are you ready to increase the number of replies n.
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My Dating Hacks

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The key to getting the responses on online dating sites – and the most difficult part of online dating – is having an awesome opener. Visit

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My Dating Hacks

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are you ready to increase the number of replies

Are you ready to increase the number of replies you get on online dating

websites by 200%? In this PDF package, we collected 47 unique dating

messages that will help you to get more replies, phone numbers, and

dates. GET more messages at

Below are 47 dating messages that will help you in getting more

phone number and dates!

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1 alright so here s what i m thinking we will

1)Alright, so here's what I'm thinking. We will sneak into the hotel downtown as staff and

steal all of the building keys and gain roof access. Might have to go undercover for a

while. Then we get our hands on some wingsuits and test them out off of the tallest

skyscraper ;) What’s your thoughts?

2)Hey :) I saw your profile and honestly thought you are really attractive, I know it's not a

fancy pick up line, but I'd really like to talk and get to know you :)

3)Your smile is simple but disarming at the same time. What the most exciting thing you

did lately?

4)Hey Kate, I think you're absolutely stunning and you seem like a great person. I would

love to get to know you a little better!

Have you been single long? How's the crazy world of online dating been treating you so

far? Did you go on any crazy dates?

5)Hello Kate! My name's Mike. Do you have a favorite travel destination? Where do you

want to travel to next?

6)Tinder says we can tell our kids we met here sitting in our underwear while locking eyes

across the... cyberspace, but I'm willing to lie to them about that one tiny detail.

7)Hey :) I saw your profile and honestly thought you are really attractive, I know it's not a

fancy pick up line, but I'd really like to talk and get to know you :)

8)The camera really seems to love you! Did you do anything exciting lately?

9)I'm not a photographer but I think me and you will be picture perfect. :). What's your

favourite exotic vacation destination?

10)Hey Kate how are you doing? I have to say you’re really pretty! You look so familiar.

Didn’t we take a class together? I could've sworn we had chemistry.

11)Hey Kate!

I actually just got back from Cancun and really enjoyed it. As lame as it sounds, given

that most people go to Mexico for the heavy drinking, I learnt a bit about the Mayans

which was kind of cool, and got to see one of the new 7 wonders of the world! What

kind of dancing do you like to do?

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12 hey i m sure a lot of guys on here must

12) Hey :) I'm sure a lot of guys on here must say the same thing but I personally had to

tell you that I think you have a wonderful smile and beautiful eyes

13) Hi there, so not to come off as vain on surface level but you're honestly so beautiful

and I'd really like to get to know you a bit better maybe over espresso or something

once we vibe out and become better acquainted haha. How's your weekend going so


14)You're hot, and I'm hot. It's almost as though it's meant to be. We must hang out. I

suggest tea, if you're a good tea partner

15)Well you're kind of cute. I think the next logical step for us would be to get married in

Vegas, honeymoon in Dubai and divorce in Toronto. I get to keep the dog though.

What do you say?

16)You look amazing in all your pics, I can't decide which one you look the most beautiful

in ;)

17)Hey Kate how are you? Coffee? How about dancing under the night sky I'm an amazing

dancer (not really ?)

18)I like your face and smile :). You seem like a nice girl who's down to earth. Tell me...

What's the most exciting thing you did recently?

19)Hey Kate. You are a girl I'd give my all for. You’re beautiful, smart and you look like you

have good cholesterol levels.

20)I'm currently taking applications for the little spoon position. What would you rate your

cuddling skills out of 10?

21)I was going to message you before, but I’m playing hard to get lol Did you do anything

exciting lately?

22)Hello Kate, my name is Mike:) How are you? Are you tired of short lived relationships

and feel like you are meeting the wrong type of guys to have a real also serious

relationship with? I feel this way, so I joined this site hoping to find that one special girl!

23)Wow... How are you doing? Anything exciting planned for this weekend?

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24 if you were the princess in shrek that

24)If you were the princess in Shrek that was being held captive in a castle, and I even

knew you would turn green, I'd save you

25)Hey Kate! Everything about you shines brightly! Except your eyes... They stand out

more ;) Just from reading your profile you truly seem like a very honest, respectful and

genuine woman! With that being said, it would be great to talk and get to know more

about you and your interests. Well, I also enjoy travelling a lot, Costa Rica is definitely

on the list!!! I'll keep it simple and hope to hear from you soon Kate!

26)Hey how you doing beautiful, what kind of adventure you have planned for summer?

27)Geez showing off the abs and booty on purpose aren't you? lol love the pics . You are

adorable J How was your day?


I'm Mike and I'm the 478th message you've received today! :P

Just wondering what kind of guy/relationship you are after... check out my profile and

let me know if we will get along?

