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Can I Connect My Acer Monitor to My Macbook?

If you want to connect your Acer Monitor to Macbook, Follow the steps given in this PPT. In this PPT We taught How to connect Acer laptop to Macbook. If you are still Unable to Connect Call us on Acer Repair Centre Perth or visit us https://acer.repairscentre.com.au/perth.html<br>

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Can I Connect My Acer Monitor to My Macbook?

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  1. Can I Connect My Acer Monitor to My MacBook? Acer Repair Perth

  2. Steps to connect the MacBookwith the Acer Monitor To answer the titular question, yes! Yes you can indeed connect these two hardware components of distinct origins. As much as Apple’s flagship computer loves exclusivity, when time comes, it needs to humble as well. Acer Repair Centre presents to you the steps for connect thee two devices to create a batter display. Before we delve a bit deeper into this scenario, we need some pre requisite such as: • An adequate cable  • Good ports

  3. Once you have these items, you may follow the following steps to make the connection possible: • Ports examination:  Examine the ports of both the MacBook and the Acer monitor.  Ideally, they would need a VGA or an HDMI connector to be well…connected. If you do not know what there are, concur to the features section of your MacBookmanual.  And while you are at it, examine the   as well.  • Establish a physical connection between the two machines:  Once you have examined the ports, use the cable to connect the two systems. If you are using an HDMI cable, you could directly establish the connection between the two devices. Otherwise, if you are using a VGA port, you would have to use the mini VGA to HDMI adapter. This adapter comes packaged in with the MacBook. Once you have figured it out, connect the devices via the VGA adapter. 

  4. Acer Repair Perth • Power up:  Turn on the power to both the devices. If you have followed the guidelines to the tee up until this point, there should be no problems with Acer monitor detection. If not, you would have to go back to step one and re examine and re connect the systems. Additionally, if you indeed are successful, you would see both the screens powering up as the MaCbook automatically detects the foreign hardware. Once it is done, we can move on to configuration.  • Time to configure:  One the top left of the screen; you would see an Apple icon, click upon this icon. You would now see a drop-down list. Select the “System preferences” option from this list. Once you have selected the option, click on “display”. Further customizable options would be available in the latter. Here, you would a multitude of display options to choose from: 1) Screen resolution: You can change the screen resolution of your system depending upon the screen size. 2) Display arrangement: This option would enable you to change the display arrangement i.e. icons positioning desktop style etc. 3) Clipping or mirror: If you choose display clipping, you can choose to extend the MacBookto extend into the Acer monitor; else you might choose mirror, which would mirror which basically means copy the MacBookdisplay into the Acer monitor.

  5. Acer Service Perth So here you go people, follow these steps in order to get a better screen or to get a better display. If you have any further queries, you might contact Acer Repair Centre Perth at our toll-free number 1800-431-355.

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