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Using Good Mobile Messaging (Ver. 5.0) PowerPoint Presentation
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Using Good Mobile Messaging (Ver. 5.0)

Using Good Mobile Messaging (Ver. 5.0)

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Using Good Mobile Messaging (Ver. 5.0)

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  1. Using Good Mobile Messaging(Ver. 5.0) For Windows Mobile Devices

  2. Topics • Overview • Email • Contacts • Calendar • News (RSS) • Tasks/To Do's • Notes/Journal • Good Preferences

  3. Scroll through your Good™ PIM applications… (MS Outlook/Lotus Notes) View radio coverage and current battery strength…current date and time also display See a count of new messages… (Unread Inbox Items) View upcoming calendar items…(Meetings/Appointments) 2:34 PM 10/29/2007 Overview of Home Screen

  4. Priority Mail/Inbox Icons • Intuitive and familiar icons in Email view make it easy for you to identify the type and status of your Mail/Inbox items

  5. Composing Email View a short demo! Click on the device! • Select Compose from Good Launcher or select Compose when in Email view • Enter the recipient's email address in the To field; typing the first few characters of recipient's name will present a list of Contacts. Scroll and click to select one or use 'Lookup…' to find the name in the company address book • Select Menu and Add Recipient to add additional recipients • Enter a subject for the message in the Subject field, enter a message, select Send • Tips: • To look up by initials, type first initial, space, last initial • Press space twice to get '@' and '.com', '.net', '.gov' or '.org‘

  6. Email Messages • Saving Drafts of Emails: • If you want to save a draft of the message and come back to it later, select Menu and then Save As Draft • Multiple Compose Windows: • If you have more than one compose window open, a number appears at the top of the compose screen. • For example, 1 of 2 appears next to the title of the current message. To switch to another message, select the title of the message from the drop-down list. If you have not given the message a subject, it is named Untitled.

  7. Responding to Messages With the message open… • To Reply to a message, either: • Type 'R‘ or ‘1’ • Select 'Reply' from theRespond menu • To Reply All, either: • Type 'A‘ or ‘2’ • Select 'Reply All' from the Respond menu • To Forward, either: • Type ‘F’ or ‘3’ • Select ‘Forward’ from the Respond menu • To Call the Sender, either: • Type ‘4’ • Select ‘Call Sender’ from the Respond menu

  8. Deleting Messages • To delete a message highlight the message and either: • Type 'D' • Select Menu > Delete • Once it is deleted on the handheld, it will be automatically synchronized with your Outlook/Lotus Notes desktop application

  9. Flag Messages: Follow Up/Complete/Clear With message highlighted in Email… • To Flag for Follow Up, either: • Select Menu > Mark as > ‘Flag for Follow Up’ • Type 'L' • To mark message as Flag Complete, either: • Select Menu > Mark as > ‘Flag Complete’ • Type 'L‘ • To Clear a Flag, either: • Select Menu > Mark as > ‘Flag Complete’ • Type ‘L’

  10. To prevent a message from being aged off the device, you can mark messages as permanent Highlight the message in Email view, then… Select Menu > Mark as > Mark Permanent To remove the Permanent marker, open the email and select Menu > Mark as > Mark Temporary Mark Message as Permanent

  11. Move (File) Messages • Move a message to an Inbox/Mailbox existing subfolder • In Email Inbox view, highlight the message • Type 'M' or select Menu > Move • Highlight the folder where you want to move the message and then choose Select • Tip:Typing the first letter of the folder name will highlight it

  12. Priority View/Priority Mail Options • Priority Mail Options define what messages are marked as Priority Mail and show up in the Priority Mail View • In your Inbox view: • Select Menu > Options > Priority Mail Options Priority Mail Messages Priority Messages are messages that are unread and are: • Sent to you • Sent from priority senders • Sent to certain mailing lists or recipients • Meeting requests, updates, cancellations • Marked as high importance If a message is Read, it loses its priority, however if you mark a message as Unread again, it will regain its priority status

  13. Conversation view sorts messages by subject into conversation groups. To use Conversation view… In Email Inbox view with a specific message highlighted, either: Type ‘C’ Select Menu > Go To > Conversation Email – Conversation View

