satellite communications l.
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Satellite Communications

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Satellite Communications - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Satellite Communications. COE 341 Term Paper. Groupe Members. Aref Mohammad Al-Amri. Ahmad Abdulrahman Al-Gahtani. Ahmad Abdullah Al-Aloula. Topics of Presentation. Intro. Lunching. Applications. Satellites. How it works. Frequency Bands. What are Communication Satellites?.

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satellite communications

Satellite Communications

COE 341 Term Paper

groupe members
Groupe Members

Aref Mohammad Al-Amri

Ahmad Abdulrahman Al-Gahtani

Ahmad Abdullah Al-Aloula

topics of presentation
Topics of Presentation





How itworks



what are communication satellites
What are Communication Satellites?
  • A satellite is an object that orbits another large object like planet.
  • A communication satellite is a staion in space that is used for telecommuncation, radio and television signals.
  • The first satellite with radio transmitter was in 1957.
geostationary orbits
Geostationary orbits
  • What are them?Geostationary orbits is fixed position to an earth-based observer.
  • When was the first use?The first truly geostationary sateliite was the SYNCOM3 in 1964.
  • Why they are important in communications?- The antennas in the ground don’t need equipment to track the satellite.- Lower cost & complixity.
  • Disadvantages?- Not always suitable for providing services at high latitudes. - Molniya satellite was introduced as a solution.
lunching satellites
Lunching Satellites
  • How does a satellite stay in it’s orbit?
frequency bands
Frequency Bands
  • Three common bands:
    • C-Band.
    • KU-Band.
    • KA-Band.
  • Most common are C-Band & KU-Band.
  • C-Band occupy 4 to 8 GHz frequency:- Low frequency.- Large antenna (2-3 meters).
  • KU-Band occupy 11 to 17 GHz:- Large frequency.- Small antenna (18-inches!)
how does a satellite work
How Does a Satellite Work?
  • Consider the light bulb example:
  • Telephony- Fixed points< earth station> Satellite> earth station> fixed points.
  • Televesion & Radio- e.g. Direct broadcast satellite (DBS) & Fixed service satellite (FFS).
  • Mobile satellite technology- Special antenna called mobile satellite antenna. - No matter where or how this antenna is mounted on.
  • Amateur radio- Access to OSCAR satellite. - Low earth orbits.
  • Internet- High Speed. - Useful for far away places.
  • Military- Uses geostationary satellites. - Example: The Defense Satellite Communications System (DSCS).
  • The antenna noise due to energy- Unwanted radiation sources (stars – galaxies - …etc). - Worsen S/N ratio.
  • Atmosphere behaves as a resistive medium- Supplies noise power to the antenna.
  • Meteors- Have to be programmed to avoid any rock or any harmful thing. - Rules of orbits.
  • Expensive- only for governments or large organizations.
in conclusion
In Conclusion

Satellites remain the best utilization used for communications due to their speed and other advantages mentioned in this presentation.

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