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Please friend me on FB: Tom Welch (connect through Dawn) PowerPoint Presentation
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Please friend me on FB: Tom Welch (connect through Dawn)

Please friend me on FB: Tom Welch (connect through Dawn)

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Please friend me on FB: Tom Welch (connect through Dawn)

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  1. Please friend me on FB: • Tom Welch • (connect through Dawn)

  2. Prelude to our work:The Dreams

  3. Indian Dream Circle

  4. Taking on Goliath

  5. Why take on a giant? 2 conversations about trust

  6. I have been busy on FaceBook today, and one of the things that I was prompted to write as I thought about kids and teachers going back tomorrow was this: “Wouldn't it be great if the main task facing students and teachers tomorrow was to document the learning against standards that had been accomplished by each student during these two weeks they weren't in school? Heavens, why on earth should no school be the same in everyone's eyes as no learning??”

  7. A former student of mine  wrote the following (and gave me permission to share):

  8. “Heck how about getting a teacher to understand as a parent you work hard with them? My oldest son tonight read the Rockefeller creed and when he returns to his first grade room tmrw I know I will have a note from the teacher about his behavior. Poor thing is so bored! How do I get around the pushy parent approach and get him something that is a challenge?? “

  9. The importance of being able to look at things differently . . .

  10. The necessity of trust for this work

  11. Goals for the day: • Lex 1 Leadership will be increasingly comfortable looking at the world differently. • Lex 1 Leadership will trust each other as they move forward

  12. What are you doing in Lex1? 3 ideas of what your priorities are as of January 21, 2010

  13. What does Goliath look like today?

  14. Traditional School Day 12 years 6 hours/day

  15. Traditional School Day 12 years 6 hours/day

  16. 12 years Block Scheduling 6 hours/day

  17. You Name It: RTI NCLB EOCAs 21st C Skills KITELL PBL HS Exit Exams RTTP 12 years 6 hours/day

  18. You Name It: NCLB RTI KITELL EOCAs 21st C Skills PBL HS Exit Exams RTTP . . . 12 years 6 hours/day

  19. Is it possible to take another view?Can you see a different world for students in Lexington?

  20. What would you tell an “outsider” that Lexington 1 has set as its goals for its students? 3 from each table

  21. Description of the 21st Century Graduate Self-directed and reflective Pragmatic and creative problem solver Caring Collaborative Effective communicator Global citizen Multilingual – Goal for 75% to be proficient/conversant in two or more languages by 2020

  22. What would those characteristics look like in a Lexington student? Really! What would they look like?

  23. Could you produce students with those characteristics now? If yes . . . Why aren’t you? If no . . . Why not?

  24. If the answer is “I guess we just aren’t/haven’t . . .”

  25. Then it’s time to get out the hacksaw!

  26. With regard to technologies and possibilities . . .What would you say are the three biggest ways the world has changed in the last few thousand days?

  27. Tom’s litmus test . . . • Could your initiatives or efforts have been tried 10 years ago? • Think of RTTP for instance

  28. Keep in mind . . . You can only improve upon the past so much . . .

  29. Product Platform

  30. How has the need for “school” changed in the last ten years? Ten years from now will people think of schools for their learning needs?

  31. What business are you in? • Are you in the Learning business? • or • Are you in the Schooling business ? • What evidence would you offer? • Which would better serve your kids?

  32. What are the top 3 changes you would imagine for the learning business not the schooling business?

  33. How do you see the next 10 years?

  34. Two Magazines look at the future

  35. Milo

  36. We are heading for a showdown In this corner . . . The Age of Schooling! In this corner . . . The Age of Learning! Place your bets!

  37. NB: Protection is not a strategy for the future.

  38. 4 characteristics of each

  39. 4 characteristics of each

  40. What are the strengths of each?

  41. What are the strengths of each?

  42. How does each use the staff?

  43. Would one or the other have an advantage when in comes to producing the learners you say you want?

  44. Do you agree or disagree: “There is an inverse relationship between control and trust.” -- Jeff Jarvis WWGD

  45. Which is school about?