  14. Senders view allows you to organize your Inbox items by sender. Senders view sorts messages by sender into groups (a count of how many items from each sender appears at the right end of the light blue bar). To use Sender view… In Email Inbox view with a specific message highlighted, either: Type ‘S’ Select Menu > Go To > Sender Email – Senders View

  15. Messages with attachments are marked with a paperclip icon While viewing the message: Tap on the file name or icon, to open or use 5-way navigation and hit center key Select the attachment in a message and then select Menu > ViewMenu > View High Quality…Download The file can be viewed in several formats or stored on the handheld or on an SD card Viewing Attachments

  16. To attach a file to a mail message, the user creates a new message (Compose), then… Menu > Attach > FileMenu > Attach > Picture After selecting File or Picture, finish the process by choosing the file you wish to attach and returning to the Compose screen Note: The maximum number of attachments allowed per email is 16. Sending Attachments

  17. Preview PaneType ‘V’ in Email view to toggle the Preview pane on and off Use Menu > Options > Display Options to select: 1 or 2 line view of emails in Inbox whether or not to display the Status Bar in Good application Display Options

  18. Email Options • Set email options such as: • Append Signature • Customize Signature • Confirmation of keyboard deletions • Out Of Office settings • To access Email Options: • In the Email screen • Menu > Options > Email Options…

  19. In Email, select Menu > Options Work OfflineTurns data off on device Send/Receive NowTriggers a data connection Blocked SendersOpen an email from a sender you’d like to block, then… Menu > Block Sender (you can remove the block from the Options > Blocked Senders > Remove Block) Email Options

  20. Accessing Contacts • From the Home Screen, select the Good Contacts icon or select the Contacts menu item • From the Phone application, just start typing the name or number for the contact and select from the list when it displays

  21. Phone/Contacts See demo below! Dialing by Name: • Press the green phone key and use the keypad to enter the name or number of the person you want to call. As you enter characters, the names are matched against those stored in your contacts. • Select the contact, use the right key to cycle through available phone numbers, and then press the green phone key to make the call. • You can also open Good Messaging Contacts and select the contact you wish to call.

  22. Select the 'Contacts' icon from the applications bar Quick-find a contact by Typing characters of the person's first or last name then select from menu Type first initial, space, last initial then select from menu Searching for Contacts

  23. Automatically dial or Email by clicking on hot-linked phone numbers and an Email address Highlight a contact and click select 'Edit,' 'Delete' or 'View' from the menu Contacts

  24. Contacts Click on the picture to view a short demo! • Creating a New Contact on the device and saving it will automatically synchronize with your email desktop client… • Start by selecting Good Contacts from the Home Screen, then… • Menu > New Contact • Then… Save or Edit if you need to change/add info later

  25. Viewing the Calendar • Click on the 'Calendar' icon on the Home screen • Press the Calendar button on the device • View by Day, Week, Month, or Agenda view • Use the navigation keys to go forward and backward on your calendar • Different colors connote appointments out of the office, confirmed, tentative, etc.

  26. Preview pane for appointment detail Direct access to appointment view by selecting and tapping on particular block Type ‘M’ for Month view Type ‘W’ for Week view Type ‘D’ for Day view Type ‘A’ for Agenda view Calendar Views

  27. Creating a Calendar Entry • Tap on the desired time or date or select 'New Appointment' from the menu • Enter a Subject, Location, and in the Invite field (for meetings) begin typing the name of the person(s) to invite and the Lookup feature will display

  28. Create New Meeting Click on the picture to view a short demo! • Other options for meetings and/or appointments include: • Suggested TimesFor all attendees based on their availability on their calendar • Suggested Time Options can be accessed by the 'Options' button • Recurrence • Edit Recurrence allows you to configure your meetings recurrence • Suggested Rooms • Looks for open conference rooms

  29. Menu > Options > Calendar Options… Allows you to set: Start of day & End of day in your calendar day view Set the default reminder option for all your new appts/mtgs Show a 5 or 7 day week in week view Calendar Options

