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Steps To Distinguish Between Diamond And Zircon

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Steps To Distinguish Between Diamond And Zircon - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Zircon is revered being the perfect substitute of the diamond stone yet, there exists some differences between diamond and zircon stone. Get more information through this ppt

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Zircon offers double reflection, whereas, diamond displays only one reflection from all angles. But in case of zircon, it displays different reflection when you see it from different angles.
Zircon stone has lower refractive index compared to diamond stone. Its refractive index lies between 1.78-199 which is reasonably low as compared to diamond stone refractive index.
The durability or hardness of zircon stone is 7 on the Mohs scale which is comparative quite low from a diamond that has a durability of 10 on Mohs scale.
With the presence of traces of radioactive material, zircon stone offers a wide range of colors ranging from white, blue, green, black, etc. On the other hand, diamond offers only a single color.
Observing Zircon stone under the magnifier shows some abrasions and inclusions on its facets. On the other hand, diamond is crystal clean on the surface when it is seen under the magnifier.
The luster or shine of Zircon stone fades in front of the diamond stone. Comparing the shine of two stones, it is quite evident that diamond easily overpowers Zircon stone.
So, these are difference which helps one to distinguish between the diamond and Zircon Stone. Diamond is an expensive stone, hence, those who are looking for cheaper option can opt for zircon stone.




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