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Advertising. Steps to accomplish effective Advertising. I Will Go Over. Advertising Definition Agency Structure General Techniques to Advertising Advertising in Society. Advertising Definition. Advertising according to the book “Why it Sells” by Marcel Danesi is defined as:

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Steps to accomplish effective Advertising

I will go over
I Will Go Over

  • Advertising Definition

  • Agency Structure

  • General Techniques to Advertising

  • Advertising in Society

Advertising definition
Advertising Definition

Advertising according to the book “Why it Sells” by Marcel Danesi is defined as:

“Any type or form of public announcement intended to direct people’s attention to the availability, qualities and cost of specific commodities or services”

Agency structure
Agency Structure

  • Each Advertising Agency Structure is unique but most split into 5 Departments who specialize in handling different parts of the Advertising Campaign.

    • 1. Account Department

      • Client Facing

    • 2. Account Planning Department

      • Research and Consumer insight

    • 3. Creative Department

      • Creating actual campaign

    • 4. Media Planning Department

      • Connecting the Audience with Media

    • 5. Trafffic Department

      • Ensuring everything happens

General technique s in advertising
General Technique’s in Advertising

  • There are thousands of Advertising Techniques, I will go over:

    • Branding

    • Marketing

    • Placement in Media


  • “A collection of perceptions in the mind of the consumer” (Danesi)

  • Branding helps create an emotional connection between the consumer and the product

  • Logos

    • Visual Advertising Symbols that become closely associated with product

      • Example: the Fed Ex arrow, Wendy’s Girl

  • Brand Names:

    • Allow consumers to identify products

      • Example: Kleenex, Kelloggs


  • Marketing is how you get your brand message to your audience

  • Marketing Strategy: the 4 P’s

    • Product

    • Price

    • Place

    • Promotion

  • Market Research

    • It is important to understand your target audience or the people who will be willing to buy your product

    • Example: If your product is Miley Cyrus Tickets, your target audience would be early teens and their parents.

Placement in media
Placement in Media

  • After you have found your Target Audience it is crucial that one finds a medium that will reach the audience.

    • There are Five “traditional” media choices

      • TV

      • Radio

      • Paper

      • Magazine

      • Outdoor (billboards)

    • Now there is also the Internet

Advertising in society
Advertising in Society

  • We are exposed to 3000 ads a day which leads to Clutter and Saturation

  • Some also argue ads create increased materialism and Neomania (an insatiable appetite for new objects of consumption, whether or not they are needed)

  • Some Ad Campaigns like Dove’s “evolution” address this:

    Dove's Evolution

Advertising in society1
Advertising in Society

  • Advertising also educates society on new products

  • Advertising can boost the economy

  • Some Ads are can be emotional and evoke positive changes

    • Animal rights, Asking for Donations


  • Advertising Agencies are made up of 5 departments, each with a specific job

  • There are several Advertising techniques some that are most important are

    • Branding, Marketing, and Placement

  • Advertising can cause clutter, and neomania

  • Advertising can also educate and boost economic growth

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