spanish colonization of the americas n.
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Spanish Colonization of the Americas PowerPoint Presentation
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Spanish Colonization of the Americas

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Spanish Colonization of the Americas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spanish Colonization of the Americas. Gold, Glory & God. Technology. Caravels Lateen Sails Astrolabe improvements Compass. Portuguese. Colonize the east primarily Also the Canaries and Madeiras Sugarcane – plantation economy African Slave Trade Later taken over by the Spanish.

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  • Caravels
  • Lateen Sails
  • Astrolabe improvements
  • Compass
  • Colonize the east primarily
  • Also the Canaries and Madeiras
    • Sugarcane – plantation economy
    • African Slave Trade
    • Later taken over by the Spanish
three commonalities between all nations
Three Commonalities Between All Nations
  • Mercantilism (see map)
    • Intra-colonial trading system
  • The Columbian Exchange
    • Disease killed 90%
  • African Slave Trade (see map)
christopher columbus 1492 1504

Christopher Columbus – (1492 – 1504)

  • Thought world was smaller than most believed – He was wrong
  • Queen Isabella supported him
  • Took four voyages
  • Reason to believe he knew he reached the new world
hernan cortes francisco pizarro
Hernan Cortes & Francisco Pizarro

Conquers Aztecs – 1521

Established estates in New World

Dies a wealthy man

Conquers Incas - 1532

How was Cortes able to conquer so many with so few?

economics of spanish colonies
Economics of Spanish Colonies
  • Established plantations on W. Indian islands
  • Silver & gold mines of Central and South America
  • Both required manual labor
  • Spanish transported lots of wealth
  • Opened the door to privateers and eventually pirates
  • Channel between Florida and the Bahamas was the best place to go after Spanish merchant ships
    • Spanish founded St. Augustine – 1565
    • Oldest city in US
labor system encomienda
Labor System - Encomienda
  • Encomienda - The expedition commander would give trusteeship over parcels of land and that land’s inhabitants to his conquistadores.
    • Encomiendero collected taxes from natives and force them to work
    • Encomiendero would provide protection and Catholicism to the natives.
    • Used on mainland
african slavery
African Slavery
  • Used primarily on the islands of the Caribbean
    • Sugar, coffee, tobacco plantations
    • Native had died from disease
colonial government under crown control
Colonial Government under Crown Control
  • Conquistador autonomy concerned the Spanish crown
    • Created two provinces:
      • In Mexico - New Spain,
      • In Peru - New Castile
    • Each governed by a viceroy. Voice of the king
  • All important decisions on colonial management came from Spain.
caste system
Caste System
  • Peninsulars
  • Creoles
  • Mestizo
  • Mulattoes
bartolome de las casas
Bartolome de las Casas
  • Catholic Priest
  • Came to the Americas shortly after Columbus
  • Critic of the American conquest & encomienda system
  • Fought to preserve rights of Native Americans
desoto coronado
DeSoto & Coronado
  • De Soto – unleashed violence through SE and Florida
  • Coronado – Unleashed violence through the Great Plains
      • The City of Cibola
spanish in north america
Spanish in North America
  • Why did they not conquer periphery Indians (North America)?
new mexico colony
New Mexico Colony
  • Santa Fe (1608) was founded as a religious colony
    • In the sticks
    • Little respect for Natives
  • Pueblo Indians were willing to add Christian beliefs
pope s rebellion 1680
Pope’s Rebellion - 1680
  • Pueblo Indians resent the Spanish
    • infringing on Pueblo culture
    • Disrespectful
    • Making natives second class citizens
  • Pueblos attack New Mexico settlements
    • Kill priests & settlers
    • Burned settlements
  • Set Spanish back in that area
fall of the spanish colonial empire
Fall of the Spanish colonial Empire
  • Defeat of the Armada 1588
  • Centralized Control
  • Increase in wealth caused inflation
  • Exploitation colony
  • Conversion efforts drew focus away from economic gains.