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Promotional Agency Case Studies: Brand Ambassadors

This Attack! case study displays how our Promotional Agency finds and places the perfect talent to personify the image, lifestyle and ideas of your brand!

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Promotional Agency Case Studies: Brand Ambassadors

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  1. Brand Ambassadors “It’s All About Who We Know” Brand Ambassadors Bi-lingual Staff Presented by Attack! Event Staffing, Field Support & Guerrilla Services www.attackmarketing.net

  2. Who are Brand Ambassadors? It’s All About Who We Know Having the right brand ambassador is integral to the success of every event. Finding and placing the perfect talent to personify the image, lifestyle and ideas of your brand is a painless process with Attack!.  We created the Attack! PeopleTracker® to strategically search applicants by experience, interest, height, language, ethnicity, eye color and everything in between!  Our nationwide database of 50,000+ active brand ambassadors locates the perfect talent to personify your brand message every time.

  3. Arizona Office of Tourism: Pop Up Spas Challenge • The Arizona Office of Tourism wanted a unique way to complement their 2009 marketing and advertising campaign. Winning Strategy In Chicago, Los Angeles and Denver, office spas were set up offering complimentary services to working professionals. Brand ambassadors offered refreshments, scheduled massages and provided info on travel to Arizona. Scenic backdrops of Arizona landscapes were used to create a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere. Highlights • Professional masseuses • Brand ambassadors • Event design • Postcard distribution • Sweepstakes entry collection Results • Three markets targeted • Seven buildings visited • 3,482 massage given • 30,000 postcards distributed

  4. Bacardi: B-Live Tour Challenge • Find staff with significant event and screen printing experience to work at a cutting-edge music and cultural “experience”, the Bacardi B-Live tour. Winning Strategy Attack! conducted a nationwide search for friendly, up-beat and experienced screen printers. Five qualified staff, hired in 14 U.S. markets, managed popular screen printing stations. Concert goers were able to design their own tees and watch them come to life at the printing stations. Highlights • Specialty staff: screen printers • Crowd interaction • Execution in14 U.S. markets Results • Thousands of custom t-shirts printed • Thousands of brand impressions

  5. Blisscotti: Product Launch Challenge • Blisscotti needed an innovative way to create buzz around their brand and launch their newest product, Blisscotti Ice Cream Sandwiches. Winning Strategy Attack! created a sampling program for the West Coast launch of Blisscotti in the San Francisco and Los Angeles. The program included 3 street teams, anchored by 3 branded Blisscotti VW Bugs, and a freezer truck full of product. Staff distributed product samples, coupons, and key messaging to the public, while the Blisscotti Bugs circled the areas in formation. The coordinated, 3-car Blisscotti Bug formation was made possible with extensive training and the use of 2-way walkie-talkies. Highlights • Professional Drivers • Brand Ambassadors • Wrapped Vehicles • Premium Distributions/Sampling • Staff Training

  6. Airborne: Airport Marketing Challenge • Airborne needed to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty, specifically targeting the hard-to-reach frequent flyer demographic. Winning Strategy Attack! obtained security clearance at Chicago O’Hare and Denver International Airports. Brand ambassadors infiltrated the high-traffic security checkpoints and boarding gates to hand out samples, bags and branded t-shirts. Attack! staffers reached thousands of departing and arriving consumers. Highlights • Airport Marketing • Sampling/coupon distribution • Event scheduling/ permitting Results • Over 800,000 samples distributed • Two million indirect brand impressions

  7. Chase & United Airlines: Airport Marketing Challenge • United Airlines and Chase wanted to promote their new Mileage Club Card while rewarding passengers at three of the top airports in the country. Winning Strategy Attack! sent brand ambassadors behind security clearance gates. Teams distributed over 130,000 free travel kits to travelers on behalf of Chase and their new Mileage Plus Club Visa Card. Attack! staff managed branded tables in United terminals at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Denver International Airport and Washington Dulles International Airport Highlights • Three major airports targeted • TSA badge approval • Brand ambassadors • 5,000 travels kits distributed a day at each airport • 130,000 travel kits distributed overall

  8. Coffee-mate: Event Marketing Challenge • To increase awareness of Coffee-mate products through brand education, targeted sampling and coupon distribution. Winning Strategy Brand ambassadors, chefs, emcees, singers and musicians attended African-American focused events in four major US markets. Wearable media devices collected consumer data and distributed samples of Coffee-mate products. Coffee-mate themed cookbooks and giveaways were also distributed as prizes in brand-themed competitions. Highlights “Attack! has an excellent turnkey system that responds quickly to event details and changes. Not only did we collect valuable consumer data for our client but gained media recognition as well. Thanks, Attack!” –Nubia Henderson, Burrell Communications Results • Booth set-up and maintenance • Branded premiums • Wearable media • Singers, dancers and emcees • Consumer data collection

  9. T-Mobile:Premio Lo Nuestro Challenge • Drive traffic to T-mobile in-store events scheduled at various retail locations in the weeks leading up to Premio Lo Nuestro, the “people’s choice” Latin music awards. Winning Strategy In six cities across the state of Florida, bilingual Attack! street teams visited universities, shopping districts, cafes, sporting events and community facilities. The teams engaged with consumers and distributed flyers advertising T-Mobile’s upcoming in-store events. Patrons were encouraged to enter a sweepstakes for ticket packages to Premio Lo Nuestro. Highlights • Brand ambassadors • Bilingual staff • Hand-to-hand flyer distribution • Location scouting • 17,000 flyers distributed

