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Novell Solutions for Business Continuity Herndon, VA Ramesh Pattni AVP/Senior Strategist Are You Ready for This? IT Problems Shrinking Budgets Reduced Headcount Greater Demands DOWNTIME According to Gartner…

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Presentation Transcript
Novell solutions for business continuity l.jpg

Novell Solutions for Business Continuity

Herndon, VA

Ramesh Pattni

AVP/Senior Strategist

It problems l.jpg
IT Problems

  • Shrinking Budgets

  • Reduced Headcount

  • Greater Demands


According to gartner l.jpg
According to Gartner…

  • Two out of five enterprises that experience a disaster will go out of business within five years.

  • While 85% of Global 2000 enterprises have a disaster recovery plan covering core technology and infrastructure, only 15% have a full-fledged business continuity plan.

  • Source: “What is Crisis Management?”Gartner Research, September 2001

Cost of downtime l.jpg

Business Operation

Average Cost per Hour

$6.5 million

Brokerage Operations

$2.6 million

Credit Card/Sales Authorization

Pay-per-View Television

$1.1 million

Home Shopping (TV)

$113.0 thousand

Home Catalog Sales

$90.0 thousand

Airline Reservations

$89.5 thousand

Cost of Downtime

The problem l.jpg
The Problem

Level of Executive concern for disaster recovery and business continuity

IT budget allocation

Rapid technology rationalization rtr l.jpg
Rapid Technology Rationalization (RTR)


Higher-risk but strategic investments



Alignment with business objectives

Relatively low-risk investments needed to promote steady growth

ERP applications


Competitive Edge



RTR identified short term savings

RTR Savings

IT infrastructure

“Keep the trains running well”

Novell solutions for business continuity8 l.jpg
Novell Solutions for Business Continuity

Novell offers reliable solutionswith recovery and business continuitycapabilities built right in!



Year 3

Year 2

Year 1

0 25% 50% 75%

After 9 11 it priorities have shifted l.jpg
After 9/11 IT Priorities Have Shifted

CIO's October 2001 survey of 320 IT professionals showed that companies will increase their investment in IT contingency and disaster recovery plans

54% will increase spending on DRP

46% will keep DRP costs the same

34% will increase spending in off-site redundant systems

31% will increase spending in off-site data and application backups

25% will increase spending in backup facility for employees

24% will increase spending in replacement equipment

23% will increase spending in remote access

23% will increase spending on virus detection

Source: CIO November 2001

Business continuity must cover l.jpg
Business Continuity must cover

  • People

  • Process

  • Information technology

  • Connectivity

  • Supply chain

  • Call Centers

  • Facilities

  • It’s not just the data center!

Business continuity life cycle l.jpg
Business Continuity Life Cycle












And yearly


Begin with a business impact assessment l.jpg
Begin with a Business Impact Assessment

  • Objective

    • To clearly and impartially demonstrate the bottom line impact of systems and other disruptions on specific functional areas within your enterprise

  • Goals

    • To quantify the level of Business Continuity Planning needed to ensure rapid restoration of key business processes and resumption of technology based operations in the event of a disruption.

    • To meet the requirements set forth by customers, suppliers and employees

  • Why is the business impact assessment important l.jpg
    Why is the Business Impact Assessment Important

    • Which processes and functions are critical, necessary, or optional for business survival

    • In what order and how fast these functions need to be recovered

    • What the interdependencies of these functions are

    • What the financial exposures are

    • The impact on revenue, investor confidence, customer service, goodwill, competitive edge, market share, etc. if critical functions can’t be performed

    Business continuity physical and technical infrastructure l.jpg
    Business Continuity – physical and technical infrastructure

    Backup facilities for employees

    Follow-the-sun NOC Help desk

    Off-site redundant systems

    Off-Site data & app. backups

    Application Architecture

    Technical Infrastructure

    SAN and NAS storage

    Server Clustering & Blades

    Increasing Costs

    Higher Business Continuity



    Reduced Business Continuity

    Redundant Cooling

    Battery Backup UPS

    Physical l Infrastructure

    Power Generation

    Power from multiple stations

    Preventing a crisis with strong integrated security l.jpg
    Preventing a Crisis infrastructurewith Strong Integrated Security

    • Establish a robust and integrated security infrastructure that is cost-effective tomanage and easy to use

    Key building blocks l.jpg
    Key Building Blocks infrastructure

    • Identity Management

    • Access and Security

    • Portal

    Novell secure access advantages l.jpg
    Novell Secure Access Advantages infrastructure

