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Inexpensive Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Turn any Evening into PowerPoint Presentation
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Inexpensive Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Turn any Evening into

Inexpensive Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Turn any Evening into

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Inexpensive Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Turn any Evening into

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  1. Inexpensive Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Turn any Evening into an Event Outdoor lighting is a small effort with a huge return. We’re all so wired that putting up legs and relaxing in the open air even for an hour in the evening does wonders and adds a relaxing vibe for the entire family to enjoy. Outdoor lighting is really great for the kids. Spending time outdoors is great for their well being, (and your peace of mind!). You don’t need even need a large wooded backyard. A compact 9x 15 deck, patio or the petite balcony space, if you’re living in an apartment, can be made a special spot with the right lighting. Just take a look at your outdoor space and imagine the difference in appeal with some soft lighting. The number of creative possibilities, from an simple rooftop garden, just mood lighting or a heritage patio look can create a space that can bring many hours of entertaining or just relaxation and it doesn’t cost much at all. Even just an oversized floor lamp suitable for outdoor use in the corner of the

  2. patio can make a huge difference in the look and feel of the space. Here are some ideas to trigger your creativity. Vibes for patio parties: When you host a party, open air barbecue or just a get together next time, place metal, plastic or wooden posts around the patio exterior and string bistro lights, (or any low wattage LED lights), from the posts. Place a updated take on Tiki torches, (brings a bit of Polynesia), next to the barbecue. Guests are sure to love the ambience while enjoying the food and fresh air. Wooded backyard parties Again use a string of bistro lights or decorative lamps but hang them from the tree branches. The overhead illumination, (looks like twinkling stars), makes the party seem personal and romantic.

  3. Faux lighting Want to create a romantic scene on the deck? You can borrow this idea from a friend who fixed faux candle bulbs inside an old chandelier and hung it from an overhead beam. You can but these kinds of lights that even appear to flicker like a real candle. And they are very inexpensive! Drama from the roof Suppose you have enough lighting, say from backyard floodlights, and you don’t really need extra light you can still enhance the atmosphere by simply hang a tole chandelier or an antique-style chandelier over the dining area and make dramatic style statement. I’ve seen people use old wagon wheels for this and it gave the dinner a “old west” look. She got as many comments on her wagon wheel lights as got on the food. Let Out the Designer in you Once you give the designer in you a free rein, you’ll see art in that used pot rack, old hula hoops, textured plastic tubes and dozens of other common items that can compliment almost any themes. A Simple bulb holder, a length of chord and plugs, or a selection of candles and/or votives are all you need to light up an entirely new “feelgood” setting. If you don’t want to face the chore of DYI, ask your professional electrical repair company to step in with some professional assistance. Contact Caddell Electric Today for All of your Electrician Needs – 214- 329-4567

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