Unit one
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Unit One. 词汇的掌握. 考试大纲词汇要求. 掌握 4250 个单词和 500 个常用词组 复用式掌握其中的 1800 常用单词和 200 个词组 派生词 试题中词汇语法题占 20 分. ① The newly promoted assistant manager expressed a wish to be ____ to the London branch. ( 2005 年 ) [A] exchanged[B] transmitted [C] transferred[D] moved A 交换 B 传送 C 调动 D 搬到.

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Unit One

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Unit one

Unit One


Unit one


  • 掌握4250个单词和500个常用词组

  • 复用式掌握其中的1800常用单词和200个词组

  • 派生词

  • 试题中词汇语法题占20分

Unit one

① The newly promoted assistant manager expressed a wish to be ____ to the London branch.(2005年)

[A] exchanged[B] transmitted

[C] transferred[D] moved

A 交换 B 传送 C 调动 D 搬到

Unit one

② ____ your jacket, please. The room is very warm. (2005年)

[A] Take off[B] Take after

[C] Take up[D] Take on

A 脱掉 B 与…相似 C 开始 D 呈现

Unit one

③ David was completely ____ by his robber’s

disguise. (2005,天津)

[A] take down[B] taken on

[C] taken in[D] taken up

A 写下 B 呈现 C 欺骗 D 占据

Unit one

  • The doctor ___ me to the danger of not getting enough rest while working overtime. (2005年)

    [A] alerted[B] reminded

    [C] led[D] persuaded

    A. 警告 B 提醒 C 引导 D 劝说

    短语: alert sb. to sth. 警告…

Unit one

例句 (2005,广东)

  • Over a third of the population in that African country was estimated to have no ___ to the health service.

    A. excessB. success

    C. processD. access

    A. 过度 B. 成功 C. 过程 D. 接近(机会)

Unit one

例句 (2005年)

There is nothing ____ about a native English-

speaking teacher except that he speaks English

easily and well.

[A] particular[B] special

[C] specific[D] especial

Unit one



1 access excess success process

1. access; excess; success; process

  • access: 进入;利用…的权利(机会)

  • excess: 过分;过度

  • success: 成功

  • process: 过程; 经过;

2 accuse remind inform rob suspect convince

2. accuse; remind; inform; rob; suspect; convince


  • accuse sb. of sth. 指控…

  • remind sb. of sth…. 提醒……

  • inform sb. of … 通知……

  • rob sb. of…. 抢劫…

  • suspect sb. of … 怀疑….

  • convince sb. of … 让… 相信

Unit one


--- We accused him of stealing the book.

--- The picture reminded me of the old days.

--- The teacher informed us of the meeting

next week.

--- The man robbed the old lady of her purse.

Unit one


be accustomed to + 名词/Ving;

be used to +名词/Ving 习惯于…

比较:used to + 动词 过去常常做…

Unit one


--- We are accustomed to the weather here.

--- He is used to living in the big city now.

--- He used to help me when I was in trouble.

--- We used not to go fishing on Sunday.

Unit one

4. adopt; adapt; adjust;

adopt: 收养, 采纳, 采用

词组:adopt sth. 采纳…

adopt sb. 收养某人

adapt: 使…适应; 改编


  • adapt (oneself) to sth. 适应…

Unit one


--- He adopted our suggestion.


--- Since they have no children of their own, they decided to adopt a little girl.


--- The boy adapted himself to the life here.

Unit one

例句 (2005年)

The new immigrants found it hard to____

themselves to the climate of the country.

[A] adopt[B] adapt

[C] regulate[D] coordinate

Unit one

  • adjust: 调节;适应

    用法:adjust (oneself) to + 名词


    ---Shesoonadjustedherselftohisway oflife.


5 advance progress

5. advance; progress; 进展

  • 词组:

    make progress 取得进步

    make an advance/make advances 取得进步


    --- We have made progress these days.

    --- He has made advances both in work and in


Unit one

6. able; capable; competent

able: 做事所需的力量,技巧

词组:be able to do sth. (能够做…)

capable: 满足一般需要的能力

词组:be capable of doing sth. (能够做…)

competent: 胜任的

词组:be competent to do sth.

be competent for sth.

Unit one

7. available; applicable;

approachable; attainable

available (to): 可用的, 可获得的

applicable (to): 适用的;可应用的;

approachable: 可接近的;可进入的

attainable: 可到达的;可达成的

Unit one

  • available: 可用的;可获得的


    --- Breakfast is available to fishermen from 6. a.m..


    --- There are three small boats available for hire.


Unit one

例句 (2006年)

Powerful computers _____ translating

documents from one language into the other

have recently been developed in Japan.

[A] able to[B] available to

[C] capable of[D] liable to

Unit one


None of the servants were ____ when Mr.

Smith wanted to send a message.

[A] available[B] applicable

[C] approachable[D] attainable

Unit one

  • liable: 易于….的; 易患…..

    短语:be liable to do sth. 易于….的


    --- We are liable to make mistakes.

    短语: be liable to sth. 易患…..


    --- A baby is liable to diseases.


8 afford

8. afford的用法

  • 与can 或could 连用;不能单独使用

  • can/could afford sth. 买得起;承担得起;


    --- I can afford the bike.


  • can/could afford to do sth. 承担得起做…


    --- How can I afford (to spend) so much money for a car?


Unit one

9. alone, lonely

alone: 副词 单独地; adj. 单独的 (只作表语)

lonely: adj. 孤单的, (作表语和定语)


--- I spent a lot of time alone.

--- You are not alone any longer.

--- a lonely island

Unit one


I shall have a companion in the house after

all these ______ years.