  30. See a list of current Notes by selecting the icon from the home screen applications bar Add new Notes by selecting 'New' Notes/Journal

  31. See a list of current Tasks by selecting the icon from the home screen applications bar Add new Tasks by selecting 'New' Tasks can be assigned a Due Date, Reminder and Categories, as well as Priority Status Tasks/To Do’s

  32. News (RSS) • News provides news feed capability within the Good Messaging client. • Users can subscribe to feeds, get the latest articles from those feeds and read them on the handheld. • The components to the News feature are: • Notification bar • Article View/Quick Reader(article display window) • Feed List/Article List • Add Feeds/Add a Feed by URL • Edit Feed/Delete Feed

  33. News (RSS) • Adding Feeds • Select News from Good Launcher > Menu > Add Feeds (by URL) • A list of popular feeds displays or you can enter an RSS URL manually • Turn Notifications On/Off • In the News applications, select Menu > Options > News Options • You can automatically receive News feeds or choose to manually synchronize feeds

  34. Good Preferences • Your handheld device includes a set of Good Preferences you can customize for your use. • To view or change these preferences, select Preferences from: • Options menu on the Good Launcher screen • Options menu within any of the Good Messaging applications

  35. Gives list and status of applications enabled by your IT administrator Download and installation of new/updated applications is all done over the air Applications

  36. Gives a full list of all auto-text abbreviations Navigate the list by typing the first letter of the word Autotext entries can be created, edited, or deleted using the menu Create new custom entries to make typing email easier! Here is an example of a new AutoText entry… Autotext

  37. This allows users to back up their Good Mobile Messaging application to their SD card in case is need to be re-installed later. Good Mobile Messaging will backup to memory card. Select Preferences > Backup Enter a Passcode and Confirm Passcode Select Backup Backup

  38. Use Categories to organize your Contacts: Good Messaging includes a set of preset categories to which you can assign your contacts or you can create new categories to suit your needs If you add a new category in Outlook on your desktop, it will be added to the list of categories on your handheld. The reverse is also true. Menu > New – then just name your new category! Categories (Outlook only)

  39. Notifications can be set for a variety of events including: New Message in Inbox and/or Other Folders New High Priority Mail Messages Calendar & Task/To Do Reminders Address look-up received Alerts can be set for on-screen alerts, sounds/tunes or vibrate-mode Notification

  40. Screen • This is where you can adjust the Font size for Good to either Small, Medium, or Large • Changes take affect as soon as you click ‘Done’

  41. All policies are set and enforced by the IT admin, but can be configured on your handheld via one of the 2 Security options: Password Lock Storage Card Protection Security

  42. You will automatically receive a Good Messaging warning on your device when Password policy changes have been set by IT. Selecting ‘OK’ will launch the process and walk you through the steps of setting this up per the new policy. Updating the Security Policy

  43. Status provides a detailed description of handheld status including: Serial # Phone Number Network Address Available Memory Battery Strength Status

  44. Allows user to set the relevant time zone or default to the handheld OS time zone Time Zone

  45. Tips and Shortcuts Email Shortcuts • Replying: Type ‘R’ to reply, ‘A’ to reply all when viewing a message. • Jump to top and bottom: When in a text screen (like an email) press ‘T’ to jump to the top and ‘B’ to go to the bottom of the screen. • Page Down:Press the SPACE key to page down the screen. • Add to Contacts: When reading an email, highlight the sender’s name and click ‘Add to Contacts’ in the menu. • Special Notifications: You can specify that when receiving messages from certain people you’re notified with a special tone via the ‘Edit’ screen for that person’s Contact information.

  46. Tips and Shortcuts Typing Shortcuts • Capitalizing letters: Press and hold down the letter you’re typing to capitalize it. • Ending a sentence: Press the SPACE key twice and a period will be inserted. • Autotext:Good Messaging will auto-complete common conjunctions and abbreviations. theyre  they’re feb  February fri  Friday il  I’ll

  47. User Guides & Quick References • Check out the following on-line resources on setting up GMM and getting really GOOD with Good Mobile Messaging! • •