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Microcontroller by Anax Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Microcontroller by Anax Project

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Microcontroller by Anax Project
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Microcontroller by Anax Project

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  1. Anax Projects & Development Pvt. Ltd. MICROCONTROLLER (8051)

  2. WHAT IS MICROCONTROLLER • A microcontrolleris a small computer on a single integrated circuit • It contains • 1. Processor core • 2. Memory • 3. Programmable input/output peripherals. • Microcontrollers are designed for embedded applications, in contrast to the microprocessors used in personal computers.

  3. ARCHITECTURE OF 8051 • It has 4Kb ROM. • 128b of RAM. • 4 ports • 32 input and output pins. • Timer • Oscillator • Power Supply Circuit. • Watchdog Timer


  5. READ ONLY MEMORY • Read Only Memory (ROM) is a type of memory used to permanently save the program being executed. •  ROM can be built in the microcontroller or added as an external chip. • If ROM is added as an external chip, the microcontroller is cheaper. • The internal ROM is usually smaller and more expensive • Leaves more pins available for connecting to • peripheral environment. • The size of ROM ranges from 512B to 64KB.

  6. RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY • Random Access Memory (RAM) is a type of memory used for temporary storing data . • Intermediate results created and used during the operation of the microcontrollers. • The content of this memory is cleared once the power supply is off.  • If the program performes an addition, it is necessary to have a register standing for what in everyday life is called the “sum” . • The size of RAM goes up to a few KBs.

  7. ELECTRICALLY ERASABLE PROGRAMMABLE MEMORY • The EEPROM is a special type of memory not contained in all microcontrollers. • Its contents may be changed during program execution (similar to RAM ) •  Remains permanently saved even after the loss of power (similar to ROM). • It is often used to store values, created and used during operation. • It is measured in miliseconds. • A disadvantage of this memory is that the process of programming is relatively slow. 

  8. SPECIAL FUNCTION REGISTER • Special function registers are part of RAM memory. • Their purpose is predefined by the manufacturer and cannot be changed therefore.  •  Their bits are physically connected to particular circuits within the microcontroller. •  any change of their state directly affects the operation of the microcontroller or some of the circuits. • Each bit of this register controls the function of one single pin.

  9. PROGRAM COUNTER • Program Counter is an engine running the program . • It points to the memory address containing the next instruction to execute.  • After each instruction execution, the value of the counter is incremented by 1.  •  The program executes only one instruction at a time just as it is written. • the value of the program counter can be changed at any moment, which causes a “jump” to a new memory location. 

  10. CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT •  This is a unit which monitors and controls all processes within the microcontroller. •  The user cannot affect its work. • It consists of several smaller subunits, of which the most important are: • 1. Instruction Decoder • 2. Arithmetic Logic Unit • 3.Accumulator

  11. ABOUT US ANAX Projects & Devlopment. Pvt Ltd ANAX Projects & Devlopment. Pvt Ltd is leading Industrail automation training from last seven years and has put values to train and develop automation engineers in the hard core industries. We are basically a bridge of Academica - Industries linkage.ANAX has fully equipped labs and well trained faculties in order to cater automation industry demand's for skilled engineers in high-end technologies.  

  12. Corporate Office Anax Projects and Development PVT. LTD.E-29, Sector - 3,Near Sec-16 metro station,Noida, 201301 (U.P)Call Us :   +918373913691Mail Us :  info@anaxprojects.comBranch Office Anax Projects and Development PVT. LTD.SCO 83-84,3rd Floor,Sector-34A,Chandigarh, PunjabMobile: 91-9872386826Email: admission@anaxprojects.com