[A] lonely[B] sole

[C] single[D] alone

Unit one

10. effective; efficient; efficacious

effective: 有效的, 有影响力的

efficient: 效率高的, 有效率的

efficacious: 有效验的


--- take effective measures 采取有效措施

--- effective medicine

--- The telephone system is highly efficient.


Unit one

例 句

One of the most ____ ways of improving

listening comprehension is by watching


[A] specific[B] effective

[C] special[D] efficient

Unit one


They took _____ measures to prevent poisonous

gases from escaping.

[A] beneficial[B] effective

[C] fruitful[D] valid

Unit one

  • effect (名词&动词) 影响,结果


    have an effect on sth….. (对… 有影响)




  • affect (动词)影响

    --- The noise from the street affected our work.


Unit one


  • Her mind was so ____ by the disease that she could not remember who she was.

    [A] influence[B] acted

    [C] effected[D] affected

Unit one

  • influence & effect (正面) 影响

  • affect (负面)影响

  • act 起作用;行动

--- Does the drug take long to act?

--- In this case we acted properly and responsibly.


Unit one

11. arise; raise; rise; arouse

arise: 出现,产生

raise: 使… 上升; 提高;

rise: 上升, 升起

arouse: 唤起; 激起;

Unit one

例句 (2007,北京)

With oil prices keeping _____, people are

hesitating whether to buy a car or not.

[A] rising[B] arising

[C] raising[D] arousing

Unit one

  • raise: 增加;提高; 栽培;抚育


    --- raise the rent of the room 提高房租

    --- raise the standard of living 提高生活水准

    --- raise wheat 种小麦

    --- raise a child 养小孩

Unit one

  • arouse: 唤起;激起


    --- The book arouses my interest in English.


    --- arouse anxiety/curiosity/suspicion


Unit one

12. reward; grant; allowance;

pension; fund;

reward: 酬金

grant: 助学金,奖学金

allowance: 津贴,补贴

Unit one

例句 (2006年)

All the British universities receive some

government ___ except Buckingham.

[A] allowance[B] grants

[C] funding[D] cooperation

Unit one

例句 (2005年)

Life presents many barriers, and all too often

those who work hardest may not receive great


[A]rewards[B] grants

[C] allowance[D] praise

Unit one

13. reward & award (动词)

reward: 报答;答谢;奖赏

词组: reward sb. with sth.

--- The teacher rewarded the student with a



Unit one

  • award: 授予;奖励;奖赏

    用法: award sth. to sb.

    award sb. sth.


    --- The judges awarded the first prize to her

    for her picture.

    --- The judges awarded her the first prize for

    her picture.


Unit one

14. special; specific; especial; particular

special: 特别的,专门的

specific: 明确的, 具体的; 特定的

especial: 特别的, 尤其,格外的(文语词)

particular:特殊的;个别的, 挑剔的

Unit one


--- This is the special day in the history of our country.


--- I want a specific explanation.


--- She has an especial fondness for music.


--- There is nothing in the letter of particular importance.


Unit one

例句 (2006年)

  • One of the most ____ ways of improving listening comprehension is by watching television.

    [A] specific[B] proficient

    [C] efficient[D] special

Unit one

15. contribute; attribute; distribute; retribute;

contribute to sth. 贡献…; 导致…

attribute … to … 把… 归因于

distribute sth. 分发


--- The design faults contribute to the tragedy.

--- Women tend to attribute their success to luck.

--The guy distributed the leaflets and posters to passers-by.

Unit one

例句 (2005年)

Those who failed in the entrance examinations

are likely to ___ their failures to bad luck.

[A] contribute[B] attribute

[C] distribute[D] retribute

Unit one

  • 以下短语意思: 引起…;导致… (主语为原因; 宾语为结果)

  • result in…

  • bring about…

  • lead to…

  • give rise to…

  • cause

Unit one


--- Your carelessness will lead to failure in work.

--- I don’t know what brought about the change

in his thinking.


Unit one

16. result from… 造成… 结果


--- His failure in the exam resulted

from his carelessness.


  • attribute …to ….


    --- She attributed her failure to bad luck.


Unit one

17. request; require; need

request sb. to do sth. 请求…做…

require sb. to do sth. 要求…做…

need sb. to do sth. 需要…做…


request that….( 从句用虚拟语气)

require that….( 从句用虚拟语气)

Unit one

18. persuade; dissuade;

persuade sb. to do sth. 劝…做…

dissuade sb. from doing sth. 劝阻…

More to learn:

persuasive: 有说服力的

--- a persuasive opinion

Unit one

例句 (2006年)

In European universities, students are

not ____ to attend classes.

[A] requested[B] persuaded

[C] needed[D] required

(key: D)

Unit one

19. beside; besides; except

beside: 在…旁边;

besides: 除…以外(还包括);



--- Beside his plate is a pile of books.

--- She has many good qualities besides

being beautiful.

--- I don’t take any drugs except aspirin.

Unit one

20. except & except for除…以外(不包括)


--- He reads nothing except comic magazines.


--- He goes to the library every day except when he is not well.


Unit one


--- The movie was good except for the ending.


--- We enjoyed the party except for the loud


( 除了音乐嘈杂了点, 我们在舞会上很开心。)

Unit one

例句 (2006年, 北京)

____ Japanese, she has to study another foreign


[A] Except[B] Except for

[C] In addition to[D] Beside

Key: C

In addition to… = besides

Unit one

例句 (2006年, 北京)

The little village hasn’t changed much

____ a new road and two more stores.

[A] except[B] besides

[C] exceptthat[D] except for

Key: D

Unit one

例句 (2006年)

  • Practically, university students have a lot to learn ___ the textbook and class.

    [A] except for[B] aside from

    [C] away from[D] insides of

  • aside from.. = besides

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