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Becoming a Teacher Leader

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Becoming a Teacher Leader - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Becoming a Teacher Leader
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  1. Becoming a Teacher Leader Presented By Miriam Harrington, ED.S Assistant Principal Hunters Lane

  2. Outcomes • The participant will be able to reflect on practices effecting their ability to lead. • The participant will gain tools and resources for developing a zeal to become a better leader. • The participant will be motivated to take a leadership role within their school.

  3. Vision Where there is no vision, the people perish….

  4. Who are you? • Recognize your strengths and weaknesses

  5. Make time to reflect!!!

  6. Characteristics of a Leader • 1. Leaders are always improving. They understand that things are changing around them and for them to be great leader they must be changing too! • 2. Great leaders inspire people around them to become better. People want to do their best because of their leadership. • 3. Leaders know how to concentrate on people's strengths and not their weaknesses. Everyone has things that they are good at and leaders know how to bring this out in a person.

  7. Characteristics of a Leader • 4. Leaders are pro active and not reactive. They understand the importance of leading their people and not waiting for somebody else to get started. • 5. Leaders treat people with respect and importance. They know that to get a person to do something they need to want to do it. Treating people with respect and importance is a technique that works for this. • 6. Great leaders are self-motivated. They understand there will be ups and downs in their life and in their business, but they stay positive and do not let outside influences affect their attitudes.

  8. Characters of Leaders Continued • 7. Leaders are well spoken. They know how to say the right thing at the right time. • 8. Leaders are always prepared. They don't leave things to chance but rather they control situations through preparation. • 9. Great leaders do not have big egos. They care about others as opposed to being a self centered individual.

  9. Characteristics of a Leader • 10. Great leaders are great mentors. They know how to pass on the knowledge that they themselves have personally already attained. • 11. Leaders are people who write down goals and strive to achieve them. They understand the importance of goal setting and the example that they are teaching by doing this. • 12. Great leaders are ambitious hard workers. They never expect more out of the people around them then they are willing to give themselves. This type of attitude is contagious and leads to everybody working harder.

  10. Professionalism

  11. The 90/10 Principle Click to advance

  12. Ethics and Integrity • What we do? • How we do it? • Why are we doing it? • Who benefits from what is being done?

  13. People are always watching!!!

  14. Continuous cycle to Leadership

  15. Questions

  16. Thank You!!!! Join the leadership revolution!!!!!