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Who is the VPA?

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Who is the VPA? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Who is the VPA?. We are five people located in an office in Montpelier. In reality, the VPA is a member-driven organization. So, really, the VPA is you!. What does/can the VPA do for its members?. The VPA is committed to supporting its members by:

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Who is the VPA?

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    1. Who is the VPA? We are five people located in an office in Montpelier. In reality, the VPA is a member-driven organization. So, really, the VPA is you!

    2. What does/can the VPA do for its members? • The VPA is committed to supporting its members by: • Providing advice from an Executive Director with 36 years in education (inc. 21 years in the principalship) • Providing up to $500 in legal advice from a contracted attorney • Providing professional development opportunities for its members • Providing networking opportunities with other educational leaders • Providing and supporting a host of student activities for students • Developing new revenue streams to allow us to expand our offering

    3. What professional development activities do you sponsor? • A high-class summer Leadership academy • 2009 Keynoter Jim Moulton (Digital Technology) • 2009 Keynoter Former Governor/Ambassador to Switzerland Madeline Kunin • Strands: Digital Technology; Women in Leadership; Middle Level Organization; School Leadership; Formative assessment • Reception + Leader recognition dinner • Sponsor reception + sponsor dinner + talk from Commissioner Vilaseca

    4. What else do you sponsor for Professional Development? • Aspiring Principals program • Principal mentoring • Regional Principal Meetings • Green Mountain Principal-Bimonthly publication, a compendium of educational information and opportunities • Current issue workshops-requested by members or deemed necessary by VPA staff

    5. So, why does VPA do this? • Teachers have support through their associations. VPA is THE association for leaders in Vermont. Dues to the VPA can include also a membership to either: • NASSP-National Association of Secondary School principals, grades 7-12 • NESSP-National Association of Elementary School Principals (pre-K to grade 6)

    6. Why does VPA do this? (page 2) Bottom Line: • No one, knows what you do except other leaders. This is a difficult but very rewarding position (really!) • Leadership is learned. Good leaders work at leadership and being collaborative • The buck stops with us. • We are in it for the long haul.

    7. So, does VPA have an overall plan? • Yes… Glad you asked. We really have four parts to our plan. • VISION 1: Deliver Professional Development opportunities by providing professional academic and leadership components for members. Support best practices and models. • VISION 2: Develop a strong networking system for members including: active regional groups, collaboration with other organizations and joint planning and peer associations.

    8. VPA’s Plan, page 2 • VISION 3: Sponsor co-curricular activities that support academics and cultivate the high ideals of good citizenship, leadership and sportsmanship. • VISION 4: Develop a revenue stream that will sustain the current goals of the Association as well as provide an opportunity to expand.

    9. What activities does the VPA sponsor for students? • VPA sponsors all of the high school tournaments in Cross Country Running, Football, Soccer, Field Hockey, Basketball, Gymnastics, Cheerleading Dance, Ice Hockey, Indoor Track, Alpine Skiing, Nordic Skiing, Snowboarding, Wrestling Baseball, Gold, Lacrosse, Golf, Tennis, Softball, Outdoor Track

    10. What about non-sport activities? • Student Council (grades 1-12) • Team Spelling (grades 5-8) • Individual Spelling (Scripps) (grades 5-8) • Science Fair (grades 7-12) • Debate and Public Speaking (high school) • GeoBee (grades 5-8) • Drama (high schools)

    11. What’s for primary schools? • We have offered lots for primary teachers (grades pre-K-4, but, not too many student activities • Is this possible? Sure, as long as it’s developmentally appropriate, supportive of schools and endorsed by the school. • The possibilities of what VPA could do are endless, but, with primary-aged students, we tend to support those who support the children.

    12. So, what’s new this year? • Student Voice Project (year #2 for some schools) • Technology Integration project • Supporting leaders with help about AARA funds • (Extra) Support for those schools on improvement plans • Re-invigoration of committee structure

    13. How Can I Get Involved with VPA? • Be sure to renew your membership! • Ask for help! • Join a committee • Read the Green Mountain Principal and the Legislative Updates • Attend a regional meeting. • Think: VPA is my organization. What is it I need? How can I contribute?

    14. Have a Great School Year! • Call us if you need us! 1-802-229-0547 • Ken Page, Executive Director • Bob Johnson, Activities Director • Ellen Kane, Development Director • Delina Benway, Administrative Assistant • Wendy Scott, VPA Secretary • Dave Cyprian, Legislative Analyst (shared with VSB and VSBA)