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simile. stanza. Poetry Terms. personification. imagery. hyperbole. metaphor. alliteration. form. onomatopoeia. Figurative Language:. any language that goes beyond the literal meaning of words in order to furnish new effects or fresh insights into an idea or a subject. Imagery.

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Poetry Terms

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Poetry terms



Poetry Terms








Poetry terms

Figurative Language:

any language that goes beyond the literal meaning of words in order to furnish new effects or fresh insights into an idea or a subject

Poetry terms


language that appeals to the senses;

descriptions of people or objects stated in terms of our senses

Poetry terms


a comparison between

two unlike things

using the words

"like" or "as"

Poetry terms

I am hungry as a horse.

You run like a rabbit.

She is happy as a clam.

He is sneaky as a snake.

Poetry terms


an implied comparison between two

relatively unlike things using a form of

the verb “to be” (not using “like” or “as”)

Poetry terms

The girl was a fish in the water.

The clown was a feather floating away.

Poetry terms


giving the qualities of a person

to an animal,

an object, or an idea

Poetry terms

The flowers danced in the wind.

The friendly gates welcomed us.

The Earth coughed and choked in all of the pollution.

Poetry terms


repeated consonant sounds

occurring at the beginning

of words or within words

Poetry terms

Stan the strong surfer saved several swimmers on Saturday.

Tiny Tommy Thomson takes toy trucks to Timmy’s on Tuesday.

Poetry terms


the use of words that

mimic sounds

Poetry terms

Yeeeeee Ahhhhhhhh

Swish swish swish

Chug chug chug!!

Glippp Gluppp Gluppp

Poetry terms


an exaggerated

statement used to

heighten effect

Poetry terms

She soared through the sky a million or more miles.

It rained cats and dogs!

Poetry terms


the organization of words in a poem; the way the poem and its words look on a page

Poetry terms


group of words in a poem

(kind of like a poem paragraph)

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