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The Writing Studio

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The Writing Studio. Punctuation Workshop. Punctuation. System of signals used by writers to communicate with readers End Punctuation Internal Punctuation. End Punctuation. Punctuation marks that terminate one sentence or thought and separate it from the next. Period ( . )

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The Writing Studio

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the writing studio
The Writing Studio

Punctuation Workshop

  • System of signals used by writers to communicate with readers
  • End Punctuation
  • Internal Punctuation
end punctuation
End Punctuation

Punctuation marks that terminate one sentence or thought and separate it from the next.

  • Period ( . )
  • Exclamation Point ( ! )
  • Question Mark ( ? )
example end punctuation
Example--End Punctuation

Period Benjamin Franklin was a great inventor and American patriot.

Exclamation Point I can’t believe you

said that !

Question Mark What time is it ?

internal punctuation
Internal Punctuation

Punctuation marks that serve to combine, introduce, enclose, or indicate omission or grammatical function within a sentence.

The period also serves as internal punctuation to indicate omission and create abbreviations (Jr., Sr., etc.).

internal punctuation6
Internal Punctuation

Marks that separate and combine: comma, semicolon, slash, hyphen

Marks that separate and introduce: comma, colon, dash

Marks that separate and enclose: comma, dash, parentheses, quotation marks, brackets

Marks that indicate omission: ellipsis marks, apostrophe

example internal punctuation
Example--Internal Punctuation


Separate and Combine Tom is sick, but he should be well in a few days.

Separate and Introduce According to the weather report, it

is going to snow this weekend.

Separate and Enclose Marilyn Monroe, whose real name

was Norma Jean, was an actress.


Separate and Introduce Most Americans have Thanksgiving dinner at thesame time--half time.

Separate and Enclose Movies--science fiction movies--

express the creativity of the writer.

example internal punctuation8
Example--Internal Punctuation

Semicolon All students take English 1100; it is a

university policy.

Colon There are three people in that car: Tom,

Dick, and Harry.

Parentheses Thanks to Henry Ford (inventor of the car)

we are riding in style.

Quotation Marks He said, “I know that guy. I went to school

with him.”

Brackets That show [Seinfeld] is one of the funniest

I have ever seen.

example internal punctuation9
Example--Internal Punctuation

Ellipsis Marks I pledge allegiance to the flag. . .and to

the Republic for which it stands. . .

Apostrophe I’ve tried to tell her, but she

won’t listen.

Slash Writer/Director Woody Allen is a very

interesting person.

Hyphen Timothy is a well-deserving recipient

of the prize.

  • Further information and examples about punctuation marks can be found in the Concise English Handbook or the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers.
  • Ask your professor specific questions about punctuation marks and their usage.
  • Visit the Writing Center and discuss punctuation problems you might have with a tutor.