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„The International Visitor“ Christiane Gerber Nevada Commission on Tourism c/o AVIAREPS Tourism, Germany PowerPoint Presentation
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„The International Visitor“ Christiane Gerber Nevada Commission on Tourism c/o AVIAREPS Tourism, Germany

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„The International Visitor“ Christiane Gerber Nevada Commission on Tourism c/o AVIAREPS Tourism, Germany - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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„The International Visitor“ Christiane Gerber Nevada Commission on Tourism c/o AVIAREPS Tourism, Germany Market Overview: Who we are, how we travel, facts & figures Strengths and Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats NCOT Marketing Efforts in Europe Intercultural Europe

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„The International Visitor“ Christiane Gerber Nevada Commission on Tourism c/o AVIAREPS Tourism, Germany

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Presentation Transcript

„The International Visitor“

Christiane Gerber

Nevada Commission on Tourism

c/o AVIAREPS Tourism, Germany

Market Overview: Who we are, how we travel, facts & figures

Strengths and Weaknesses

Opportunities and Threats

NCOT Marketing Efforts in Europe


Intercultural Europe

Covering about 10,5 Mio km² (2nd smallest continent)

Population of 728 Mio (3rd most in the world)

46 countries

41 different national/official languages

GDP per capita is US$ 33.900  highest in the world

 Historical, cultural, religious, politicial, economical,

judicial, ideally diversity



Facts & Figures…

  • Population: 82.2 million
  • Holiday trips in 2009: 75.5 million
  • Total No. of travellers in 2009: 58.1 million
  • Money spent for outbound travel: 88.2 billion US$ (USA: 72.2 billion US$)
  • Average vacation days: 35 per year

„the world champion of travel“

  • German visitors to U.S.: 1.560.000


Travel Trade

  • German travel trade is spread out all over Germany, centres are Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg/Hanover, Cologne/Bonn/Dusseldorf
  • Majority of market share still held by mainstream tour operators:
    • TUI: 20,4%
    • Thomas Cook: 13,8%
    • REWE Group (Dertour, Meiers Weltreisen, ADAC Reisen): 12,5%
    • Alltours: 5,9%
    • FTI: 4,1%

but direct sellers gain importance

  • Trend towards alternative distribution channels (supermarkets)
  • Travel agencies: 11.000


  • are emotionally touched by factual information and have nearly no sense of humor
  • are well structured and organized
  • are very direct in their communication
  • want to have new adventures, experiences and learn new things in their holidays
  • want to see new regions, nature and animals which are unknown in Germany
  • are fine with travelling hundreds of miles per day to see new things, sometimes pack too many things in one day
  • prefer loneliness instead of big groups and being with other Germans whilst on holidays
  • plan most of their holidays already at home in detail

German travellers are…

  • self drive and/or camper lovers
  • very knowledgeable & information hungry
  • very independent
  • very authentic, want to discover the “real America”

– off the beaten track

  • interested in culture/learning about themselves and others

Findings during our recent fam trip…

  • we hate aircondition
  • we are not used to ice cubes in our drinks
  • we don‘t need a shuttle for a 500 meters walk
  • we like to explore your national products
  • please talk clearly and slowly. Remember that English is a foreign language for us
  • Imagine that Europe has a lot of history, too
  • we have a „breakfast culture“, i.e. we appreciate breakfast included in the accommodation rate
  • we are not that much interested in gambling


Facts & Figures…

  • Population: 63 million
  • Annual leave entitlement: 6 weeks
  • Visitors to U.S. in 2009: 1.112.000
  • The French travel trade concentrates geographically on Paris and Lyon
  • Main trade keyplayers: Go Voyage, Expedia, Thomas Cook, TUI, Kuoni


  • have red wine and baguette as breakfast
  • love to eat and talk  a dinner may take up to 5 hours
  • love extreme sports (esp. the younger ones)
  • need some time to open up but then they are very friendly
  • never call you back
  • rely on their good networks and relationships for doing business
  • expect only to communicate in French
  • love holidays in beautiful nature and with their family/friends in smaller resorts, guest houses
  • don‘t like loneliness but activities with others - are intererested in culture, festivals, events
  • want to avoid stress/big plans when on holidays  no detailed plans in advance
  • completely focus on Paris; other regions are much less important

French travellers…

  • are traditionally last minute planners with a short lead time between booking and travel
  • still prefer to use a retail agent to make holiday arrangements, but internet usage in researching a potential holiday destination is increasing
  • are driven by airline deals and growing numbers book airfares directly through airlines or internet. However, online purchase of land content remains marginal