    • Reduce security risk to a minimum

    • Reduce time and costs

      • Password management

      • Web infrastructure management

      • Web application development

    • Deliver dramatic ROI to day-to-day operations

    • Centrally manage all security points

    • Control application security costs

    • Novell Secure Access Suite

      • Novell eDirectory™

      • Novell Account Management and

      • SecureLogin

      • Novell iChain®

      • Novell BorderManager®

      • Novell Modular Authentication Services™ (NMAS™)

      • Authentication Services

    Restoring communications l.jpg
    Restoring Communications infrastructure

    • Facilitate crisis management and work flow with an automatically-maintained emergency contact list and Web and e-mail access to any location or device

    Groupwise 6 secure dynamic communication l.jpg
    GroupWise infrastructure® 6:Secure, Dynamic Communication

    • Flexible access to e-mail communication

      • Across the network

      • Any Internet-connected device, wired or wireless

    • Workflow capabilities to continue business processes

    • “Chunking” data and clustering capabilities for redundancy

    • Caching mode to work offline

    • ROI and accelerated corporate productivity

      • The only bundled wireless solution in the industry

      • Decrease server requests by up to 90%

      • Decrease server overhead by more than 50%

      • Reduced overall networking costs

    Restoring critical communications l.jpg
    Restoring Critical Communications infrastructure

    • Less than one hour downtime per year when these services are used in conjunction

    • Support for secure protocols (SSL, S/MIME)

    • Clustering promotes redundancy across the server cluster in event of an outage

    Establish a communication command center l.jpg
    Establish a Communication infrastructureCommand Center

    • eGuide

      • Access latest contact and organizational data from backed-up network and HR directories

      • Conduct browser-based searches for employee information across LDAP-enabled directories

      • Improve daily productivity

    • Novell Portal Services

      • Portal capabilities allow a virtual command center that can be accessed from any device

      • Communicate customized updates and instructions via the web

      • Personalize portal content and services to each user

      • Lower cost of ownership for portal infrastructure

    Recovering data and restoring access l.jpg
    Recovering Data infrastructureand Restoring Access

    • Automatically back up or mirror localand network mission-critical dataand user identities with integratedWeb and VPN services

    Levels of data recovery l.jpg
    Levels of Data Recovery infrastructure

    Mirror failover



    Tape backup offsite

    Tape backup

    Cost/data importance

    Recover data and restore access l.jpg
    Recover Data and Restore Access infrastructure

    • Automatically back up or mirror local and network mission-critical data and user identities with integrated services to immediately restore access to that data via VPN or even the web

    • Novell NetWare® 6

      • Supports all leading backup solutions

      • Offers automated and cost-effective options for backing up data locally, remotely, and in real-time

      • Allows instant access to data files, even if network connection becomes unavailable

      • Offers remote management benefits

    Netware 6 data redundancy l.jpg
    NetWare 6 Data Redundancy infrastructure

    • Novell Cluster Services™

      • Free cluster software for up to two systems in NetWare 6

      • Up to 32 NetWare servers in a cluster

      • Mirror data within a geographically distributed cluster for redundancy

      • Eliminate single point of failure

        • Transparent failover—uninterrupted access

        • FAN-OUT FAILOVER™ for load balancing on failover

      • Cluster enable any applications running on NetWare

    Three areas of storage to protect l.jpg
    Three Areas of Storage to Protect infrastructure

    • Data center

    • High availability, reduce management costs and consolidate resources

    • Users

    • Back up valuable local files and enhance productivity

    • Create, share,find, store,organize

    one Net

    • Branch Office

    • Reduce storage, connectivity and management costs

    San architecture for redundancy data center l.jpg
    SAN Architecture for Redundancy infrastructure(Data Center)

    • Disaster recovery

    • High availability

    • 24 X 7 backup

    • Scalability

    • Native access

    • Simplified management

    Mobile access







    • Novell solutions: NetWare, Cluster Services, Native File Access, Novell Storage Services™ (NSS) File System, iFolder™

    • Partner hardware/software

    • Professional services

    Windows, Mac, UNIX, and Novell clients

    How does novell compare l.jpg

    Novell infrastructure



    Application failover/recovery

    Shared storage/data failover

    Cascading failover

    File-level client reconnect

    Grey data preservation

    Automatic failback

    Resource prioritization scheme

    Cluster volume manager

    Manage multiple clusters centrally

    Split brain detection

    Geographically separate servers

    Volume repair and remount time

    Dynamic node addition




    How Does Novell Compare?

