status of bepcii timing system
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Status of BEPCII Timing System

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Status of BEPCII Timing System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Status of BEPCII Timing System. Presented by Ge Lei IMAC 2006. Progress. Ordered hardware have all arrived and been tested. Besides, we have developed some hardware to fit our special requirements.

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status of bepcii timing system

Status of BEPCII Timing System

Presented by Ge Lei

IMAC 2006

  • Ordered hardware have all arrived and been tested. Besides, we have developed some hardware to fit our special requirements.
  • Prototype of trigging E-Gun, linac modulators, injecting kickers have been set up based on EVG/EVR series 200 modules and TD4V. Software has been developed.
  • Timing system has been installed in BEPCII Linac accelerator, in real operation, working well.
  • Jitters have been measured, in both office and Linac control site.
  • Challenges faced and solved: mis-trigs, missed trigs
  • Challenges facing: bucket selection, work with BCM, etc.
layout of bepcii timing system



e+ RF station

e+ kicker

To beam instrumentation station

EVRs to trig modulators

EVRs to trig modulators

OM3 optic fiber

OM3 optic fiber

e gun

transmission line

250m PLL transmission line

E4434B, 499.8MHz


Timing station

Ring control room




In linac

control room

OM3 multimode optic fiber

EVR-200, Gun-TX

in room 102

e- kicker

e- RF station



Layout of BEPCII Timing System
Timing prototype based on E4434B,MVME5100,EVG-200, EVR-RF-200, EVR-200, TTB, FOUT7, GUNTX, GUNRX, TTL-NIM transition board, TD4V
linac timing works
Linac timing works
  • Hardware developed
    • 220volts to 3.8volts transmitter for EVG,
    • 12v output transition board for SolidAmplifier,
    • 18 sets of optical transimitting/receiving boards, for gun power supply, positron source, and 16 modulators
    • Gun-Rx module changed to generate NIM outputs directly,
  • Software developed,
    • Debug register settings for EVG-, EVR-200, TD4v, Gun-Tx
    • IOC database and OPI to test EVG-200,EVR-200,TD4v,Gun-Tx
    • EVG/EVR FPGA upgraded, tune EVRs
    • IOC database and OPI for linac timing operating, including BI
    • Applications to record arriving time of trigs in order to analyze the missed trigs
    • Functions added to drivers to set EVG/EVR registers to work at 499.8MHz/4, /5, /10
linac timing works1
Linac timing works
  • The fibre optical cables were installed in linac acce. site in Jan.
  • On Feb.15,2006, we began moving our timing devices from office to linac control site,
    • install modules, connect cables, settle network, test applications, measure jitter
    • on Mar.1, we went to tunnel and installed GUN-RX in the high voltage deck, successfully set the trigs to e-gun.
  • Work whenever linac people need us for the linac commissioning, to adjust timing delay settings of trigs to e-gun, solid amplifier, PSK, gun power supply, positron source, 16 modulators.
linac timing works2
Linac timing works
  • Problem suffered: (hope our experience in linac can do some helps to storage ring)
    • Unexpected power down,
    • Unexpected network down
    • EMI
  • Challenge faced (solutions found)
    • Mis-trigs
    • Missed trigs
  • Improving graphical user interface
  • Phase shift due to temperature changing has been measured in March
linac timing control for positron source e gun power supply psk solid amplifier and 16 modulators
Linac timing control for positron source, e-gun power supply, PSK, solid amplifier, and 16 modulators.
jitter measurement
Jitter Measurement

Use histogram and Jitter3AnalyserEssential seperately, to measure

  • Pk-Pk
  • StdDev: Standard Deviation:
jitter measurement results
Jitter Measurement results

Signal source: Agilent E4434B

Measure Equipment: Tektronics TDS7254B oscillator

Result: E-Gun trig to 499.8MHz signal source, standard deviation of jitter

  • at office: 36ps
  • at linac control site: 47ps

The above data include the jitter of power divider, event generator, fanout module, event receiver, gun trig transmitter, gun trig receiver, TTL-NIM transition board and all cables.

Jitter measured using Jitter3AnalyserEssential , output of TTL-NIM transition board to 499.8MHz from signal source, at office

Phase detector designed by Zhenhan Ma, almost done. Resolution is less than 1 degree in scope from -180 degrees to 180 degrees of 1MHz signals


Many thanks to colleagues and leaders in Acce.Center, especially in Linac system and Beam Instrumentation group.

Many thanks to timing people in SLS, Diamond Light Source, SSRF and MRF.

Many thanks to the collaboration in timing task of BEPCII:

  • Preliminary design: W.Gao
  • Interface discussing and Hardware ordering: W.Gao, G.Xu, G.Lei
  • Prototype development, jitter measurement and analysis: G.Lei, G.Xu
  • Hardware development: L.Wang, G.Li, Q.Le, W.Gao, G.Xu
  • Software development: G.Lei, G.Xu
  • Linac timing installation, debugging: G.Lei, G.Xu, W.Gao, Q.Le, Q.Ye, L.Wang
  • Solaris, EPICS and vxWorks system support: Z.Zhao, C.Wang
  • Phase detector: Z.Ma