tools for becoming a business leader session i l.
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Tools for Becoming a Business Leader Session I PowerPoint Presentation
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Tools for Becoming a Business Leader Session I

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Tools for Becoming a Business Leader Session I - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tools for Becoming a Business Leader Session I. Training and Development. Customer Service. Competencies. Effective Communications. Creative thinking. Partnerships/Networking. Negotiating. Technical competence. Interpersonal Effectiveness. CREDIBILITY. Leveraging Diversity.

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Customer Service


Effective Communications

Creative thinking



Technical competence

Interpersonal Effectiveness


Leveraging Diversity

Human Resource Management


Problem Solving

Ethical & Decisive Leadership

Continuous Improvement

Conflict Management

Organizational Stewardship

Service Ethic

Emotional Intelligence

Strategic Thinking


Results Oriented

idp individual development plan
IDP-Individual Development Plan
  • Written Plan that describes your immediate and long-term goals.
  • Tool to help you organize your training and development
    • Learn new skills
    • Acquire additional knowledge
    • Sharpen current expertise
  • Annually you discuss your goals and accomplishments with your supervisor and DAD and develop an IDP.
development opportunities
Development Opportunities
  • USDA Graduate School—New Leader Program
  • Target Audience GS 7-11
    • Program Components:
      • 6 Month training and Development
      • 3 residential training weeks
      • 30 day developmental assignment
  • There is an annual call for applications. If you are interested, contact Gregory Jackson
lead leadership evaluation development
LEAD—Leadership Evaluation & Development
  • ARS Program Lead by Dave Carter
  • Target Audience GS 11 and above
    • Program Components
      • Formal Training Courses
      • Developmental Assignments
      • Mentoring Program
      • Shadowing
      • Self Development
      • Congressional Briefing Conference
      • Evaluation
care consolidated assistance review and evaluation
CARE—Consolidated Assistance Review and Evaluation
  • The CARE program consolidated many of the reviews previously completed by individual Divisions or Areas utilizing Total Quality Management (TQM) principles.
  • Opportunity to share your knowledge with others and also learn from others
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Networking opportunities
set service employees team
SET—Service Employees Team
  • Provides temporary help during periods of peak workloads or special projects.
  • Duration—Up to 16 weeks