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The Yoga Studio:

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The Yoga Studio:
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The Yoga Studio:

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Welcome to the NC LIVE SimplyMap Presentation. Today we will explore SimplyMap using two different case studies. -Review Case Study 1: The Yoga Studio -Review Case Study 2: The Interior Design Business

  2. The Yoga Studio: Jennifer from Raleigh, North Carolina is a registered yoga teacher who has been working for an existing yoga studio for the past few years. It has long been her dream to branch out and open her own studio somewhere in the Raleigh area. Jennifer needs to determine the best location for a yoga studio based on factors such as where her potential customers are located as well as identifying the competition.  

  3. Profile of Yoga Participants: • Age 25 to 40 • 75% female, 25% male • Higher Income Households • Tend to live healthy lifestyles, including exercise, eating organic food, and health club memberships.

  4. First, click on Variables We will start by making a map of Median Income by ZIP Codes in Raleigh.

  5. Select the variable you would like to map.

  6. Select “Cities” as the location type. Then select the state and city. Type the first 2 or 3 letters to get a list of possible matches.

  7. Here is the map of Median Income by Zip Code.

  8. You can edit how the map looks using the legend editor. Here we changed the break values of each category.

  9. This is the map using the new legend values.

  10. We will now add Yoga Studios to the map. These business points come from Dun & Bradstreet.

  11. A keyword search on “yog” finds 8,724 yoga studios in the United States, as well as 1,134 frozen yogurt stands.

  12. We then name the point and add it to our map.

  13. Here is the map of yoga studios and median income.

  14. Place your cursor over a point to view information about that business.

  15. Now we will map the number of people who participated in yoga in the last 12 months by ZIP Code using MRI data.

  16. Here is a map of yoga participation with yoga studio points.

  17. The yellow city boundary of Raleigh is distracting. We can turn this off on the display options menu.

  18. We can create a data filter that combines median income and yoga participation in order to identify target areas for our new studio.

  19. First we add our conditions to the data filter…

  20. Give the filter a name…

  21. These 2 areas look promising. They match our criteria and have few existing yoga studios. And here is how the filter looks on a map. Only areas that match our criteria are visible. All other areas have black & white stripes covering them.

  22. This ZIP Code looks particularly promising. We can create a data table with detailed information about the ZIP Codes on these 2 high potential areas.

  23. We will then create a ring study to examine the 1 mi, 3 mi, and 5 mi areas surrounding this ZIP Code.

  24. We can identify the most widespread Life Stage Clusters who live in this ZIP Code…

  25. …and lean about each Life Stage by opening up the associated metadata for each variable.

  26. This Life Stage has a high median income.

  27. And they commonly purchase athletic gear.

  28. The Interior Design Business: About two years ago, Mark started his own interior design business in Charlotte, NC.  He started strong with his first group of corporate clients specializing in designing offices, but business has since slowed and he is struggling.  Mark has decided to expand his business to now include the residential sector, and he is looking to drum-up new customers so that he can continue to employ his assistant.  Mark wants to create upscale residential spaces with the vision of the client and needs to know where to locate them in the Charlotte area.

  29. Profile of Interior Design/Home Renovation Clients • Higher Income Households • Owner Occupied Households • Areas with (a) older housing, or (b) housing growth • Higher Spending on Furniture, Appliances, etc.

  30. We will start by making an income map by ZIP Code in Mecklenburg County.

  31. Next we will make a location analysis report that shows data for all ZIP Codes in the county in one table.

  32. The report will contain data on owner occupied housing, income, housing growth and older housing.

  33. Here is the completed location analysis report.

  34. We will then create two filters. The first will identify areas with older housing and high incomes, while the second will identify areas with housing growth and high incomes.

  35. When a filter is applied to a report any locations that do not match the filter are grayed out.

  36. We can also hide all filter locations and only view those that match our criteria.

  37. All of these locations are good targets for our marketing campaign. ZIP 28207 is especially promising given it’s high owner occupancy rate.

  38. Here is our 2nd filter.

  39. These areas have a high household growth rate, high incomes, and high owner occupancy rates.

  40. We can apply these same filters to the map to see where these zip codes are located in the county.