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OUR ‘ISO’ CERTIFICATIONS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OUR ‘ISO’ CERTIFICATIONS. CE Certification for our Leading Products. Qualities on which we stand. 1. All Steel fabricated. 2. Steel Casted Chamber in Single Pcs. 3. Tripple reduction helical gear box fitted with Graded Steel Casted Gears & Alloy steel Pinion.

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qualities on which we stand
Qualities on which we stand
  • 1. All Steel fabricated.
  • 2. Steel Casted Chamber in Single Pcs.
  • 3. Tripple reduction helical gear box fitted with Graded Steel Casted Gears & Alloy steel Pinion.
  • 4. Cake thickness can be adjusted on running machine.
  • 5. Best Quality of oil & cake.
  • 6. Maintence Free Press.
  • 7. Less Electrical Motor Require.
  • 9. Minimum Space Require.
  • 10. Hard Faced worms & Cages.
  • 11. Water Cooling arrangement in Main worm Shaft to maintain the temprature.
  • 12. Main Worm Shaft can be withdrawn without disturbing the Gear Box.
  • 13. Chambers are Vertically hinged,easy to open.
  • 14. The Pressing worms, Cone,Discharge Ring & Compression Rings are Hard Faced upto 3MM Thickness to have Better life.
  • 15. Main Shaft is manufactured out of Carbon Steel EN-8.The best recommended steel for Shafts & Axles.
  • 16. All the Gears in Gear Box are of Graded Steel Castings & Pinion Shafts are of EN-24, 55-65 Carbon Steel.
  • 17. The Worms & Cages are made from EN8/EN9
  • 18. All Gears & Pinions are running in the Oil bath & Bearings are also
  • Lubricated with Splash Lubrication.
high capacity 140 150 tonne in pre pressing 50 60 tonne in single and final crushing
HIGH CAPACITY:- 140 - 150 Tonne in Pre-Pressing 50 -60 Tonne in single and Final Crushing
  • 1. This model has been designed in a Simple and Symmetrical shape.
  • 2. Triple reduction Gear Box with Helical Gear of Cast Steel and Pinion Shaft of Special Steel.
  • 3. Gear Box is aligned with all the bodies on a single Fabricated Base.
  • 4. This expeller has three chambers of cast steel, vertically hinged. Each of 36” long.
  • 5. Cake thickness can be adjusted on running machine.
  • 6. Worm assembly, discharge ring, Sliding ring, all are hard faced welded.
  • 7. Main Worm shaft can be withdrawn without disturbing the Gear Box. The shaft is water cooled.
  • 8. Crammer shaft for Extra cramming of the seed or cake is fitted on the feed body. The crammer shaft is driven by Geared motor of 3 H.P.
  • 9. Base and Bodies are fabricated from Mild Steel.
  • 10. Superior Quality of Oil & Cake.
  • 11. Low Maintenance.
  • 12. Low Power Consumption.
for accurate cooking of seed
  • 1. This Cooker is supportedly separately on a fabricated Steel Structure.
  • 2. This Cooker is divided in five stages using 66”Diameter Steam Jackets for efficient cooking of the seeds, nut or meal.
  • 3. Pipe fitting contains safety valve, steam spray pipe.
  • 4.Aspiration system is also provided to extract excess steam or moisture from the cooking chambers.
  • 5. Doors or openings are provided in each section for cleaning and fitting of agitators.
  • 6. Indicatiors are fitted to indicate the level of the seed or meal in all the sections.
  • 7. Gear Box :- Worm Reduction Gear Box of Vertical Type.
  • 8. Power Consumption:- 3 Phase 25 H.P motor of 1440 RPM.
most competitive
  • 1. Steel Fabricated Base & Body.
  • 2. Double reduction Gear Box with helical gears of Cast Steel.
  • 3. Cast Steel chamber of 45”X 7.5” Dia. Of Four sections is vertically hinged.
  • 4. Cake thickness can be adjusted on running machine.
  • 5. Case hardened worm assembly assembly with hard faced discharge ring & compression ring.
  • 6. Main worm shaft can be withdrawn without disturbing the gear box.
  • 7.Crammer Shaft gives extra cramming of the seed or cake in the feed body.
  • 8. Low Power Consumption.
  • 9. Maintenance Free.
  • 10. Superior Quality of oil & cake.
  • 11. High Capacity
most economical
  • 1. Our oldest and economical model.
  • 2. Double reduction Gear Box of Cast Iron Body and Mild Steel fabricated Gears.
  • 3. The machine has to be stopped for adjusting the cake thickness.
  • 4. Case hardened worm assembly and cone point.
  • 5. Main Worm Shaft can be withdrawn without disturbing the Gear Box.
  • 6. Crammer Shaft gives extra cramming of the Seed or Cake in the Feed Body.
  • 7.Superior quality of Oil & Cake.
  • 8.Low Maintenance.
  • 9. Steel Fabricated base.
  • 10. Chamber is made from Mild Steel plates.
  • 11. Low Power Consumption.
compact and sturdy
  • The whole body is fabricated from Mild steel material.
  • Steel Casted Chamber.
  • The Screw Press is directly coupled with Geared Motor.
  • Cake thickness can be adjusted on the running machine.
  • Best Quality of Oil Cake.
  • Low maintenance required.
  • Power Consumption: 7.5 H.P Motor of 1440 r.p.m.
  • Less space requirement.
  • Hard faced worm assembly.
  • CE Certified.
filter presses for filteration of oils chemicals paints varnishes pottery clay and other liquids
FILTER PRESSES:- For filteration of Oils, Chemicals, Paints, Varnishes, Pottery Clay and other Liquids.
  • Two flat Side Bars are provided on which filter plates rest to stand extra pressure.
  • Heavy types steel screw nut is fixed in the screw plate and best quality steel screw rod is provided with pressure pulley.
  • Cast Iron jam nuts and petcocks of special design are provided for better filteration.
  • The casting is heavier and carefully machined and each plate is grinded to avoid leakage.
SINGLE AND DUPLEX FILTER PUMP:-Heavy type plunger pumps serves two fold purpose, filteration as well as delivery.
features of our spares high quality complete accuracy long life durability
seed preparatory equipment



seed preparatory equipment17