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ADvertising. Be a Healthy Consumer. What is advertising?. Advertising is a form of selling products and services. An advertisement (ad) is a paid announcement about a product or service . Ads appear online; on television , radio and billboards ; and in magazines and newspapers .

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Be a Healthy Consumer

What is advertising
What is advertising?

  • Advertising is a form of selling products and services.

  • An advertisement (ad) is apaid announcementabout a product or service.

  • Ads appearonline;ontelevision, radio andbillboards; and inmagazines and newspapers.

  • A commercialis an advertisement on television or radio.

What is advertising1
What is advertising

  • Companies spend lots of money to place ads in the media.

  • People who create the ads carefully develop them to appeal to the wants and need of a certainaudience.

  • Many ads are designed to influence a person’s feelings as to what life will be like with a certain product.

  • Advertisers use their logos as a form of advertising. They pay celebrities to wear their logos during sporting events and social events.

Recognize these
Recognize these?

  • “I’m Lovin’ It”

  • “Just Do It”

  • “Breakfast of Champions”

  • “Like A Rock”

  • “Your in Good Hands”


  • McDonald’s

  • Nike

  • Wheaties

  • Chevrolet

  • Allstate

Advertising appeals
Advertising appeals

  • One way to avoid being manipulated by advertising is to recognize the ten advertising appeals that companies often use.

Advertising appeals1
Advertising appeals

  • Brandloyalty appeal tries to convince a person that one brand is better than the rest.

  • Falseimage appeal tries to convince people that they will have a certain image if they purchase a specific product or service.

  • Bandwagon appeal implies that everybody else is using a particular product or service.

What type of appeal
What type of appeal?


Advertising appeals2
Advertising appeals

  • Humor appeal contains a catchy slogan, jingle, or cartoon that gets attention.

  • Glitteringgenerality appeal includes a claim that is exaggerated to appeal to an emotion.

  • Scientificevidence appeal includes results of surveys and laboratory tests.

What type of appeal1
What type of appeal?


Advertising appeals3
Advertising appeals

  • Progress appeal emphasizes that a product or service is “new and improved.”

  • Reward appeal offers a special prize, gift, or coupon when a product or service is purchased.

  • Sex appeal hints or says that a product or service will make a person sexy or attractive to a member of the opposite sex.

  • Testimonial appeal uses a spokesperson who names the benefits of a specific product or service.