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empathy and point of view l.
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Empathy and Point of View PowerPoint Presentation
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Empathy and Point of View

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Empathy and Point of View
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Empathy and Point of View

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  1. Empathy and Point of View Stories from other cultures

  2. This is a passage from the orginal text, it will be adapted for a younger audience. • At once the team were ser to work and Vachagan instructed them. The men’s backs were bent hour after hour over the loom as their shuttles flew back and forth. Their eyes ached from following the fine pattern in the gloom, their skin paled and they grew thin and gaunt. But slowly, under the guidance of Vachagan, the most beautiful carpet began to emerge. Its richly coloured threads were woven into intricate patterns, while gold thread formed sacred symbols and signs of good fortune. And embroidered into the complex tapestry was a message. It told of Vachagan’s imprisonment and his whereabouts, but it was visible only to the most discerning eye.

  3. Here’s the simplified version • Vachagan guided the other prisoners, and slowly a beautiful carpet began to appear. They wove dark threads into patterns, and gold and silver ones into religous symbols and good omens. The difficult tapestry also contained a hidden message.

  4. Now it’s your turn • Read the paragraph that begins: But Queen Anaeet gave the carpet… • Work with your response partner to draft, refine and rewrite this paragraph in a simpler, more straightforward style for younger children. • You can substitute or omit vocabulary and alter the sentence structure as you wish.

  5. Plenary • Listen to and discuss the new versions • Remember use a RESPONSE SANDWICH: one good comment; one are for improvement; another good comment.

  6. To identify cultural references • Custom A teenage girl dancing as the main entertainer at her birthday party. • Text ‘Rani herself would be the star performer’. • Traditional English ‘Alexi would have music, but all the guest would dance.’ or ‘Elisa did this when she was younger’.