  10. The Face Shop: Walgreen’s Launch Challenge • Increase brand awareness for THE FACE SHOP mask sheets’ U.S. debut at nationwide Walgreens locations. Winning Strategy Brand ambassadors in 20 US markets distributed informative leaflets and samples. Teams targeted local events popular amongst women 18- 45 years, including concerts, shopping events, charity runs and local Walgreens locations. Highlights • Brand ambassadors • Hand-to-hand sample/ informative leaflet distribution • Material shipment and tracking • Location scouting • Schedule creation Results • Events Executed: 196 • Number of mask sheets distributed: 98,500 • Number of leaflets distributed: 83,000 • Trained TFS Brand Ambassadors Nationwide: 40+

  11. Song Airlines: Mobile Media Challenge • Song was looking for an innovative way to raise awareness of route expansion to the West Coast. Winning Strategy Attack! created a plexiglas truck with green shag carpeting, three rows of airline seats, plasma T.V.’s, air-conditioning, surround sound and lead-in steps--- all wrapped with the Song logo. Street teams drove traffic to the truck by hosting contests with giveaway prizes and Song tickets within the vehicle during a two city tour. Highlights • Costumed flight attendants • Street Teams/Tour Managers • Shipping and logistics • Truck Fabrication Results • 1,000 tickets given away in 4 days • Covered in the SF Chronicle, as well as on local TV news • stations

  12. Dark Watch: College Infiltration Challenge • Extend the typical sales cycle for the “Dark Watch” video game to the college aged gamer demographic. Winning Strategy Attack! Brand Ambassadors infiltrated college campuses in the Top 20 DMAs. The street-level program included static stickering, sidewalk stencils, flyer distribution and postering. In additon, Attack! executed a Dark Watch launch party with game console competitions hosted by promotional models and MCs. Highlights • Static Stickers • Postering/Stenciling • Launch Parties • Spokesmodels/Emcees Results • Reached 20 college campuses • 2,000 Dark Watch stencils sprayed • 500,000 brand materials distributed • Project credited for continual increase in game sales

  13. Dockers: Four Wearing Occasions Challenge • Dockers needed a way to draw attention to their newest marketing campaign, “Dockers Four Wearing Occasions.” Winning Strategy Attack! executed a pop up performance in Downtown San Francisco. The famous “Quick-Change” artist sperformed and officiated a Dockers outfit contest. Winners received a free set of Dockers pants. The program was supported by heavy street-team flyering. Highlights • Pop up Performance • Project Management • Flyering • Contest • Street Teams/ Promotional models Results • News media coverage • 5000 flyers distributed • 10,000 brand impressions

  14. Safeway: Eating Right Challenge • Drive awareness of “healthy diet alternatives” and create a positive buzz around Safeway's “Eating Right” line of products. Winning Strategy Attack! promotional models attended the 2008 San Jose Rock ‘n’ Roll Half-Marathon. Brand ambassadors provided personalized photo keepsakes in exchange for email addresses and other consumer data. Costumed characters cheered and educated runners on the benefits of an “Eating Right” diet on race day. Highlights • Costumed characters • Consumer data collection • Photographers/ green screen experts • Brand ambassadors • Sampling/Personalized premiums Results To view a video of the event, please visit: http://www.attackmarketing.net/attack-eatingright.php

  15. Original Penguin: Italian Ice Carts Challenge • Increase excitement and foot traffic surrounding Original Penguin’s SoHo retail location Grand Opening. Winning Strategy Handsome Attack! brand ambassadors spent a long weekend outside of Original Penguin’s new SoHo retail location serving complimentary Italian Ice to passersby. Each treat was given out from an Original Penguin branded push-cart alongside promotional cards, redeemable at the new Original Penguin store. Highlights • Branded Italian Ice carts • Promotional coupon ($10 off) distribution • Brand ambassadors • 2,500 servings given out over four days

  16. MINI Cooper: ZigZag Zug Challenge • Introduce MINI Cooper’s ‘Clubman’ to American consumers with a non-traditional, high impact approach to generate product buzz and excitement. Winning Strategy Professional drivers drove MINI models through high-impact urban locations in five major markets. “ZIG”, “ZAG” and “ZUG” were displayed on brightly colored vehicles. Attack! brand ambassadors showcased the Clubman and distributed the Clubman-focus book, The Book of ZUG. Highlights • Specialized staff training • Brand ambassadors • Program management • Flyer distribution Results • Reached consumers in five major markets • Over 1,000 Zug books distributed • 500 spec sheets distributed • MINI website traffic increased exponentially

  17. Game U Best Buy: Games Gear Gadgets Tour Challenge • Raise brand awareness and drive traffic to the nationwide “Games, Gear and Gadgets” tour, as well as promote the Gears of War game release. Winning Strategy On 16 campuses across the nation brand ambassadors visited dorm buildings, popular on and off-campus locations and nearby high-traffic businesses. Street teams drove traffic to the on-campus events and increased interest in the approaching release of Gears of War. Highlights • Ideal event turnout • Students flocked to the game stations before, during and after class Results • 8,000 flyers distributed • 64 staff members hired • 128 hours worked

  18. Thank You! Contact us for more information on Brand Ambassadors Jeffrey Lee Office: 323-454-4472 ext: 231 Email: jefffrey@attackmarketing.net www.attackmarketing.net

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