    Based on IDC Clustering Report and Novell Research



    Integrated services for recovery and access users l.jpg
    Integrated Services infrastructurefor Recovery and Access (Users)

    • Novell iFolder™

    “We needed a central point of storage for local files, something other than a normal ‘Home Directory’ that would be available should another disaster occur. We needed something that would ‘back up’ the user's local data automatically because they will never do it themselves. iFolder to the rescue! We have our pilot group syncing their files to a server off-site automatically. It takes no time at all seeing that iFolder only writes the delta rather than the whole darn file like some ‘other’ similar products.”

    Steven Beyer, Consultant PC/LAN Support

    Securities Industry Automation Corporation

    Where is your corporate data l.jpg
    Where is your corporate data? infrastructure

    • Gartner Group, IDC, and Meta Group state that up to 80% of a company’s business critical data resides on PCs (Desktops & Laptops)

    • Up to 96% of all business PCs are not being backed up (Strategic Research Corporation )

    • According to IDC, the mobile work force in the U.S., Western Europe and Latin America is expected to grow from 34.7 million in 2001 to 60.8 million in 2004.

    • 35% of PCs sold into business organizations are laptops (IDC)

    What the analysts are saying l.jpg
    What the analysts are saying infrastructure

    • According to John Girard, a vice president and research director at Gartner, "Enterprises can realize substantial support savings and productivity gains by selecting appropriate remote backup and restore tools for their nomadic users. Avoiding just a few disasters may justify the entire value of the investment."

    Problems of data availability l.jpg
    Problems of Data Availability infrastructure

    • Your data is everywhere and yet, frequently not where you need it

    • If your computer experiences a system crash or is stolen, your data is lost – no disaster recovery



    • Your data is difficult to access from the Internet



    • You don’t dare store sensitive data on the network

    • You don’t want to change the way you access your data

    Cyber Cafe



    What the organization needs l.jpg
    What the Organization Needs infrastructure

    • Critical corporate data on laptops and desktops needs to be backed up to the network automatically

    • Local files should be safe when they are sent to the server and should remain secure on the network – encryption should be automatic

    • Anywhere file access that increases the productivity of all users

    • Ability to consolidate the storage and simplify the management associated with network “home directories”

    Novell ifolder product overview l.jpg
    Novell iFolder Product Overview infrastructure

    • Novell iFolder lets your files follow you—everywhere.

    • No matter where you are, your files are always with you

    • Automatically backs up your local data

    • Simplifies the way files are used across the Net

    • Files are always safe, secure, and up-to-date

    • Secures and protects corporate digital assets

    • Accelerates the productivity of today’s mobile professionals

    Novell ifolder benefits l.jpg
    Novell iFolder Benefits infrastructure

    • Automatically SECURES and protects your files

    • Your files are automatically backed up on the network and multiple workstations, protecting your organization’s critical data

    • Files are encrypted during delivery and on the server, so no one but you can access them

    Novell ifolder benefits37 l.jpg
    Novell iFolder Benefits infrastructure

    • It SIMPLIFIES the way you use your files

    • Your files follow you everywhere

      • Your files are automatically updated across the machines your regularly use (Work, Laptop, Home)

      • Your files are in a local directory so you use them the same way you always have

      • If you are on the road you can access your files anywhere using a Web browser

    • No need to remember complex login procedures

      • Lengthy VPN logins are no longer required

    • The view of data is the same on all machines

    Ifolder architecture l.jpg
    iFolder Architecture infrastructure

    Novell eDirectory

    Jeff’s iFolder

    User Authentication

    iFolder Servers



    Matt’s iFolder

    Jeff’s iFolder

    Jeff’s iFolder


    Jeff’s iFolder through a browser

    Jeff’s iFolder




    Data recovery and access l.jpg
    Data Recovery and Access infrastructure

    • Distributes local data to ensure availability in the event of a disaster

    • Configurations can be managed more effectively; also, content can be pushed (e.g. virus updates)

    • Automates and pushes security policies, such as termination results

    Recovering workspace l.jpg
    Recovering Workspace infrastructure

    • Provide automated, identity-based configuration and delivery of applicationsand content across desktops, the Web,and mobile devices

    Challenges of distributed offices l.jpg
    Challenges of Distributed Offices infrastructure

    • Customers want to:

    • Reduce $$ to support branch offices

    • Consolidate servers, storage, and applications

    • Have directory services for central management at an affordable price when spanning the WAN

    • Reduce costs of backups and administration

    • Reduce the need for IT staff in the field

    • Have disaster tolerance for the rural parts of their network without breaking the bank