29)Hi, on a scale of 1-10 you are like a 9 and I'm the one you need ?. How is your day so


30)Don't know which is more beautiful your eyes or your smile ?

31)You are cuter then a basket full of kittens :) how are you doing Kate?

32)Hey GIRL’S_NAME! How are you? I just had to stop by and drop you a line. You're such

a beautiful girl who sounds to be nothing short of spectacular! Something that seems to

be in low supply of in this town, so why not give it a shot? What do you think?

33)Hey GIRL’S_NAME , I have to be really honest, I know I'd end up just kicking myself

later if I didn't message you right now lol...definitely would like to get to know you ;)

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34 hi how are you today i wanted to say hello

34)Hi, how are you today? I wanted to say hello and pose a question. If you could go

anywhere in the world, where would you go and more importantly why?

35)You may want to stand still, because I'm about to pick you up

36)You look too beautiful to be on POF. How about I be the reason you don't need it


37)Would it be totally out of line if I said I think you're gorgeous and I kind of want to

cuddle the shit out of you?

38)Hey Kate,

You sound like a pretty interesting person, so I thought I would shoot you a message.

What kind of music do you like?

Ps- I keep flicking back to your profile, and trying to think of something witty to say. But

I’m so impressed with your hair waving, cow-eyeball-smiling, pi-remembering self that I

think my brain has partially shut down, and I have become functionally retarded. (I am

also having trouble turning left, but that comes and goes.)

39)Hi Kate how's your weekend going? Your eyes are incredibly blue. Makes it kind of hard

to look away lol

40)Hey GIRL’S_NAME! How sweet are you? On a scale of chocolate dipped strawberries to

a vanilla milkshake?

41)Hey Kate! Suppose you're starving and you could get any food you wanted...what would

be your "go to" food? :)

42)Alright I got a very important question for you! This is like make or break in a

relationship! Socks or no socks when going to bed?

43)Thought I should message you after reading your profile as you sound ridiculously

awesome haha. How has your experience been on this site this time? I'd love to learn

more about you so shoot me a message.

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44 would you consider yourself the type of girl

44)Would you consider yourself the type of girl a guy could eventually introduce to his


45)I may have a small crush on you right now. Only respond if you are ok with receiving

unlimited compliments and engaging contact with the man of your dreams!!!

46)Hey :) you seem fun and easy going, but from your pictures I am guessing you are quite

adventures as well!!! Did you do anything exciting lately?

47)Hey Kate! You seem very genuine and sweet... What are some of your favourite sports?


Here are 7 simple steps to step up your online dating game:

1)Join popular online dating websites such as Read here why you

should join Match if you are looking for a girlfriend. If you tried online dating

before and it didn’t work for you, it means that you probably did something

wrong. Most guys fail in online dating due to poor profiles and boring/lame

messages they send to girls.

2)After joining dating website the next step is creating a sexy dating profile. Main

components that will help you to stand out are great photos, good headline and

awesome “about me” section that will make women want to message you. Read

this article if you don’t know what to write in your “About Me” section.

3)Start messaging girls with messages provided below. Obviously, you will need to

modify them slightly to ensure it fits your personality or otherwise you will come

across as fake. Here is the general guide on how to write your own dating

messages that get replies: Messages that will get you dates phone numbers and


4)After you send a few messages you should start getting some replies. Most guys

see reply rates close to 5%-10% but if you read the recommended articles above

and used the messages we suggested in this package you should be getting

replies to 20%-30% of your messages. It is impossible to get replies for every

message you send so don’t feel bad if you send a message to the girl you liked

but she didn’t get back to you. Remember that online dating is a numbers game.

When you get reply start chatting with a girl and try to show her that you are

funny and easy going guy who doesn’t have problems with women. You should

try at all costs to avoid coming across as desperate or needy. Read this article to

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prepare yourself for chatting with girls

prepare yourself for chatting with girls: How to Respond to Online Dating


5)After you chatted with a girl for a while and you can see that she likes you, it is

time to ask her out. If you wait too long she might meet someone else and she

might start dating him instead of you. As a rule of thumb, you should ask a girl

on a date after chatting with her for 3-5 days. If you ask her too early she might

think that you are desperate but if you wait too long she might think that you are

not interested or have low self-esteem. Not sure how to ask girl for her number?

Read this: How to Ask a Girl for Her Number Online on Facebook, Snapchat or


6)The last step is actually going on a date and getting your first kiss with a girl. In

most cases, you should wait until the second date before kissing a girl unless

there is exceptional chemistry between you two on the first date. Should you

Kiss on the First or Second Date?

7)Act now!

Start using our sample messages today!

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