theme or design. It uses the authorized APIs for all platforms and works out of the box with anysetup.
  • Autoposts and updates video content on Facebook and Twitter, pulling in highly targeted traffic foryou.
  • Pings many search engines and directories to help you get listed faster on Google and other searchengines.
  • Uses keywords from the videos and converts them to Hashtags, to get traffic from keywords that you didn't even thinkof.
  • Video Jeet 2is the best of both worlds (or perhaps more) combined together in one powerful app designed to get you traffic from EVERY possible source and getting you straight up to #1 rank in notime!
  • Fast, easy and 100% selfdriven!
  • There is nothing like Video Jeet that you will ever seeagain!
And just for you, for a limited launch period, there's a special pricing where you get to save a lot of money on Video Jeet, BUT good things don't last forever so find time and check itnow!

Do check out Video Jeet and let me know how it made a sea change in your online profits!

Check it outhere

Video Jeet 2Overview:

  • Video Jeet 2's KeyFeatures:
  • How can it helpyou:
  • Create Blogs With 0 Expense: Even if you set up a Wordpress blog, you’ll need to buy a domain name and hosting, and then spend time on technical setup. With Video Jeet you don’t need anything at all! Setup your traffic funnels with zeroexpense.
  • 100% Autopilot Mode: Everything in Video Jeet can be set to automatic. Which means, it will automatically find fresh videos, automatically post them to your blogs, ping search engines, and post them to social media. Everything done without you clicking a singlebutton.
  • Supports Spintext: Need unique content for your blogs? No problems. Video Jeet has support for Spintext, and will generate multiple versions of your call to actions and textual content that you putin.
  • Fully Customizable: Everything in Video Jeet can be customized according to your preference. You can set up custom intervals between posts, modify blog descriptions and titles, change keywords. It’s all in yourhands.
Unlimited Traffic From Hashtags: Video Jeet automatically converts the keywords targeted by YouTube videos to hashtags when it posts to Facebook and Twitter. You get unlimited traffic from Hashtags without doinganything!
  • Use Any Theme Or Design: Video Jeet uses the authorized APIs to make posts and you can use any theme or setup for your blogs. It will work with your pre-existing themes too. Nothing to change on yourblogs!
  • This Is The Most Powerful Automatic Traffic Software You CanBuy
  • Post As Often As YouWant
  • You can set up any interval between two posts ranging from 45 minutes to days! Post just as often as you feel is good for your blog and your marketing strategy. It’s 100% in yourcontrol
  • ModifyAnything!
  • Modify the video embed code, titles, descriptions, tags. Absolutely anything you want. Customize it and tailor it to your blog, to your marketingstrategy.
  • Detailed reports give you the full disclosure. What was posted, where it was posted, when it was posted. You can see everything. If there are any errors in posting, you see full details of thattoo.
  • Adds Traffic ToBlogging
  • Video Jeet not only posts, but it also gets you traffic from the two major sources: search and social media by 1) Pinging all the search engines and posting on social media with auto-hashtagging.
  • How Does Video Jeet 2Work?

Set Once & ForgetForever

Unlock Organic Traffic For Life With This EasySystem


Create A Blog On Any of The Supported Platforms (Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr Or LiveJournal)


Setup the Blog on Video Jeet With ChosenKeywords


Enjoy thetraffic!

(Is that even astep?)

Enabling The ‘No-Effort’ TrafficSystem

Watch How Video Jeet Does Everything ForYou

Exclusive Bonuses Of Video Jeet2:

Bonus #1: WP TagSeeder

Automatically turn all selected words on your blog into a link pointing anywhere you like. Direct your traffic to any offer or page on the Internet. This is a great way to reduce bounce rate and increase your pageviews andsales.

Bonus #2 : WP ViralContent

Easily make your content viral by making your visitors share content and get you an endlessly growing number of visitors with the viral impact of this powerfulplugin.

Bonus #3: SEO HarvesterJeet

Get endless keywords for any niche using this ultra powerful desktop based keyword research tool that returns thousands of keywords for your niche in a matter ofminutes.

Bonus #4: Exit ListPro

Grab leads from your Wordpress blogs easily with this powerful exit-pop plugin that integrates easily into your Wordpress blog and uses exit-intent technology to turn your visitors into qualifiedleads.

Bonus #5: WebcopyGuard

Protect your precious content from unauthorized copying using this plugin that prevents anyone from copying your text and pasting it anywhereelse.

Bonus #6: WP SEO101

Search Marketing is changing constantly and you need to upgrade your skills to keep up with the latest tactics. Get this quick 101 guide that shows you what’s relevant in2016.

Final verdict - YourTurn!

A word of caution. This software is on a special launch right now, and is being sold at an incredibly low price. You'll get the best deal on it, along with some amazing bonuses if you get itnow.

Later, once the launch period closes you'll need to spend at least 3x more to get this. Why don't you have a look now and see how useful it can be for your business.

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