Facts & Figures…

  • Population: 58.2 million
  • Annual leave entitlement: 5 weeks
  • Visitors to U.S. in 2009: 670.000
  • The Italian travel trade concentrates geographically on Milan and airlines mainly concentrate in Rome
  • 5 Tour Operator groups hold 55% of the Italian market: Alpitour Group, Costa Crociere, Kuoni, Ventaglio Group, Hotelplan Italia


  • love their three hours long lunchbreak to hang around the piazza and practise their "dolce fare niente" - sweet doing nothing
  • are never on time
  • take their time for answering Emails and phone calls
  • are very open-minded, friendly and helpful
  • although not being fluent in English they try their best to be understood
  • love adventures
  • differentiate between northern Italy (richer region) and southern Italy (poorer region)
  • love to be in groups (like the Japanese )
  • prefer to plan flexible whilst on holidays

Italian travellers…

  • take their vacation as a must and as national tradition
  • enjoy 4-5 weeks of paid vacation every year (mostly during the summer months July and September)
  • prefer luxurious resorts and restaurants (upscale packages are very popular)
  • are traditionally last-minute bookers
  • are highly influenced by friends & relatives and “trends”

Your strengths

  • Outdoor activities all year round
  • Natural diversity: beautiful canyons, deserts, lakes, mountains and spectacular wide-open spaces, nature reserves
  • More than 80 parks & recreation areas with great wildlife
  • World-famous icons in the immediate vicinity
  • Rich diversity of historical and cultural sites (Pony Express, well-preserved mining towns, ghost towns and Native American dwellings)
  • Characteristic for authentic wild-west spirit
  • Excellent self-drive routes within Nevada (official scenic byways)
  • Excellent and sophisticated shopping, dining and entertainment / nightlife – especially in Las Vegas and Reno
  • No vaccinations required
  • Major credit cards accepted

Your weaknesses

  • Las Vegas and Reno are the only well known cities of the State of Nevada in Europe
  • Perception of a desert state
  • All categories of accommodation offered, however availability strongly depends on the region (premium hardly found in rural areas, budget hardly found in Las Vegas)
  • Time difference (+9 hours)
  • Long distance destination

Your opportunities and potential growth areas

  • German trend to combine a holiday of cultural highlights with soft adventure
  • Weak USD exchange rate makes travel more affordable
  • Large interest in aboriginal products
  • Excellent synergy opportunities through joint campaigns with Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority represented by the same agency in Europe
  • Vineyards
  • Convert Nevada to a year-round destination

 Promote winter product that is considered unique (dog-sledding, snowmobiling), that can be combined with a city break visit and/or christmas shopping

  • Increase availability of Northern Nevada tourism product in Europe

Promote Bed & Breakfasts and Guest Ranches, let them experience the

real “American way of life”


Your threats

  • We have to cope with the following barriers:
  • US entrance security
  • “entrance fee”  travel promotion act
  • Strong competition from destinations with similar product appeal and possibly non-stop flights, coupled with aggressive marketing
  • Fuel prices and “How green is air travel” discussion
  • Worldwide economic crisis

NCOT marketing efforts in Europe

German Nevada brochure

  • 16 pages brochure
  • Supplement in German travel trade magazin Travel One (Circ. 20.000)
  • 30.000 brochures printed for our stocks

NCOT marketing efforts in Europe

Trade & consumer shows

ITB, Berlin (179,351 visitors)

TUR, Gothenburg, Sweden

(53,000 visitors)


NCOT marketing efforts in Europe

Trade & Consumer shows (cont.)

Touristik & Caravaning, Leipzig

(120.000 visitors), Munich

(105.000 visitors)


NCOT marketing efforts in Europe

Fam trips

German Mediagroup Fam, June 2009

German Ski Group Fam, March 2010


NCOT marketing efforts in Europe

LVCVA Sales Mission

Paris, Munich, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Antwerp

NCOT was one of 13 partners from the Las Vegas tourism industry


220 travel agents and 77 reservation staff agents trained

54 tour operators and 36 MICE agencies met


NCOT marketing efforts in Europe

Tour Operator Cooperations

Meiers Weltreisen

Go West Seminar

  • Product inclusion in summer brochure 2010
  • La Quinta Inn, Ely
  • Saddle West Hotel, Pahrump

NCOT marketing efforts in Europe

Tour Operator Cooperations

America Unlimited

„Best of Nevada“ Tour

Google Adwords Campaign, E-Newsletter, Travelzoo Campaign


NCOT marketing efforts in Europe

Travel agent seminar

Visit USA, Switzerland

400 travel agents trained

Camper Event (Dertour, Meiers Weltreisen, ADAC)

150 travel agents trained


Thank you for your attention!

Nevada Commission on Tourism

c/o AVIAREPS Tourism GmbH

Sonnenstr. 9, 80331 Munich


Christiane Gerber, Marketing Manager Europe

Ph.: +49 (89) 23 66 21 36