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BUSINESS CONTINUITY. MISSION STATEMENT. We the ACME team are committed to providing efficient and economical transportation services in a safe, timely, and courteous manner- around the clock!. Service Points. Acme also has offices in Bakersfield, CA and Vernal, UT!. Truck Inventory.

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  2. MISSION STATEMENT We the ACME team are committed to providing efficient and economical transportation services in a safe, timely, and courteous manner- around the clock!

  3. Service Points Acme also has offices in Bakersfield, CA and Vernal, UT!

  4. Truck Inventory LA TX Other TOTAL Pick ups 209 115 9 333 One ton 109 89 14 212 Minifloat 153 177 50 380 Single Axle 47 13 7 67 Tandem Axle 345 369 34 748 Other 9 6 1 16 TOTAL 872 769 115 1,756

  5. Acme started in 1960.We are currently averaging 6,075 shipments per week, with over 70 offices based in 8 states, serving the U. S. & Canada!

  6. Acme Safety Team • 5 driver qualification specialists • 5 driver safety instructors / truck inspectors • 4 DOT compliance specialists • 7 loading supervisors / truck inspectors • 5 safety / risk managers • Plus over 70 terminal managers

  7. Potential risks that impact Business Continuity Fire Theft Vandalism Flooding Hurricane

  8. Pre-Katrina Hurricane Plan • Scope: 6 persons for up to 3 days • “Harden” corporate office with back up generator power and fire suppression system • Daily and weekly back up tapes for computers stored off site • SunGuard policy for last 5 years; response time less than 48 hours • Designated meeting place at Houston office

  9. K A T RI N A

  10. Acme Truck corporate office

  11. Effects of storm surge

  12. What We Did Right • Had a business continuity plan • Closed out the billing and sent payroll by Fedex • Take computer back up tapes with us • SunGuard policy for previous 5 years (tested annually) • Start up servers in Philadelphia on a timely basis (about 40 hours) • Evacuate!!! • Kept invoices (over 6,000 a week) and payroll (1,500 drivers) current during the ongoing weeks.

  13. Unpleasant Surprises • Only half of corporate office people available • People spread out between Lafayette, Houston, Dallas • Shortage of hotels • Lack of cell phone communication • Computer security so tight that it took up to 6 days to open network

  14. Unpleasant Surprises • Displaced for 3 weeks • Postal service problems with brokerage invoices (20% of sales) • Postal service problems with cash collections • Vendors unavailable such as forms/paperwork and drug screening

  15. Solutions • Multiple vendors for critical services • Bank payment processing center for cash receipts • Truck stop scanning for brokerage • New data center

  16. Multiple Vendors • Drug screening – now have 3 vendors that are used continuously on a regional basis • Forms – added a new vendor in Houston who has all critical supplies established and be ordered from on a quarterly basis • Cell phones – Blackberry devices have an Austin area code allowing them to be used as cell phones even if Gulf Coast area codes are jammed

  17. Cash Receipts • Acme’s bank, AmSouth, has a long established payment processing center in Nashville, TN using state of the art equipment • Corporate office has daily access to payment data and images of all mailed materials • The end result is better cash flow than when payment was mailed to Harvey pre-Katrina

  18. Scanning • Individual Acme truckers can use truck stop scanning for a small fee • Brokerage carriers are able to use truck stop scanning • Also, we can send customers invoices by fax or email

  19. New Data Center • This is the solution for many of our unpleasant surprises • Located in Austin, Texas • Holds complete duplicate of all current servers (mirror site)

  20. New Data Center • Will have small permanent IT staff • As an evacuation site, it has 8 large empty offices (room for 10 desks each) for displaced employees

  21. Mirror Site • All services are duplicated: Dispatch, Rating, Billing, Acme Web, email, Blackberry, document imaging • Data is backed up every minute from Harvey to Austin (except imaging which will be done daily) • This huge project was completed in 8 months.

  22. Mirror Site • Estimated downtime for an unexpected emergency is less than 2 hours • When IT functions are rolled over to Austin, the link for terminals automatically follows (minimizing security and network problems)

  23. Initial Costs Computer Hardware $270,000 Computer Software $250,000 Property upgrade $150,000 Phone/Wiring $65,000 Total Initial Investment $735,000 Monthly Cost Property $8,000 Communications $2,800 Taxes $2,000 Utilities $2,000 Total Monthly Cost $14,800 Investment

  24. Evacuation Site • Available for any terminal or office • Can house entire corporate office staff • Large phone system in place • Pre-wired for additional computers and phones • Numerous hotels / restaurants within 5 miles

  25. Distance to Austin • 220 miles from Corpus Christi • 170 miles from Houston • 310 miles from Lake Charles • 380 miles from Lafayette • 515 miles from Harvey

  26. Chapter 4-10  Contingency Plan for Emergency Situations In the event of a hurricane, the following protocol will apply for the corporate or Logistics office: • when a hurricane is 72 hours away and the office has a least 10% threat zone, then the Advance Team will evacuate to the Austin data center, • when category 2 is 48 hours away and the office has a least 25% threat zone, then ALL personnel should evacuate to Austin, • when category 3 or higher is 48 hours away and the office has a least 15% threat zone, then ALL personnel should evacuate to Austin

  27. Other considerations One hotel room will be provided by Acme for each displaced manager and staff coming to Austin to work. The room will be directly billed to Acme. For those that decide not to go to Austin, they must contact their manager by phone or email every 3 days for a status report.

  28. Other considerations Information Technology Manager should have a message posted to intranet and public web site with instructions and updates. Information Technology Manager should post a voice mail message with toll free access providing instructions and updates.

  29. Thank you for this opportunity

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