    • Reduce costs of low bandwidth private WAN links – and leverage the Internet

    • Improve services to users on the outskirts of the network

    Novell nterprise branch office l.jpg

    Enabling server, storage, and application infrastructureconsolidation

    Simplifying directory services for distributed


    Securely leveraging the Internet for WAN

    connectivity between central offices and

    branch offices

    Eliminating the data backupchallenges in

    remote offices

    Accelerating IT service deployment and access in the

    branch office

    Automaticallyprovisioning stationary, mobile, and visiting users in the rural parts of the customer network

    Novell Nterprise Branch Office

    Nterprise Branch Office drives the cost out of branch office infrastructurein a distributed enterprise by

    Nterprise branch office key features l.jpg
    Nterprise Branch Office Key Features infrastructure

    • Soft appliance

    • NAS-style file service

    • Portal Services for web-based user access

    • iPrint

    • Data replication for backup (Rsync)

    • Integrates with ZFS for content distribution

    • Disaster tolerant architecture

    • User Access Provisioner

    Nterprise branch office architecture l.jpg

    Barcelona infrastructure

    Branch Office


    Branch Office


    Branch Office

    Nterprise Branch Office Architecture

    Visiting User


    • Login

    • HTTP

    • CIFS

    • NCP

    • NFS

    • AFP

    • FTP

    iPrint Agent


    iPrint Agent






    iPrint Agent

    • Local Service Cache for File, Print, Directory

    • NAS-Style File Service

    • iPrint Print Service

    • Replication for Backup

    • User Access Provisioner for user caching and provisioning

    • Regional data center acts as master of the services and fail-over site


    iPrint Agent

    Recover productive work space l.jpg
    Recover Productive Work Space infrastructure

    • Quickly provide new, temporary, or alternate work environments

    • Automated, self-service configuration and delivery of applications and content

      • Delivered across desktops, the web, or mobile device

      • Based on each employee’s identity

    Providing a unified work environment l.jpg
    Providing a Unified Work Environment infrastructure

    • Leverage the day-to-day benefits of ZENworks Synergy™—the only solution that can deliver…

      • All three kinds of applications: web, thin-client, and 32-bit

      • Manage across your network operating systems, including Windows NT/2000 and NetWare

    Recovering work space l.jpg
    Recovering Work Space infrastructure

    Appropriate content pushed server to server and then desktops (rapid deployment)

    Mobilizes workforce in the event workspace is destroyed

    In the event of disaster, home computers can receive pushed content

    Recovering it skills and expertise l.jpg
    Recovering IT Skills and Expertise infrastructure

    • Leverage the skills and expertise of the vast Novell community to create a ready workforce should your own IT staff be unavailable in an emergency

    Help when you need it l.jpg
    Help When You Need It infrastructure

    • In the wake of September 11, Novell assisted the following customers…

    • New York Department of Transportation

    • New York Office of Real Properties

    • Port Authority of New York/New Jersey

    • Bank of New York

    • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

    • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

    • And many others

    Recover it expertise and skills l.jpg
    Recover IT Expertise and Skills infrastructure

    • The Novell support community is a ready workforce

    Direct, single point of contact for deployment

    Pooled resource catalog for appropriate skill set

    Global organization with mobile workforce

    Virtual consulting assistance is available

    Technical delivery automation capabilities

    Queensland health l.jpg
    Queensland Health infrastructure

    • “A recent unexpected incident meant wewere off line for 32 minutes. After the initial period of fault diagnosis, it took only two minutes to bring the cluster back online. Previously, this would have taken almost three hours. This single event represents a productivity improvement of $77,000.”

    • —Graham Stocks, ManagerBrisbane City Information Services Unit

    Novell provides the total solution l.jpg
    Novell provides the total solution infrastructure

    • Focus

      • Substantial experience designing and implementing efficient and effective IT strategies, architectures and infrastructures with our Cambridge Technology Partners division and Solution Partners

    • Experience

      • Direct experience (both internal and external) in reducing IT infrastructure complexity and costs and implementing business continuity strategies

      • Experience in developing enterprise technology strategies

      • Integrating and enabling business applications and solutions

      • Designing and installing effective networks

    Key focus areas for novell l.jpg
    Key Focus Areas for Novell infrastructure

    • Novell Nsure - Secure Identity Management

    • Novell exteNd - Web Services Oriented Architecture

    • Novell Nterprise - Cross Platform Network Services

    • Novell Ngage - Consulting

      • Business Strategy

      • IT Strategy and Governance

      • Business Value Justification

      • Enterprise Technology Strategy

      • Directory Strategy

      • Rapid Technology Rationalization

      • Discovery Workshops

    Get ready l.jpg
    Get Ready infrastructure